Sacramento county is in Northern California

and is home to Sacramento city, that is the capital of California. Sacramento
county is well known its basketball royalty and great food. The county is made
up of 7 different cities and is home to around 1 million people. Pretty crazy
right? What is the big draw to these cities?

Sacramento City

Let’s start with Sacramento city. This
beautiful city has 2 rivers running through it. The Sacramento river and the
American river. It also features a stunning old town with ghost tours and old
saloons galore. With plenty of things to do outdoors, and great weather for it,
Sacramento is a very active city- much like the rest of California. When
getting to know Sacramento, some of the first things you are going to find is food,
lots of food. There are tons of cute and delicious restaurants in this city
that you will just love. Get ready to treat your tastebuds.

Weather and Population

Weather in Sacramento is fairly comfortable
all year long. Summers tend to hangout between 80-90 degrees while winters can
get as low as 50, but tend to stay around there. That’s not too bad considering
you are getting close to the areas in California that get a load of snow every

The population of the capital city of California sits at around 495,000 people. That’s a lot of people squishing into
one town. They may come for the great university options or just for the
temperate weather all year. Whatever their reasons, people seem to love their
lives in sunny Sacramento.


If you are looking to attend university, or
put your kids into school here, there are plenty of colleges to choose from.
You can attend the University of Sacramento or the Northwest University of
Sacramento. Sacramento State College is a great 4 year university that has been
open since 1947.

Main Attractions

The main attractions in Sacramento city are
endless. You can visit old town which is right along the Sacramento waterfront
and while you are there, go for a ghost town tour! You can go to the Zoo, visit
the Sutter’s fort or even spend a day at the California Railroad museum. It is
a great city, jam packed full of history and great things to do with friends
and family. Make sure to check out the California State Capitol building while
you are there. Capitol buildings are always a beautiful thing to show to your
kids. Th take a walk across the tower bridge. You can’t miss the tower bridge,
as it is arguably one of the most iconic landmarks in the city.

If you just want to relax, take the kids and
your dog to one of the many parks in the city. Grab a packed lunch, a frisbee
to throw around and a blanket to lay out on. Grabbing so grass space is a
popular thing to do in this bustling city. Everybody loves to be able to escape
the city life for a while and Sacramento has done a great job at providing
ample opportunities for that to all its residents.



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