After arriving at Sacramento your immediate requirement will be to find a hotel where you can get rid of your jetlag and relax. There are many classes of hotels in Sacramento, from high end posh accommodations to moderate and economical options. You may choose the size of accommodation, number of rooms, type of facilities and utilities depending on your budget and time comfort levels. Most of the hotels here offer online booking system. You can visit their website, fill up the reservation form and submit it. You may choose to make online payment before you start off from your origin airport. This might help in getting the confirmation.

Luxury Class Hotels

Spacious living space, private bedrooms, fully furnished bathrooms and fitness facilities are said to be the basic amenities you get at the luxury hotels. Large swimming pools, spa and sauna, beauty care and Yoga are some of the added features you can find at the luxury class hotels here.

Citizen Hotel

Citizen Hotel at Sacramento is said to be one of the luxurious accommodations which promises to give you all the above specified features and more. The deluxe class is elegantly split into queen king, double beds, junior suite, single bedroom and penthouse suite. The amenities at the hotel include guestrooms, reception rooms, meeting halls, bar and restaurant. The hotel is located between Roseville and Elk Grove. You may also approach the hotel from Folsom while moving towards Davis.

The Westin Sacramento

The hotel is located on 4800-Riverside Boulevard in Sacramento. One of the most interesting aspects of this hotel is said to be the riverside rooms. You can spend your evening hours near the nature’s vicinity. The rooms are said to be fitted with all the modern high end amenities like showers, heating places, queen size beds and relaxing areas. The option for junior suite makes it easy for you to find your privacy when you come with your family.

Homewood Suites

The Homewood Suites is located very close to the airport at a driving distance. The suites are provided with top class bedrooms, living rooms, guest rooms and fully furnished bathrooms. Heating and air conditioning facilities are said to be among the best rated in this region. If you happen to an art lover, you will certainly appreciate the works of genuine artists displayed on your room walls.

Fully fledged breakfast, lunch and appetizing meals are served to your room at your convenience. You may also opt for going to the spacious food courts along with your family to enjoy a greater dining experience. Alcoholic beverages may be supplied subject to conditions from the hotel management. Fitness center, multimedia and internet connectivity, sports and recreational activities and health centers are made available. Absolutely relaxing swimming pools, spa and massage centers promise you complete peace for your mind and body. It is easy to locate the hotel when you come out from the south exit of the airport. Ask your cab driver to take a deviation to the right from Del Paso East into the Advantage way.

Hyatt Regency

The hotel is located at 209 L Street in Sacramento. The facilities for luxurious rooms with queen size beds, carpeted floor, air conditioning and heating facilities make your stay relaxing and comfortable. This is said to be one of the preferred places for business class visitors. High end convention center with IMAX Theater, park and mini bar make your seminars and conferences great experience.

The rooms are said to be provided with the latest electronic multimedia and high speed internet facilities. You can spend most of your working hours within your room which provides absolute silence and peace of mind. You can have live conferences online which can be connected to the flat screen HDTV. Your leisure time with your family could be made worthwhile by playing the latest movies from Hollywood, live sports and other gala shows.

The hotel staff can make arrangements for your shopping, visits to cultural centers, old Sacramento tour and other family attractions in and around Sacramento.

Hampton Inn Hotel

The hotel is located at 2230 Auburn Blvd-Sacramento. With over 70 specious luxury rooms, business class suites and state of the art amenities, the Hampton Inn hotel is rated as one of the top class Expo hotels in Sacramento. Here you can find good amenities for business, entertainment and fitness purposes.

  • You can have business conferences, meetings and seminars at the business center. The staff can provide you with the latest gadgets and multimedia equipment for rental.
  • Meting and conference rooms with large space and latest furniture make it easy for you to conduct your business and marketing campaigns. Breakfast, lunch, supper and beverages facilities are said to be of elite standards.
  • Your stay with your family is made easy and comfortable with laundry and housekeeping services. All the amenities are marked clearly for you to identify and get eh services faster.

Residence Inn

Residence Inn is located at 1121-15th-St-Sacramento. With over 11 floors of high tech facilities, this hotel is said to be one among the top ranked business class accommodations. The price here might be bit dearer for the high end rooms, but the facilities you get are absolutely great. It’s located around Low Rate Car Car Locksmith Sacramento CA

Large rooms with view and fully furnished bathrooms make it convenient to stay with family, if you have come alone on a business visit, you may opt for single luxurious room with room services for food and beverages. Multi cuisine restaurants serve local foods from Sacramento and continental foods from other parts of the country and the world. Fitness, gym and spa facilities are said to be among the top rated facilities you can find in and around Sacramento.

Double-Tree Hotel

The Double Tree hotel is located at 2001-Point-West-Way-Sacramento. With high end luxury rooms, large swimming pools food courts and barrooms, the hotel gives you all the features you expect to have in business class hotel. The staffs here are said to be very friendly and take care of the smallest of your personal and family needs with absolute care.


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