Sacramento ca gun show

The upcoming Sacramento ca gun show event scheduled from the 3rd to 4th of June 2017 is said to be one of the greatest gals for the public and experts. You can attend this show if you are interested in getting some firearms for your personal, family and property safety. The expo is expected to feature some of the top class products from manufacturers in USA. If you are interested in collections and classical models from the olden ages, you may find some of the best antique class guns also.

Gun Show features Sacramento

There are many events similar to the one listed above, for example the next show in the month of April at the California exposition and trade fair Sacramento is one such event. Scheduled for the 1st and 2nd of April 2017, this event is expected to pull large crowds of visitors, manufacturers and dealers.

You need to have a valid license for possessing a firearm. The moment you buy or place an order at the gun show, it will be recorded at the local sheriff office. After the weapon is delivered to you, you might need to get the detailed terms and conditions of usage from the law enforcement authorities.

  • The inventory of weapons and ammunitions you can find here are perhaps one of the largest in the USA. Many types of hand guns, pistols and AK range weapons are kept for display at the show.
  • The design and working methods of each gun will be at the display. If you are interested in inspecting any of the weapons, you can take the guidance of experts from specific manufacturing companies.

Sacramento Gun Show Calendar

April 1 to 2 – California Exposition & State Fair

The event to be held in the month of April at California Exposition & State Fair is organized by the Crossroads of the West Gun Shows.

  • The home protection guns at the show is said to be categorized into various sections. One of them is said to be the double barrel .45 caliber ACP pistol. This was designed for the first time in the year 1905 by John Browning. Since then it has evolved through many phases of design and accessories, qualifying to be one of the most effective firearms for home safety applications. The bullet diameter is said to be 11.5mm with a neck diameter of 12mm and base diameter of 12.1mm. Overall length of the weapon is said to be 32.4mm with a case length of 22.8mm.
  • SIG-P226 is another model which you can get to see at the Sacramento Gun show. This has .40- caliber with a barrel length of 112mm, width of and height of 140mm this weapon is rated as one of the best protection devices you can find at the show.

When you start searching for weapons from various manufacturers, you will be able to find the one which suits your specific requirements accurately.

3rd to 4th of June 2017

This show is co sponsored by the Crossroads of the West Gun Shows and Orange County Fair controller. You can find manufacturers and dealers from many parts of USA who come here to showcase their products. Personal and property safety guns stated to be displayed at the event include Beretta Pico .380, Chiappa Rhino Snub and the Colt’s Mustang XSP .380. You may also come across other models which could serve your purpose. Apart from these two events which are upcoming shortly, you may find many other events sponsored by other gun manufacturers.

Attractive Features of Gun Show

  • The gun shows are not only aimed at promoting specific brands of firearms, but also for spreading awareness about the personal, family and property protection. The experts at the show can give you guidance about how to sore and maintain the weapons in good working conditions. For this you can visit the booth of specific manufacturers and get the guidance.
  • You need to train your family members about the art of using the weapons. This can be done by some of the experienced trainers who may attend the gun show. They have specific schedules of classes at various locations across the various regions in Sacramento. You can register at the gun show and continue with your classes according their schedule.
  • Spare parts, components and accessories for the specific model of gun you own may also available in the gun shows Browse through the different models to select the one which fits into your gun accurately. Since you are getting the offers from the manufacturers directly, you might hope to get some attractive discounts and additional offers for you purchases.

Safety Training

Giving the best of safety training from the experts here is an obvious advantage you don’t want to miss out. For this you may need to spend some time and obviously the fee for training. But these are considered to be trivial compared to the benefits you get.

  • You get to learn about the local and state gun laws prevalent in and around Sacramento. This will teach you how to use your weapon responsibly without causing any lethal damages to people and livestock.
  • You will get to know about the safety measures to take while storing the weapon at home. Keeping the firearm in a loaded state may not always be safe, but at the same time you should know how to load the weapon at the time of emerge3ncies. All these training techniques could be given to you at the Sacramento gun shows.

Other Attractions of the Gun Show

At the Sacramento gun shows you can get to see a gala of events related to entertainment and sports. You may take part in target shooting events and win attractive prizes. There is a lot for your family members at the food courts and restaurants in and around the gun show venues. You can get to know more about the additional features of the gun shows by visiting the hosts’ website.



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