I was in Sacramento last week to visit my family and had to stay a bit later because of an occasion. At 10pm, as I was about to head back to my home, I suddenly couldn’t find my car key. Thinking that I just misplaced it somewhere, we tried to search for it all over my mother’s house after letting them know about my situation, but we got no luck. I couldn’t stay the night because I had an important meeting the next day so I insisted on looking for my keys until it was already one in the morning and we still haven’t found my keys yet. I was exhausted and frustrated because of losing my car keys, so I decided to ask for help.

Breaking the mirror was an option, but it wasn’t a good one. I thought it would be more expensive, and the alarm was still on, that’s why I decided to try my family’s suggestion, which was to hire a locksmith in Sacramento. Of course, I was aware that one of the most common scammers in Sacramento is the locksmiths so I was trying to be cautious. From what I’ve heard, there are instances that they charged too much on their customers for a simple lock-picking and I didn’t want to go through with that. So we searched for a 24 hour locksmith in Sacramento area from the internet and asked from some neighbors.

The first one that we called was, I think, annoyed because of my call. I understood his reaction because it was already late, but they said in their ad that they were working 24/7. Nonetheless, I still tried to get some help from the person on the other line. I told him about my problem and explained that I need it to be done as soon as possible. He uttered words that I couldn’t understand, so I assume he was going to help. When I asked him about how much it would cost me, his answer was, “Probably $180, but that’s just an estimate.” I was astounded. I mean, how could a simple lock-picking cost that much? It’s not like I’m getting my car repainted. Right then, I knew that this person is not trying to help me. He’s just taking advantage of the situation and I didn’t want to be obvious that I knew so I told him, “Never mind, we found the key. Thanks anyway.” I lied and ended the call. I guess this is what the news was talking about.

Anyway, I tried to call a different car key locksmith who works 24 hours, hoping I get a real and honest one this time. Low Rate Locksmith Sacramento politely asked for my situation and I told them what happened. Before dropping the call, I asked them for an estimate and they gave me $70 to $120. That was cheaper than the other locksmith so I agreed to it immediately. After giving them my exact location, I waited for an hour for them. They arrived and took a look at my car and told me that it should be easy. They started working on it and were finished after a couple of minutes. Man, I was so relieved. Thanks for not overcharging and for the quick service. I’ll definitely recommend this to my friends.

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