Emergency services in Rocklin, Ca

Emergency services in Rocklin, Ca

Rocklin is a city in California, USA and part of the South Placer County. It is mostly of hilly terrain and surrounded by the panoramic views of Sierra Nevada and the Sutter-Butte mountain range. This city is known for its high quality of living and a convenient place to work with all the facilities like schools, medical institution etc with great accessibility. Rocklin city administration places highest importance to public safety there by making it one of the safer places to live in. It well managed emergency response options and emergency services.

Emergency Service 911

The primary emergency service that you should have saved in your phone in Rocklin just like any other place in the United States is 911. You can use these services in case of any crime in process or any life threatening situation and they would respond within 4 minutes. For any of such emergencies you can call up 911 or 916 632 4093. By calling up 911 you can reach out to Police, fire or medical. Ensure that this number is used for only aforementioned emergency and not for any of the non emergency situations. In case of any non emergency assistance you can make a note of the number 916 625 5400.

The Rocklin police department emergency response team works in conjugation with 911. The personnel are equipped with the required emergency dispatch protocols to aid in times of emergency and life threatening situations. The Rocklin police is backed up by Roseville police department who would be intimated as a backup in case the Rocklin police would not be able to attend to the situation. For all the non emergency situations which require police help, they can be reached directly on the earlier mentioned non emergency number of 916 625 5400.

Rocklin Fire Department

In case of fire, the Rocklin fire department can be reached out via the emergency number of 911, who would be able to connect to the fire department. You can also reach out to the fire station directly using the number 916 625 5300. This is another emergency service that you should have saved in your phone in Rocklin along with the number for non emergency police service. Rocklin fire department has a very good track record of handling fire related accident. There are three fire stations i.e. Fire station 23, 24 & 25 who have all the required equipment to be able to handle any of the fire related situations.

Medical Emergencies in Rocklin

In case of any medical emergencies, one can reach out to the nearby Sutter Roseville medical center which caters to the needs of Rocklin along with Roseville. They have a very good emergency and trauma response team. This medical center can be reached on 916 781 1533. Calling up 911 would also help you to direct to the required medical emergency centers but to reduce the unrequited burden on the 911 contact center one would do well to contact the Sutter Roseville medical center on the specified number. This medical center is tied up with Cal star for the ambulance and emergency logistical services. Med care medical center in Roseville can also be contacted in case of emergencies like accidents or injuries. Their contact number is 916 783 0101. The other medical emergency services numbers that you should have on your phone in Rocklin includes Kaiser Permanent Medical center (916 784 4000) , Mercy hospitals at Folsom ( 916 983 7400 ).

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These are few of the numbers for emergency that you need to have on your phone if you are staying in Rocklin. The city administration along with the police & fire departments are focused on ensuring public safety and the city is known to be one of the safest places. Very good medical facilities are available within short distances from Rocklin.