5 Most Trusted Door Lock Brands

A man’s home is his castle, but the modern day man has no moat or watchtowers to protect himself and his family from outside threats. The door lock is the logical solution in modern times to prevent unwanted intruders from entering your abode. Forget about the old school bolt lock which can be easily picked — there is a very good reason why locksmiths in Fair Oaks, CA, have come to a consensus that these are the 5 most trusted door lock brands that you can rely on for your home, in no particular order.



Right at the top of most people’s lists, including the locksmiths in Fair Oaks, CA, would be ASSA-Abloy. After all, this company has the likes of Medeco, Yale, Abloy, and ASSA under their wings, among others. This is the go-to name where security solutions for the home or commercial properties are concerned, and the amount of trust the brand has garnered over the years worldwide is legendary. ASSA-Abloy has the ability to come up with just about any kind of security level that you would like to to any level you would like to have.



Evva is not as popular as the other brands, but whatever pool of users it has, they place their complete trust in an Evva lock. The Evva MCS model has gained a wide following as this magnetic key system has yet to be picked successfully. Those who would like to gain unlawful entry into your home or office might want to choose a different premise when they see it armed with an Evva lock. Even the trust level in this brand within the lock picking as well as the locksmith community in Fair Oaks, CA, remains extremely high, which pays homage to the trust that industry experts have in this brand.



Medeco has gained the trust of homeowners as well as commercial building managers over the years, but this does not mean that Medeco’s locks are unpickable as there is no such thing as a 100% secure lock. However, Medeco’s locks are notoriously difficult to pick, and this is a testament to the secure image that it projects. However, it must be noted that the older models are more challenging to break into as newer ones come with more compromising updates.



There must be a reason as to why Kwikset has gained such popularity, that it would be very difficult to not find a Kwikset lock installed somewhere in every home in the US. The standard Kwikset might be one of the more affordable brand name locks out there, but this does not mean that they compromise on safety with their SmartKey cylinder lock.



Yale’s locks are trusted all over the world, being deemed to be the ones behind the modern day pin tumbler lock. Yale has gained inroads into the psyches of users, so much so that it has ended up as the colloquial term used to describe household keys and lock, just like how Coke is the reference point for cola-based drinks. Whenever a brand name arrives at such widespread acceptance, you can be sure that a whole lot of trust backs it up.


If you were to drop by Low Rate Locksmith in Fair Oaks, CA, then you should be able to find all of the above mentioned brands to arm your house in the prim and proper manner against any kinds of intrusion.