It is fortunate that calling a locksmith for rekeying service is not out of emergency though it was a need.

I’m not the type of person who rely to these we’ll-do-it-for-you kind of businesses. I just don’t trust them too much to let them take a hold of my personal belonging. Besides, there are a lot of locksmith scammers and I definitely do not want to be a victim. Most of the time, I try to do things on my own with the help of a few friends.

But there’s this one situation wherein I was too dumb to lock myself out of my car after buying something at the convenience store. I saw that my key was still inside, and all four doors were locked. Of course I didn’t like the idea of calling the local locksmith in Sacramento so I tried to ask for help from the people I knew. Unfortunately, everyone just wouldn’t want to help. Either they’re too far, or running a different errand. The second plan I came up with, was to go back to the convenience store and find something that could be used to pick my lock. There were scissors and blades, which I know won’t work so I went to the cashier instead to borrow some tools. This woman was obviously clueless about tools because she didn’t know what to lend, then told me to call a locksmith instead. Having no other choice, I decided to try that last option.


Luckily, someone picked up on the first ring so I gave him the details and asked if he can do it. The man over the line said yes and that it was easy, so I assume it won’t cost too much. I told him to give me an estimate price for his service since he told me that it’s an easy job. He said, “I can’t give you an estimate until I see the lock myself.” I asked him why and told him, “If you’ve been in the industry for some time, I’m pretty sure you’ve encountered the same situation I’m in, so why can’t you give me an estimate?” By then I know that this man was trying to make me a fool out of me and wants to take my money, but I didn’t let him succeed. I said never mind and I’ll call another locksmith instead, he even tried to negotiate but I refused.I was about to head back to my home, I suddenly couldn’t find my car key

On my second try, I found a 24 hour locksmith in Sacramento area called Low Rate Locksmith Sacramento, they immediately asked what kind of help I need after answering my call. Again, I shared with him the details and asked how much it might cost me. The man said, “It ranges around $75 to $125, depending on the lock. Is that okay with you?” They’ve earned themselves a good impression with that question, so I said yes and told them my current location. After a good thirty minutes of waiting, they arrived and checked the doors of my car. One of the two men grabbed his tool and started to pick on my door lock. They were so good at it that they were able to open it within five seconds. They didn’t even charge me a hundred bucks, but I added a nice tip for them. I’m actually surprised that honest locksmiths still exist around Sacramento, it’s a shame they’re being mixed with the scammers. Great work!

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