Old Folsom, CA is a haven of great historic places and fun attractions. Everyone has activities to choose from that include shopping to outdoor activities to antiquing in the historic district. Here are top 9 things to do in Old Folsom, CA.

Folsom Zoo Sanctuary

Folsom Zoo Sanctuary is a unique zoo. Animals in the sanctuary have suffered abusive situations as guinea pigs in medical experimentation or as domestic pets. This zoo permits the public to view the animals six days a week. But the main aim of the sanctuary is education. The public is taught how to treat animals appropriately. Moreover, the zoo is an advocate against traditional zoos and wild animal pet ownership.

Folsom Historic District 

Folsom, CA boasts of its Historic District. This hub is one of the busiest locations in town. With so many things to do that include festivals to antique shops, farmers markets, this district is applicable to everyone. The famous Sutter Street located in the heart of the Historic District provides a wide range of restaurants and shops. The Historic District is also home of the Powerhouse Park, Folsom Powerhouse, Railroad Museum, Rainbow Bridge, outdoor amphitheater, and various walking trails along the river.


Folsom Lake

Folsom Lake is one of the most famous attractions in the city. This 11,000-acre man-made reservoir is formed by the Folsom Dam. The lake is haven to numerous fun activities such as horseback riding, fishing, picnicking, hiking, camping, kayaking, canoeing, swimming, and boating.

Folsom Aquatic Center

Folsom, CA also boasts of this year-round facility which is a place for everything aquatic. It provides everything from swimming lessons, recreation swim, water aerobic classes, and scuba diving. It also has a water slide, four diving boards, and an interactive play structure that includes manually-operated spray features and water cannons.

Folsom Prison Museum

One of the most well-known landmarks in Folsom, CA is Folsom Prison Museum. The Prison Museum is made famous by Johnny Cash and his song Folsom Prison Blues. Visitors obtain an in-depth look into the history of this notorious correctional facility and into prison life.

Three Stages Theater at the Harris Center

The Harris Center for the Arts was built in 2011. It provides a great place for people who are into nightlife. Three stages provide year-round concerts, productions, and other events. This is not only an entertainment center for the Folsom Lake Colleges’ Performing Arts Program, but it also serves as a facility to develop, instruct, and guide talented students to become musicians, dancers, actors, visual artists, and behind-the-curtain technicians.

Lake Natoma

Lake Natoma is the smaller of the two lakes of Folsom, CA. Lake Natoma is famous for paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming, and canoeing. It is a famous spot for college level rowing competitions and is a haven to Sacramento State University’s Aquatic Center. Lake Natoma also has picnic and BBQ spots as well as Negro Bar and Willow Creek access points.

American River

American River begins at the headwaters of the Sierras and passes via Folsom, CA. It then merges with the Sacramento River and then on to the San Francisco Bay. Its historic value involves its role in sparking the Gold Rush when gold was discovered along its banks in 1848. Currently, it is a famous attraction for different water activities, observing nature, and hiking. In Folsom, CA, there are various access points and miles of trails along the river to enjoy.

Bike and Walking Trails

Folsom, CA also has more than 95 miles of trails and paths of bike and walking trails. These trails offer glamorous views of the lakes and river. The trail abundance offer opportunities for horseback riding, biking, and hiking.

Some of the trails available near Folsom are the Darrington Trail, Western States/Pioneer Express Trail, the American River Hike and Bike Trail, and the Oaks Nature Trail.



In Palladio, a person can shop until he or she drops in Folsom, CA. People who need retail therapy can enjoy the Folsom Premium Outlets, Palladio Outdoor Mall, Folsom Historic District, Broadstone Plaza, Broadstone Marketplace, Folsom Square, and Folsom Gateway Center.

Folsom Dam

Tourists get enthralled with the dam’s water level with its nice view. This is connected to the two Folsom, CA lakes.


Chinese Diggings Historical Site

This site is perfect for people who are into California’s gold mining days. It is a series of trenches that run deep and vertical that served as a water channel in gold separation. Adults must accompany children as this has been constructed a long time ago. Hotels and shopping centers are nearby. A light-rail train also is near the site.


Folsom, CA is truly a haven for people who are interested in historical attractions. These 11 tourist spots are great choices for history buff people. Everyone can choose among the tourist attractions provided by this place.