Located along the Twin river lines of California, Sacramento hosts plenty of cool tourist spots to visit during your holidays. Historic monuments, museums, art galleries, music halls, parks, hotels and dance bars could be found in plenty. You need to plan tour travel based on number of days. Every place in and around this city bears the cultural, social, political, scientific and creative identity of the people. Here you can read about the top 5 cool places to visit in and around Sacramento.

State Capitol of Sacramento

Entering the interiors of the state capitol is said to be a unique experience for the visitors. The long mosaic coated floors are designed on the principles of classical American interior design patterns. As you walk along the length, you get surrounded by the beautiful mural covered walls. They represent the renaissance of Sacramento in all the aspects. You can also find many beautiful paintings of great leaders who worked towards revalorizing the social, commercial and industrial lives of people here.

The museum within the interiors of the state capitol hosts a wide range of miniature and macro representations of people and their lives. The role of governor in the Sacramento’s political life is said to be highly important.

  • An entire gallery is dedicated to depict the works of past governors. Their land marks of achievement to improve the infrastructural conditions within the urban and country areas are pictured in chronological order.
  • The architectural style of museum interiors, especially its walls and ceilings might take you back in time to visualize the first governor of Sacramento, XXXX. During his administration Peter Hardeman Burnett set up many development projects which touched the lives of average citizens.
  • There is a gift shop within the State capitol interiors which hosts vast collections of giveaways for your close ones. Precious souvenirs and unique objects of art and craft from California can be found here.
  • After you complete an hour of guided tour you enter the lush green rose garden filled with all sorts of indigenous flora and fauna. The trout pond is a place which you should never miss visiting.

Sutter Fort

Memoirs of California’s Gold Rush can be refreshed when you visit the majestic Sutter fort. The rock walls and serene interiors of the fort remind you of the vision of the creator. According to the historical records, Sutter fort provided protection to the victims of natural disaster which once rocked the region. The fort was constructed during the earlier years of 1840s to serve as an agricultural “laboratory”. Wide range soils and crops from various parts of California and the Americas were brought here to test for fertility factors. This is said to be one of the reasons for the revolutionary development of agriculture in this region. You can find many monumental remnants from this era here.

Development of cottage industry in Sacramento in the 1840s is said to be the foundation stones of the industrial revolution which rocked the various parts of California in the 19th century. Carpentry and metal works seemed to dominate the occupation of the majority here. The monuments of unique woodwork and metalwork creations found within the fort depict the creative skills of the people.

Crocker Art Museum

If you wish to go to the best of global art monuments, the Crocker art museum is perhaps the right place for you. The concept and construction of this unique build was conceived by Margaret Crocker in the year 1885.

  • Her visionary artistic senses prompted her to import many precious pieces of painting, handmade drawing, natural color prints and other monuments from Europe, Africa and Asia.
  • As you walk through the museum you can experience the effects of creative works done by some of the famous artists during the later years of 19th century.

American River Biking

Going on a great bike your along the American River can be one of the most thrilling experiences for you with your family. The bike trail starts at the river parkway and passes through the Arden Garden connector. You may also choose the other path starting from the Bale’s pint. Similarly you can find many points around the ARBT at old Sacramento.

  • The light trail near old Sacramento is suggested as one of the most convenient places to start your 32 mile biking adventure. This route mostly passes through the urban locations into Folsom. Here you can spend overnight and return.
  • The western trail is said to be more adventurous in nature. The route through the discovery park takes you along the midtown districts.
  • There is one more ARBT biking path which starts at the Jibboom Street. This route is towards the east. It passes through the city park, woodlands north gate of Boulevard and into the northern bike trail. You will come across several industrial areas as you pass through the state highway. After crossing a few miles you need to move towards the south. This is where you come across the Northrup Avenue. Then you can pass through the Golden gate bridge and end up at the riverside. From here you can come back all the way along the same route.

Sacramento Theater

This is said to be one of the great places for entertainment and cultural show. Stages located at midtown offer shows many professional theater artists performing. Midsummer night’s show which is scheduled for May 2017 is said to be one of the biggest events for children.

The theater has conducted many shows since its inception in the year 1942. The Sacramento CMC Theater has organized some of the best shows from the period of Second World War. The revolutionary concepts depicted in the theaters of Sacramento are said to be deeply connected with the changing sociopolitical lives of its people and the leaders. Today the theater offers many modern dance dramas depicting the transition of modern lives through the 21st century. This is said to be one of the most interesting places if you are interested in theatrical arts.



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