2008 Toyota Sienna Mini Van Car

Welcome to the driver’s seat the Toyota Sienna minivan is the perfect blend of functionality and reliability it’s what heavy American families should

be the Sienna is a reliable model from a reliable brand in a shrinking segment minivans sales have been declining but there are still a few holdouts like the

Honda Odyssey Nissan Quest hyundai entourage and Chrysler Town and Country for many Americans the minivan is still the most practical option for

transporting their families and quite honestly it just makes sense the Siena’s quality is excellent and functionality outstanding the 3.5 liter

24 valve vvt-i v6 is quite smooth producing 266 horsepower with 245-pound feet of torque handling and braking are just what you would expect from the

Sienna which is based on the ultra popular camry platform this is one of Toyotas best and that is saying a lot the Sienna comes in four trim starting

with the base C II that lists for around 24,000 followed by the L II at 28,000 xle at 32,000 and a fully loaded limited with leather DVD navigation and DVD

entertainment runs over forty-one thousand dollars the le is adequate for most but the xle and limited are going to be geared towards families who are willing to spend the extra cash to get

the cool gadgets that Toyota engineers felt we needed to have all CNS can accommodate seven passengers but there is an eight passenger seat model and all

Siena’s are front-wheel drive but the limited is available with optional all-wheel drive I suppose my parents we’re irresponsible for driving me and my two brothers in a vista cruiser

without a safety belt kids today have 19 airbags car seats that could survive a NASCAR crash multimedia entertainment and yet they still complain go figure

the Sienna is truly an amazing family car everything about it is well thought out that is designed to make it easier to move your family and their belongings around the entertainment system is easy to use and the driving experience is actually quite nice if you can get past the fact that your drive a minivan my kids loved it and wanted to keep it but for now the 99 Land Cruiser

will have to do bottom line is that the Siena Odyssey and town and country are the clear industry leaders in the

minivan segment they are the leaders in design quality resale value and in every other category however not all is perfect with the big t the Siena is

pricey and only comes with a 36 month 36,000 mile warranty while Kia Hyundai and Chrysler offer eternal coverage although somewhat limited regardless if

you can afford the Siena or Odyssey get it you will pay more now but have less problems later and your resale value will stay strong.

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