Casque Wines remain a winery service located at 9820 Horseshoe Bar Road Loomis, CA. Specifically, customers can find this winery company within Placer County and the Sierra Foothills AVA. The Stevenson family established Casque Wines in 2006. In 2008, the premier launch of this winery product reached the eyes of the public.

On a full-scale, the winery company became publicly known towards the end of 2010. In 2013, the Casque Wines tasting room also started full operation. Kevin Stevenson is the actual originator of this amazing winery. Kevin remained a music producer, musician, and a system analyst before moving into the winemaking business.

Prior to establishing his own winery, Kelvin Stevenson had spent some time at Cabernet Franc vineyard around 2010. In the Sierra Foothills, this winery is known as one of the best winemaking companies to rely on, time and again. This is because most of the products of the winery come from the best vineyard sources.

One amazing technique used in the Casque Wines is the French culture of mixing varietals. This helps to produce top-notch wines that beat any competition. Another amazing benefit of this company is that it engages in the production of special varietal wines. If you want to relax and have a cool wine, Casque Wines has a well-designed tasting room patio.







It is partnered with the Flower Farm Cafe where customers can have a bottle of wine and enjoy lunch as well. As an assistant winemaker, Tim Weyrich joined the company to expand its production. At the glorious San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, Casque Wines won the Best in Class award. The company also won the Double Gold award for making quality wines.

The company produces a couple of whites and eight separate red varietals. The primary objective of this winery service is to manufacture small unique wines and a well-designed tasting room from the best vineyards in the entire industry.

The hours of operation for this amazing winery are between 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM. For the tasting, the floor is open from Friday through Sunday. On Fridays, the operating time may extend up to 8:00 PM at night. Without any iota of doubt, Casque Wines has been able to prove its competence and professionalism in winemaking. The company has won awards in Adrian Proprietary Red, Syrah, Calotte