Where to Fish in Sacramento CA

Sacramento has two major rivers flowing within the avenues, namely the Sacramento River and the American River. You can also find many lakes and ponds within the region’s urban and countryside. The government has set certain limits to the fishing lines that can be drawn along these water bodies. You need to obtain license for fishing. You need to buy the license from an authorized agent which can be done online. Go to http://www.dfg.ca.gov/licensing/ols/ and apply for the license by paying the fee. You can opt for one day or two days license depending on your duration of stay and fishing plan. Once you have the license issued in your name you can go to the allocated spot and start fishing.

Sacramento River Fishing

Fishing in the waters of Sacramento River is said to be one of the coolest experiences you can enjoy with your family. The river is host to wide range of fish species. But you may be allowed to fish only some of them, while the others could be protected.

  • You need to be aware of the rules for fishing which tell you about a set of “dos” and “don’ts”. You must follow them strictly to avoid getting fined. For more information on rules of fishing you can refer to http://www.dfg.ca.gov/regulations/FreshFish-Mar2011/ccr-t14-ch2-art4-sec5_00.html. In the same site you can also find the latest updates made to the rules.
  • Some of the species which you can fish are steel-head, king salmon, striper and American Shad.
  • You can find fishing boats for hire along the lines on the river bed. You can hire them and take them into the river by paying the specified fee.
  • Sometimes it may be difficult to identify the type of fish you catch. You might accidentally catch a protected species without knowing. So it is recommended that you get the guidelines for the fishing region allocated by the government. This will ensure you are safe from any legal hassles.

Fishing in the Sacramento River is a unique experience. The deep waters offer plenty of species to catch. Hiring a boat can also help you enjoy the river cruise. Fishing hours usually start from morning 8:00 and end in the evening around 7:00. For exact timing you need to contact the helpline at www.sacramentoriver.org.

American River Fishing

Fishing along the American River is allowed between the region of Watt, Hazel, Carmichael and the Fair oaks. Most of the fishing lines are said to be concentrated in the Watt region due to the wide range of species found here. Non motor boats are the preferred means of transportation while fishing as they are nature friendly and non-polluting.

  • You can visit the site www.americanriver.org and read the fishing instructions and rules. They help you in catching only the permitted species and avoid the protected ones.
  • There are certain areas in which fishing is restricted for daylight hour only. The Nimbus dam is said to be one such region. You can refer to the exact ting from the website’s fishing guidelines page. Low Rate Locksmith Sacramento

South-side park Fishing

South-side Park offers some of the best fishing moments in its serene lake. Fishing hours are from morning to evening. You may take your own fishing rod and equipment after checking with the local authorities about the kind of allowed equipment.

  • You can get the fishing instructions from department of fishing and gaming from the website
  • You can find fishing fences along the lakeside which you can use.

William Land park Fishing

Fishing along the William land park lake provides you with plenty of joyous moments with your family and friends. Tuna is one of the cherished fish species you can find here. The department of fisheries takes special care for breeding high quality fish.

  • There are strict rules about environmental protection in this region. So you need to avoid spreading garbage and debris. Take only small fishing rods and lines with you. Once you have taken the catch make sure that it goes into the storage box.
  • Camping may not be allowed in the fishing zone. So you need to take your catch away from here for putting them onto the grill and enjoying a good feast.

Hagan Community park Fishing

If you wish to have family outing and a great fishing experience, the Hagan community park is the best place for you. Though the lake (you can call it more of pond due to its size), here is quite small it gives you plenty of fish species to catch. The marsh around the lake has some slippery spots. So you need to wear protective slip free shoes while venturing into such spots.

Mather Park Fishing

The Mather Park community is one of the friendliest places for your fishing experience. King Salmon and American Tuna are said to be the greatest catches you can find here. The department of fisheries and the community takes care of maintenance and breeding programs in this within the park. Locked your keys in car? call us now | Low Rate Locksmith

  • Parking lots are marked clearly. You can find them in the exteriors of the park fencing. Make sure that you park your car in the allocated zone.
  • Plastic and non degradable materials are restricted here. So make sure that you carry only the disposable types of cans, cups and utensils. Dispose the garbage in the allocated spots and make sure that you help in keeping the place clean.

Elk Grove park Fishing

The Elk Grove is known for its lush green surroundings and pure lake water. You need to walk for about 100 meters after parking your vehicles in the lots. Cell phones are to be turned to “meeting mode” within the fishing zone. Timing is from morning till evening.

You can enjoy catching great types of fish in this zone. The deep groves surrounding the fishing waters give you a sense of being in a thickly wooded forest. This park is ideal for children to enjoy fishing experience too.

Some of the parks listed here may allow family fishing for a day or two without the need for official license. You can get more information from the local park authorities regarding the timing and the weekdays.


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