Jobs in Folsom, CA

As a frequent traveler, I always liked to check how attractive a county is when it comes to people seeking jobs. Here are some of the jobs in Folsom, CA that can attract people from other states or other countries to stay and work.

Healthcare Jobs

Healthcare jobs are jobs that are involved in the restoration and maintenance of the health of the body and mind. Here are some of these jobs in Folsom, CA that are currently available.

Physical therapy is a growing field in the healthcare industry. Physical therapists have a main role in helping patients to recuperate from surgery, illnesses, and injuries. They assist patients to manage pain and help them regain movement. This could either be done in a clinical or a hospital setting. These people are knowledgeable of what they are doing since they are licensed professionals.

Physical therapists are needed in Folsom, CA with a guaranteed 40-hour work, with 13 weeks assignment in a beautiful location in Northern California.

Hired physical therapists have a licensing team and committed credentialing agent with 24/7 availability, have travel and licensure reimbursement, paid reward days, paid medical benefits, e-signature and DocuSign for time savings and ease of paperwork, paid-housing and tax-free stipend, and are paid with a weekly direct deposit.

Real Estate Professional

Real estate professionals rent, buy, or sell property for clients. They perform listing properties, interview prospective customers, accompany customers to property site, discuss sale conditions, and draw up real estate contracts. They also represent buyers, in some cases.

Real estate sales and marketing manager jobs in Folsom, CA are available in the said area. The job responsibilities include creating marketing strategies for customers to prepare their home for a quick and profitable sale. These professionals also have to be the medium of communication for home buyers and sellers, bring prospective clients on tours of properties and to open houses. They discuss with customers about their real estate needs so they can find the best possible home, create marketing materials to marketing their clients, understand the local real estate market, and stay updated on home sales.

Lead Teacher/Teacher

Jobs in Folsom, CA also include lead teachers. A company seeks out lead teachers who are compassionate and passionate with what they do. They also have to serve as mentors to fellow teachers. Lead teachers also have to ensure that the company standards are implemented and that every child follows all licensing guidelines. They also directly communicate with parents on how their children can achieve success. In-service training are also provided to lead teachers in order to advance their careers. 24H Locksmith Folsom CA

This job requires experience in creating educational lesson plans and leading a classroom. The job also requires that the lead teacher has experience working in a licensed childcare facility, has a degree in child development or early childhood education and has excellent references and a proven track record of taking care of children. Moreover, the candidate must also have the capacity to meet the accreditation and state requirements for education. Candidates must also be at least 18 years of age and has flexibility to the hours and schedule of work.

Food and Restaurant Personnel

Jobs in Folsom, CA also have those related to the food industry. One of these is the position for cook. The cook does the preparation of food in the kitchen. He must be capable of performing all station functions. He must communicate ticket times and possible problems to the manager on duty and servers as much as possible. He must offer the highest quality of service to clients and co-workers at all times. He must perform all other tasks directed by the business.

Jobs at Intel

Intel has different jobs in Folsom, CA involving different fields. These include those in the corporate services, sales, materials planning and purchasing, engineering, finance, information technology, manufacturing, sales, marketing, software developing and legal and corporate affairs.

Intel has jobs available to students, college graduates, experienced professionals, and military personnel.

Jobs at Kelly Services

Kelly Services offers jobs in Folsom, CA that involves system administrator, computer technician, software engineer, operations manager, marketing assistant, computer engineering tech, software technician, business analyst, training specialist, designer, ASIC verification engineer, senior recruiter, recruiting specialist, data analyst, SQL developer, technical writer, care manager, registered nurse, accounts payable processor, bilingual call center representative, junior system admin (anti-malware install), senior system analyst (angular, CSS, html), and health coach.


Folsom, CA is a hub for people who desire to have a good career in various fields. Different jobs that involve in the healthcare field, sales and marketing, engineering, computer science, purchasing, food and restaurant industry can be found in these places.

I can personally attest that changing careers and working in Folsom Ca is a good choice for people who desire to have great career development. Just choose one and develop your field of choice.