One time, I was out with my wife and kids for groceries. The moment we got home, my wife told me that the key to our house was missing. We searched for it all over the car, in our kids’ pockets, and into the bags of groceries but it wasn’t there. The most frustrating part is that my spare key was in the counter table of our kitchen. I borrowed a rod to my neighbors, hoping that I can get the keys through the open window but it just fell on the floor. I tried to get help from my neighbors, some of them were clueless about how to pick a lock, and some just simply turned their backs on me.

I went back to our house and was still looking for the keys when my wife suggested that we get help from a locksmith. Honestly, I was hesitant. Locksmith scammers are almost everywhere so I didn’t really consider her suggestion. Hours later, we’re still looking for the keys when my kids complained of hunger. I know they’re tired, but I don’t know any other way to get inside without breaking in. Out of desperation, I decided to give up and tried to call a 24 hour locksmith in Sacramento. My first call was redirected to a central call center and I didn’t understand why. On my second try, no one was picking up.

The third was very quick to respond, they just asked for the details and arrived after half an hour. He walked to the door and inspected the lock, before he started to pick it. I think he tried for at least a couple of times before telling me that it needs to be drilled because it was pick-proof. I asked why, because to me the door knob doesn’t look like the expensive type. I know for certain that it doesn’t have to be drilled. I just want it to be opened, not replaced. Still, my wife asked him how much it costs and raised an eyebrow at me when the locksmith guy answered “$200.” We didn’t pursue the work with him and said that I’ll just climb the window. Hell, I was disappointed with these people trying to fool their customers for more money.

Again, I tried to call another local locksmith and told the same story that I did with the first ones. They told me that it might cost me $60 to $130, and asked if I’m okay with it. I was surprised that they even considered my opinion, so I said yes to it and told them my address. Low Rate Locksmith Sacramento came after a few minutes and started picking the lock on our door. Surprisingly, it didn’t even take him too long to open my door. My wife laughed when she remembered the other locksmith telling us that it needs to be drilled. We paid the honest locksmith and gave him a generous tip for his fast service. Good to know there’s still trustworthy people out there.

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