What is Sacramento ca Famous for

The Most diverse city of Sacramento is well known for its culture and tradition expressed in the form of theatrical arts, music , cuisine, festivals and a wide range of tourist attractions. Located in the serene and beautiful landscapes of California, the city has two unique parts. The old Sacramento is filled with buildings and monuments from the 1850s. The New Sacramento is the symbol of its progressive nature, having high tech homes, luxury hotels, exquisite shopping malls and adventurous tourist and sporting spots.

The Sacramento River flowing across the landscape stretches close to 640 kilometers in the North South direction with its mouth at the Suisun bay. On its path the river passes through the famous Sacramento valley and many famous dams. Wide range of water and land species, have made habitat all along the path. Whales and sea lions are known to the most famous among them.

Arrival at Sacramento

You arrive at the international airport of Sacramento, located 16 kilometers from the downtown area. From the airport you can take the cab service to reach the city. If you prefer an economic mode of transport you can opt for AMTRAK or RT light rail and bus service system. They connect all the important destinations across the city with over 54 stations.

Hotels of Sacramento

The Hotels in Sacramento are categorized into economy, mid range and luxury classes. Most famous among them are the Embassy suites, Hilton, Red Lion, Capital plaza, Radisson and Sterling. Once you are comfortable and relaxed, you can start exploring the region with your family.

Tourist Attractions of Sacramento

Before starting your journey through the city and its surrounding countryside, you need to have a clear plan of your tour. Mere glimpse of the places may take you about 3 days of time. if you wish to explore the region completely and get to know all the famous places and objects, you need to stay longer.

Art and Culture

  • Sutter Fort: – The indigenous culture of this place is represented by the Sutter fort built in 1840 by John Sutter. The surrounding region is filled with lush green woods and fruit trees.
  • China Town: – The Chinese name for Sacramento was “YEE FOW”, in which many of the immigrants arrived to escape the brutal consequences of Sino British war in 1840s. The constructions and artistic creations of these folks are still preserved as symbols of the region’s community.
  • Music Theaters: – Folk music and culture are represented through theaters, music circus and opera halls. Dance drama and music festivals mark the all season celebration of life over here.
  • Museums and Galleries: – The region is full of museums and galleries representing history, arts, automotive industry, the famous old rush, classical and modern painting and other aspects of culture.

Restaurants and Foods

Sacramento Beer and cocktail festival is one of the most famous celebrations in this region of California. You can taste the best of alcoholic beverages prepared by local breweries.

  • Burgers, barbeques, cheesecake, Mexican recipe and exclusive Chinese cuisines are the specialties of this region.
  • Ice cream war is one of the most interesting places to visit if you happen to love ice creams.
  • Tacos cuisine is one of the rich foods you can find within Sacramento. The menu is very simple but highly delicious and sophisticated.
  • Sacramento Almonds are known for their quality and taste all over the world. Almonds are produced in thousands of tons, processed and exported.
  • Indigenous and delicious Yogurts are highly sought after by the tourists.

Adventure and Sports

  • Skydiving is one of the most attractive adventure sports across Sacramento. You can find many training centers and guided jumps from over 13,000 feet of chilling heights.
  • Hiking across the river and forest trails is one of the well known adventure sports for the tourists in this region. You can choose from Jedediah Smith trail, Stone lakes, Auburn dam and South Fork trails. Deer Creek hills are the other zones of hiking which you can enjoy to your heart’s content.

Fishing with Family

In Sacramento you need license from the state government for fishing. Once you arrive at the downtown area, you can apply for it online. There are certain fixed locations only where you are allowed to go fishing. Some of them are the South Side Park, American River and the Sacramento River. There are also many small lakes and ponds in the region where restricted fishing might be allowed. You need to get the relevant details from the marine and fishing authorizes.

Pure Water Lakes

The trinity lake, Shasta Lake and the Whiskey town lake are the most famous water body attractions in this region.

Festivals of Sacramento

William Land Park is the place you need to go, if you wish to enjoy the cultural and artistic festivals running through the summer season. Jazz and performing arts festivals featuring figure skating, ice ballet and gun festivals are the other forms of festivities which keep running all through the year.

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Nightlife of Sacramento

As the sun takes a dip ino the horizon and darkness envelops, Sacramento comes alive with sports bars, dive bars, in house sky-diving, casinos, karaoke bars, night clubs and so many other thrilling attractions.

  • River dining on boats and at the riverbed restaurants is one of the well known activities during nightlife. You can drink and dine to your heart’s content in the bars and restaurants which work all through the night.
  • If you cross the downtown and get into the Broadway, you can find many genuine cuisines and beverages from Africa, Mexico, Japan, India and China.
  • Happy hours are reserved for midnight music shows and cocktail parties all over Sacramento.

Once you start exploring the countryside and wildlife around Sacramento, you will be surprised by the vast array of picnic spots, water events, sporting festivals and cross valley adventures you can enjoy through all seasons of the year with your family and friends.



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