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Locksmith Roseville Rekey

Locksmith Roseville Rekey

When customers buy a new entry lock set, deadbolt or hand lest, they also want the convenience of having one key operate all the locks in their home. Most customers are not aware that re keying services exist. They go through life adding more and more keys to an already overcrowded key ring. Locksmiths provide valuable re keying services and, for extra customer convenience, so are more and more hardware stores. That’s where Low rate Locksmith Roseville Rekey service come in.

Low Rate Locksmith Roseville Ca is a local mobile service for Roseville locksmith service that works 24/7 around the clock to make sure the residents and commercial owners of Roseville ca are cover for all of their locksmith needs. Weather you are locked out of your home/house or car/truck, Low Rate Locksmith Roseville service can make it an easy process rather than a hassle. We work around the clock 24/7 to insure that all of Roseville locksmith needs are met. With a full stuff taking turn on day and night shifts to cover you 24 hours a day 365 day a year.

If you are looking for a trustworthy locksmith in Roseville, CA, the only company you should contact is Low rate Locksmith. We deliver stellar locksmith services in the quickest possible time.

Rekey Lock Roseville ca

Tools to Rekey 

Inside a Kwikset/Society Brass Collection Re keying Kit are the different bottom pin sizes you need to rekey a lock, a Key Gauge for reading the cuts on a key, a Cylinder Removing Tool (affectionately known as a “pickle fork”), and a plug follower. This is a very simple device which keeps lock parts from scattering across the room when you remove the plug (which houses the pins, and into which the key fits) from the cylinder. There are also extra top pins, springs and other parts in the kit, but you do not need to be concerned with those now.

Tools to Rekey a lock


list Tools to Rekey a lock












How to Gauge a Kwikset Key

Key Gauge to find the key-cut combinations

Before you can rekey a lock, you have to know what pins to use. For obvious security reasons, Kwikset doesn’t print key-cut combinations on the packaging. We use this Key Gauge to find the key-cut combinations. Before disassembling the lock, measure the cuts and write
down the numbers.





Key Gauge to find the key-cut combinations 2


Hold the NEW key (the one with which you want this lock to be keyed alike) and slide it into the gauge. ALWAYS gauge a key from the bow
(the bow being the part you hold in your fingers) end out. To measure, position the flat portion of the first cut even with the “0” position of the gauge, slide the key toward the narrowing end of the gauge until the key stops at the correct “step”. This will always be between two numbers and the cut number is the one to the RIGHT of the key. Here it is a 3



Key Gauge to find the key-cut combinations 3


Position the next cut and move the key down the gauge until it stops. The second cut of this key is a 2. You can slide the gauge or the key, the result is the same. The first cut comes after the shoulder next to the bow.





Key Gauge to find the key-cut combinations 4


Do the same for the third cut which is a 4. Remember, always read
the number to the right of the key. Also, remember to read the cuts from
the bow of the key out (the bow being the part you hold with your fingers).





Key Gauge to find the key-cut combinations 5


It’s also a good idea to double-check that you are reading the correct
cut each time. In this case, cut number four is a 6.






Key Gauge to find the key-cut combinations 6


Finally, the last cut: a 2. So we have a key with a cut combination of
3-2-4-6-2 (if this is a UltraMax Security key, there will be six cuts
to gauge). Of course, you’ve written that down as you went along.
When the time comes, you’ll know exactly which pins to select.





Locate the special “control key” which is cut specifically for the
combination of your lock, but with a notch on the bottom of the key
NOTE: If not available, cut a blank “control key” to match
existing key.



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