Five Fun Things To Do In Folsom For Couples Of All Ages

Preparing to move to Folsom, CA? Folsom is an awesome place to live in. There are lots of things you can do in this city, whether you are transferring with your three kids or you are just starting a family. Here are some fun Folsom activities that couples can do:

Recreational sports

Adventurous couples will love the easy access to recreational sports in Folsom.

For one, Folsom has great biking trails. In fact, the American River Bike Trail, which runs from Sacramento, ends in this city. Other bike trails also run in the Humbug and Willow Creeks, for a total of 32 miles of bike trails within the city borders.

The city is also known for its many majestic bridges, which have been used by many joggers and walkers as part of their routes for their morning exercises. Sometimes, joggers and walkers also include a bit of hiking in their routine as hilly terrains are a signature feature of the Folsom landscape. I personally like to hike in the hills near Lake Natoma as the lake looks very tranquil before the sun rises.

Speaking of Lake Natoma, couples may also go kayaking in this lake if they want to. Along with the man-made Folsom Lake, Natoma is very popular among residents as its banks are perfect for picnics, but it is also seeing an increase in banana boaters and kayakers. There are also canoeing, paddleboarding and swimming activities in its waters. Plus, after kayaking, you can sit back and use your gear to catch some fish.

Take a trip down memory lane

Who says you can’t learn while having fun? Folsom’s interesting history may sound boring for some, but couples with a thirst for knowledge will be delighted with this city.

Just a bit of a background: Folsom was established as Granite City during the California gold rush of the 1850s by Joseph Libbey Folsom. When he died, the residents decided to rename it in honor of the person that established the town. A few other now-defunct gold rush era towns were located within Folsom.

In my own personal historical tour, my first stop was the Folsom Historic District. The largest street in this area of the city is Sutter Street, which is filled with shops and restaurants and once served as the town’s center. A few of the other spots in the district include the Folsom Powerhouse, Powerhouse Park and the Railroad Museum.

Just a few blocks from the Folsom Historic District is the Folsom Prison Museum. Now, I, too, thought that it was weird that they have made a museum based on a maximum security prison a tourist spot, but my curiosity and love of Johnny Cash (his song “Folsom Prison Blues” was based on this state prison) got the better of me. It actually was an enlightening experience as it offers a definitive look at the life behind bars.

Also, relive America’s diesel train past with the Folsom Valley Railway, which runs almost every day in different points of the city.

Try out Folsom’s best restaurants

Folsom may be a small city, but that does not mean that the restaurants cannot compete with those in the metropolitan areas. It is, after all, in California, home of many of the world’s best restaurants and diners. One Folsom food establishment that comes to mind is Manderes. It is a great pub, with an even greater wine and beer selection so Folsom couples can drink to your heart’s desire during happy hour. 24H Locksmith Folsom CA

For something bit classier, couples may also visit Visconte’s Ristorante. This Italian restaurant is popular among townspeople for its incredible menu, composed of a wide variety of chicken, veal, seafood and pasta dishes. Plus, if you are too lazy to get out of the house with your partner, you can just order online and they would deliver food to your doorstep!

Watch cultural shows and movies

For a small city, Folsom is awash with opportunities to experience a unique Californian cultural experience. Folsom hosts a lot of plays, musicals, dance and symphony productions in the Folsom Lake College’s The Three Stages Theater, which stages these productions sporadically all throughout the year.

Cinephile couples looking for a first-rate movie experience need not look far as Palladio 16 Cinemas offers that and more. Packed with sixteen theaters that make use of the latest digital project and sound technology, the Palladio 16 shows first-run feature films and regularly update their run list according to the demands of consumers.

Folsom also has annual events that couples look forward to. Every September, for example, Folsom LIVE happens, showcasing 15 awesome bands of different genres from all over the country.

Shop together

Sure, Folsom is no Milan or Paris, but there are enough shops in the city that residents will no longer need to go to Sacramento or San Francisco to shop. Most of the fashion shops in the city can be found along Folsom Avenue or Sutter Street, near the Historic District.

Those who want to shop fresh fruits and vegetables are hard pressed to find a better place to do this. After all, Folsom is near California’s agricultural goldmine. Because of this, it will be easier for you and your partner to drive and buy apples, oranges, spinach and even roses in one of the farmer’s markets in the vicinity.

So, couples who are looking to transfer to Folsom, CA or are planning to get on a vacation in the city, you may do any of the activities above so you can bond with your partner.


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