Folsom, California’s Points of Interest

Hop on to your cars and fasten your seatbelts, for we’ll take you to a place that you wish you’ve known a year ago. These points of interest in Folsom, CA is not only for adults, couples, teenagers, or kids wanting to take a break from the busy lives by visiting a park or zoo, but this is for a memorable day with the whole family and friends.

Having a rich history, the city of Sacramento has preserved the railways, Gold Rush, and Pony Express’s architecture for tourists visiting Folsom, CA. As tourists, we can never be bored at Folsom as there are various places to go check out.

Interesting places to visit Folsom, CA

#1. Folsom Valley Railway

Our first destination is a train station alongside the Public Library and the City Zoo. However, it is not your ordinary train railway. This area at Folsom, CA offers a ride at a miniature steam engine that at a 12 inch gauge railway. Looking back at its history, Folsom Valley Railway has done a non-stop train operation since 1970. With just a ride fare of $3, we can enjoy an extraordinary train ride. Special events are also popular in which a one of a kind train ride can be experienced.

#2 Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary

Our second destination is a zoo sanctuary at Folsom, CA. This was built by the municipality with the persuasion of Gordon Bong to give a safe home for a cub. However, way before that, Gordon has kept other wildlife animal. In 1963, Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary was built. Basically, any animals that can’t be placed back to the wild is being pampered here like avian, bears, canine, feline, insects, primates, reptiles, and other small animals.

Kids in mind and heart can enjoy this wonderful place by having various activities while at the zoo sanctuary. And at the end of the day, the visit can teach us one lesson and that is to show a responsible behavior to all animals.

#5 Folsom Lake State Recreational Area and Lake Natoma

Our fifth destination will give us another exciting experience just at the Sierra foothills. The Folsom Lake State Recreational Area is a park for camping, hiking, biking, horse-riding, and boating experience in Folsom, CA. We can go fishing for trout or we can visit the Folsom Powerhouse, known as the greatest electrical plant in America. Afterwards, we can go biking in the beautiful country parks. Alongside of the long trail, Lake Natoma can be seen in which sailing and kayaking is possible. Other interesting spots in this recreational area are the Rattlesnake Bar, Skunk Hollow, Darrington Bike trail, Old Salmon False, and Mormon Island.

#7 Folsom Aquatic Center

Our seventh destination will be a refreshing visit at the Folsom Aquatic Center just at Riley Street. Let’s go and make some splashes in their swimming pools. Not knowing how to swim is never a problem since the Folsom Aquatic Center offers swimming lessons and various specialty programs for their guests. In addition to this is their famous lap swimming to complete this full water splashing experience at Folsom, CA.

#9 Folsom Kids’ Castle Park

Our ninth destination is just at the Prewett Drive in Folsom, CA. Kids of all ages will surely love this park since a huge caste-like-theme is placed in here. Also a great choice for a family picnic, the little kids can enjoy the play at the huge playground. There are various play structures for your children to enjoy. However, this park is not only for kids. The whole family can have a fun picnic at the Picnic Pavilion. Some amenities included are BBQ grills and picnic table to complete an out of the town experience.

#12 Sutter St

Our last stop is at Sutter St. It is an old street that is maintained and gives the tourist a feel of what it is like to live in Folsom, CA. Also called the Historic Folsom, the history is retained by the maintaining architectural properties here. However, we won’t get hungry or bored with a little walk since the restaurants, shops, and galleries or visual arts that serves as the way to interest their visitors. Visiting Historic Folsom by Saturday can give us a privilege to experience the Farmer’s Market where local and seasonal fruits and vegetables can be bought.

Interesting enough, we can eat a variety of foods here. We can choose from Californian cuisine, Japanese, Mexican, and more. Wine bars are always available here, completing our Folsom, CA visit. But before we go, let’s take a look at the antique stores, specialty stores, and clothing stores on Sutter St. 24H Locksmith Folsom CA

Did you enjoy the quick visit at Folsom, CA?

Understand and appreciate the rich culture and history of Folsom, CA by visiting these notable places to go. Remember to bring you cameras with you as there are plenty of beautiful snaps worth keeping. We hope our list is helpful for your future visit at Folsom, CA since we enjoyed giving you an idea of the interesting places to go to at Folsom, CA.