Where to Hike in Sacramento CA

Sacramento is well known for the outdoor hiking expeditions through river basins, protected forests, canyons and other tough terrains. You can choose from easy, moderately tough tours or tough terrain hikes which are recommended for experienced trekkers. Regardless of the type you choose, you are set to enjoy the whole trip from the start to the end. There are many hiking spots in Sacramento, from which some selected spots are discussed here. You can find brief overview about the starting point, path and the tourist attractions you come across in the hiking path.


Stone Lakes Wildlife Sanctuary/Refuge

Trail Name Starting Point
Blue Heron Elk Grove Area, Sacramento, California

The Blue Heron hiking trail offers one of the easier hiking paths for family and children. Average distance covered by the hikers is one mile. If you are interested in bird watching this is the right place. The forest in this zone is populated with short to medium height trees. There are no steep slopes and difficult terrains. Weather conditions are said to be favorable for children and elders. People using wheelchairs may find it easy to hike all the way from start to end because of good road conditions and regular maintenance.

Auburn Hiking Trail

Trail Name Starting Point
Auburn Trail Auburn- Sacramento, California

The Auburn trail offers you two options for the hiking trail. The first path starts Auburn and covers just three kilometers till the base of the Auburn dam. You can opt to return from that point in the same path. You can find a 40 acre park in this trail where you can take your pet dogs and spend some cool moments with your family.

The second path is relatively tougher and it is called as the Western States trail. Total distance covered by the trail is 1 miles from Auburn till the Quarry trailhead. The path passes through Elm Avenue into the highway 49 and then continues through the American river confluence. You need lot of endurance and resistance to heat and humidity for completing the hiking. It is recommended that you avoid taking children and the elderly to the hiking event since the terrains are hard.

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Cosumnes River Preserve Hiking Trail

Trail Name Starting Point
Cosumnes Trail Sacramento, California

The Cosumnes River hiking trail stretches for 11 miles from Sacramento through Elk Grove and ends at Galt. This is one of the paths you can take. The trail is moderate in difficulty level. There is one more path covering a distance of 3 miles. This is a dirt track which you are expected to cover by foot. The wetland walk takes you through many habitats for birds and water species. Make sure that you carry all the bird watching devices with you to get the best experience. You can also go on a canoe into the river after walking a distance of 200 yards from the car parking space at the Sacramento Visitor center of Cosumnes.

Jedediah Smith Hiking Trail

Trail Name Starting Point
Jedediah/River Bike Trail Sacramento Confluence, California

The 32 miles hiking trail starts at the Sacramento Confluence, California and ends at the Folsom. You can come across many interesting landmarks and tourist spots on the way. The recommended modes of hiking are biking and walking.

Discovery Park is one of the natural habitats with plenty of wildlife species. You could bring along bird watching tools and hiking kits. Pets are not allowed since they can disturb the balance of bird and wildlife. The most common bird species you can find in this zone are the shorebirds, cranes and waterfowls.

Sutter Park is another important place to visit on your hiking trail. This place is known for its protected wildlife species bred in the natural habitats. You can find plenty of natural and artificial lakes in this Zone where you can relax and spend few cool moments with your family.

William recreation area near the pond with the same name is a major tourist attraction in this zone. Water sports and games for children are absolutely safe and protected from dangers. The fair-oaks walking bridge is one of the unique structures which captures your attention and captivates your imagination. At the end of this track you reach the Folsom lake. You may choose the same path to return to the point of origin.

South Fork River Hiking Trail

Trail Name Starting Point
South Fork American River Trail River Conservancy, Sacramento

The 25 miles hiking distance is open for hikers and bike riders. Being tough in nature it passes through canyons, hills and deeply wooded areas. The canyon zone is named as Chaparral. You need the guidance of a professional hiker and trekker to make the journey safe and interesting. If you are adventurous and wish to explore more, the guide can take you to some of the toughest terrains in this zone, which cover caves which were targets of gold rush period.

The riverbed around the canyons and the surrounding forest areas are home to some of the most interesting water, bird and wildlife species. Fishing may be banned in the protected zones; hence you need to get the right information from the tourist helpline at the river conservancy before starting your travel.

You may be allowed to carry still and video cameras, backpack things, water and foods while you are on your hiking tracks. Since there is a provision for horseback travel, you can afford to bring in children and elders. But they may not be able to go through the canyons and deep wooded areas. So you need to confirm from the helpline about the safe trails for them.

The flora and fauna in this part of hiking travel in Sacramento is supposed to be highly adventurous. Make sure that you carry all the protective gears and cloths along with you. Spike shoes are needed to walk through muddy areas where the possibilities of slipping grounds are very high. Search for camp grounds around the hiking path where you can find temporary shelters for resting and relaxing.



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