Sacramento is a unique city which combines the fast life of a typical American Metro and the traditional values of countryside people within a single crucible. The generic picture which gets formed in the minds of tourist about night life could be drink, dance and entertainment. Of course Sacramento night life offers you all these typical features. In addition the city also gives you plenty of art, music, culture and adventure like you have never seen before. Here you can read about some of them in brief.

Pubs and Bars

Going to Sacramento downtown after 8 in the evening can open the doors to wide range of pubs and bars. You get to taste some of the finest California beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages. You may opt for luxury places like the dive bar, park ultra lounge or the Euro lounge. You can also find plenty of medium range and economical places like the mix downtown, Mecca club, District 30 and so on.

Between the 10th street and Sunset Avenue you can find a huge nest of pubs sand bars which offer plenty of entertainment with wine and dine facilities. Most of the tourists and locals love to visit these places during weekends to get relaxed and de-stressed.

The Shady lady saloon in the R Street is one of the greatest places you can find for discotheque and dance floors. Jazz in its original and evolving forms is said to be one of the finest attractions of the Shady lady. Listen to some of the genuine jazz artists here and get your moods to dance to the top billboard albums from the 70s and 80s. The burger at Lady Shady is supposed to be one of the top rated foods you can find in this region.

It is not just the drink which you find great here, but also the cuisine is wonderfully unique and delicious. If you wish to taste the local foods you can simply walk into the park ultra lounge or the other food courts in its surroundings. The rich aroma of Californian food might pull you within its folds as you enter the food courts. You can also opt for European, Asian and other continental foods from the nightlife restaurants.

The mermaid show at the dive bar said to be one of the greatest events of Sacramento night life. Besides the drink you can listen to one of the top collections of rock music around here. This place is well known for the artisan pizza also. If you like the rock music of the 80s combined with the latest music of 21st century, you don’t want to miss coming here.

Sacramento Comedy Show

The great Sacramento comedy show brought to you by the creative artists would be the next place you wish to go. There are many such shows which you can find within the downtown areas. Most of them start around 8 in the evening and go on till the first rays of dawn hit the downtown streets.

It is more than laughter and fun you get to enjoy during these shows. They depict the cultural and social transformations which have happened over the generations. As you sit and watch them, you might be transported to the fourth dimension of existence, which crosses all the barriers.

Bike Bus Tours

If you wish to explore the entire nightlife of Sacramento, you must opt for the bike bus tours. This is perhaps one of the most unique types of buses you can ever find in your lifetime. Imagine 15 people sitting and peddling the bike to push the beautifully designed bus. You can hire these types of vehicles in group and take them to travel around Sacramento in style.

Heritage Stories at Mayahuel

When you visit a great place like Sacramento, you would obviously love to explore its cultural and traditional history over the years. At the Mayahuel you can find master story tellers and history specialists narrating great stories from their jukebox. How do they do that? You can literally find out when you start off with the unique cocktails of this place. This place is also known for its unique Mexican way of life and its and margaritas.

Pure Pizza

The Kay is said to be one of the most famous places you can find in Sacramento for the pizza. The menu at this place literally lists out every type of pizza from Italy, down to the local flavors from California. Mexican pizza is supposed to be one of the top rated foods you can find here

Night Drives

Sacramento light drives around the downtown and the outskirts of the city might also take you to some of the most interesting lakeside locations. There are many options for experiencing outdoor nightlife over here. Plenty of camping and late night fishing spots can be located as you move towards the countryside of Sacramento.

Harlow’s Music

The Harlow’s music pubs at the J Street is said to be one of the greatest places for night life entertainment. The working hours from Thursday through Saturday are said to be the good times from 6 in the evening to 2 in the morning.

Special Events

If you happen to be in Sacramento during the New Year eve, you certainly love to visit the Jazz nights at Natsoulas gallery. This is said to be one of the top rated places designed for nightlife.

  • Special parties for singles and teens are organized in almost all the bars and pubs of downtown areas. Social elevation is the place where you can meet likeminded friends and enjoy eh party overnight.
  • The Sacramento Williams family center offers some of the unique events, symbolizing the cultural life and history of the place over the ages. You need to enquire at the 14th avenue center about the night events.
  • Valentine day specials are organized at Willow Avenue’s various pubs and music bars. Besides wine and dine you may end up tasting the best chocolates from all over California here.



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