Eight Reasons Why You Should Start Living In Folsom

Folsom, CA (population: 72,703), 21 miles northeast of Sacramento, is notable for many reasons. For one, it is one of the fastest growing suburban cities in northern California. As metropolitan areas like San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles continue to spread inland, Folsom is one of the beneficiaries as it has spurred economic growth and financial opportunity both for the city and its residents.

Here are some reasons why you should pack up your backs and start living in Folsom, CA as soon as you can:

Great biking facilities

Folsom is a great town to live in if you are an avid biker as it has portions of the American River Bike Trail. The town has a total of 32 miles of bike trails, most of which were built along Humbug and Willow Creeks. Folsom is also the end point of the American River Bike Trail that goes as far as Sacramento.

Vibrant theater and orchestra scene

Who says you need to be in New York to see the best plays and musicals? The Harris Center (also called Three Stages Theater) of Folsom Lake College presents a number of theater, dance and ballet productions annually. Folsom also has its own symphony company aptly called Folsom Lake Symphony that has been operating in the small city for the last 17 years.

Proximity to big cities

The closest big city to Folsom is Sacramento as, technically speaking, Folsom, CA is part of the Sacramento metropolitan area. Residents of the Folsom who wanted to get away from the suburban lifestyle of their hometown once in a while have been known to escape to the metro. Also, some of the employees working in the Golden State’s capital city reside in Folsom as it is only 30 minutes away. 24 hour locksmith folsom ca

Apart from Sacramento, Folsom is also close to Oakland, San Francisco and San Jose, three of the biggest cities in California.

Recreational activities

Architecture junkies are hard pressed to find any other city in California, where they can view majestic bridges. Lots of architecture photographers all over the state have traveled, especially to take pictures of these structures that complement the scenic landscapes of the city.

Parents who like quilt may join some workshops and programs that have been established by the Folsom Quilt and Fiber Guild. These include beginners’ and advanced courses to monthly gatherings.

Folsom is also popular for its unique take on rodeo. A rodeo stadium called Folsom Pro Rodeo does not only host rodeo events, it also has motocross, live music and pageants distributed all throughout the year.

Rich history

If you feel like you have already heard of the word “Folsom,” it is because you probably have. This is because the Folsom State Prison, the first maximum security prison in the country to have electricity, was the site of two shows by American singer Johnny Cash. One of the shows eventually became a live album and he also wrote the song “Folsom Prison Blues.”

Folsom is also an important part of California’s history as a few of the now-defunct towns that were so alive during the golden rush is located within its borders.

If you feel like going on a trip down memory lane and learn about the city’s past, you may drop by the Folsom History Museum down Sutter Street. There is also a Folsom Prison Museum, which shows an eerily specific look at prison life.

Fresh fruits and vegetables from nearby farms

The first things that come into people’s minds when they hear the word “California” are Hollywood, beaches and modern buildings, but what they do not realize is the state also produces a big portion of the country’s agricultural products. Living in Folsom will get you closer to California’s fruits and vegetables so you can have the freshest ingredients for that romantic dinner you were planning to cook for your partner.

Access to nature

Want to live in a city where you can hike in the mornings for your exercise? Folsom’s hilly terrain is perfect for these morning rituals. Be one with nature and breathe in the cold that wraps around the city just before sunrise.

You may also walk by Lake Natoma if you are feeling a serene mood. This lake is also great for those who fish for recreation.

Reasonable real estate prices

California has one of the priciest real estate industries in the world, but Folsom is one of the areas in the state with reasonable prices. With a median sales price of $469,000, interested home buyers can already find properties that fit their taste in the hopes of enjoying California’s great weather.

Living in Folsom, CA gives you a great opportunity to enjoy the California lifestyle while still enjoying a bit of the countryside as the city manages to balance both. Those planning to move to another city may want to list Folsom as one of the places to consider.


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