It is indeed vital to rekey your new home. One simple justification is that the market has several contractors or previous owners who have access to your home. Those who forgot to hire a locksmith had their personal belongings like electronics and appliances stolen. I don’t want it to happen to me. Hence, when our family moved to our new home in Sacramento, California, I make sure we rekey our keys to a new key. For this, I need a locksmith or contractor.

I only needed rekeying because I thought the lock was still in good shape. No need to replace, just changing tumblers of the lock cylinder with another size and new keys that fit the new tumblers to open doors. I bet a locksmith in Sacramento can do the rekeying job at a lower cost than full lock replacement.

I just wanted to maintain key control of our new property as I am aware others may have access to our keys. I heard horror stories about people who are locked out of their own home that they have to call locksmiths even during unholy hours out of an emergency situation. Somehow I know they have been saved, but with quite a horrific experience. I just hope locksmiths out there are getting better every day.

It is fortunate that calling a locksmith for rekeying service is not out of emergency though it was a need. After doing my online research, I called several locksmiths for quotes. In fairness, there are those who sound friendly, kind and accommodating, but one locksmith stood out – Low Rate Locksmith Sacramento. The price he quoted was lower than the others with more quoted services.

When a representative came to the house, he first determined if I really just need rekeying or replacement, which I did not mind because I trust they know better. He made a quick examination after which he agreed that I only need rekeying.

After everything was done, I could say I was appreciative of the job of such 24 hour locksmith in Sacramento area. The men working were punctual, knowledgeable, efficient and very professional. I learned they have ample training and experience when it comes to locksmith services. New keys in the house give me peace of mind afterward and I was glad I need not spend much on the project. I was really happy with the work and the reasonable price—I could not ask for more.

Their company is a 24 hour locksmith in Sacramento area, providing not only rekeying but also security locks, lock picking and other lock and key solutions in the locality. That means, they can be there for you immediately in case you are in dire need of them as they are only 30 minutes away. I am glad people like them are of service 24 hours when it comes to lock or key problems I may have in the home, office or car. Yes, they are also a car key locksmith.

Emergency situations regarding being locked out or having trouble with keys are not ideal. Needless to say, I am confident knowing that there are people like Low Rate Locksmith Sacramento who are there in case that such a horrible thing would happen. I will gladly recommend this locksmith in Sacramento to those who need their services. I’m really happy they exist.


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