Locksmiths are easy to come by in Sacramento, California. The services they provide include creating and repairing locks (and breaking them if necessary) for doors, windows, even cars. A large number of locksmiths go beyond their trade and are well-versed in security as well, helping people set up strategic security systems in and around their homes. Locksmiths in California are required to apply for a license before they can practice their trade, so regardless if you are looking at a pricier quote for a locksmith, or considering a low rate locksmith, Sacramento’s got you covered.

Before you run through the Sacramento directory for a low rate locksmith who does top quality work, here are a few things to take into consideration.

License and Insurance

Not all states entails licensing for their locksmith, but California definitely does. Ask them if they can provide a copy of their license. Check as well if they are insured.


A professional locksmith will offer a warranty period for their work; in Sacramento, California this should be at least thirty days to cover any issues that may arise from the job. If they don’t provide a warranty period (which they should), you might consider looking for another locksmith who does.

Areas of expertise

Locksmith trade involves different types of work, but like many tradesmen, locksmiths may specialize in one or two specific areas. The area of expertise you look for will depend on the kind of work you need done by the locksmith—whether you need a car lock repaired or need a particular kind of lock installed on the gate. Remember to ask the locksmith what these areas of expertise are before letting them know the nature of the job you need done. Locksmiths in Sacramento will be generally able to perform the basic services, but the advantage of checking a locksmith’s area of expertise is ensuring top quality work, without needing the added expense of damage control to fix a botched job by an inexperienced locksmith. If they can provide specialty certifications, that’s a plus.


Probably one of the most important question to ask a prospective locksmith is their rate. Whether the rate is high or low isn’t necessarily the whole indicator of a locksmith’s quality of work, but it’s a good starting point. The locksmith’s rate may depend on their level of experience or expertise and the nature of the job you need done. Before hiring a locksmith, check whether they charge by the number of locks they install, repair, or break, or whether they charge by the number of hours they spend working. (Some locksmiths in Sacramento charge their clients per fifteen or thirty minutes.) If your prospective Sacramento locksmith has to travel to your location to perform a job, they may also need to factor in a trip fee. Ask the locksmith to include this on top of the fee they charge for the work required.

Willingness to undergo a background check

Finally, check whether the locksmith is willing to undergo a background check. Because they will be granted access to your home or office, as well as everything inside, it’s important that you take security measures before inviting them in. If the locksmith is part of a general services company, ask for references that point to a good track record.

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