Places Must Visit If You Are Visiting The City

San Francisco is an epitome of beauty, an apt portrayal of serenity and a city of excellence in arts and natural endowments. A visit to the charming, attractive and wonderful city will make you appreciate nature in its wholeness. One of the few cities in the world that still retain its naturalness despite the adverse effects of  technological inventions is San Francisco. When you arrive the beautifully structured city, you smell a difference; a sharp deviation from the usual noisy and artificial nature of cities.

In case you are planning to visit San Francisco this summer with your family, we have compiled a list of places of attraction for you. You wouldn’t like to miss any of the places listed in this short but scintillating piece because they are all exceptional places to spend the holidays.

Golden Gate Park

This park is reputed to be one of biggest parks in the universe. Chiefly seated in the western part of San Francisco, Golden Gate Park houses two major national museums. The Park is located on three miles of land where grasses are natural and green—they serve as healing balm for anyone who is in a dire need of serenity.
There are so many attractions in the Park that visitors tend to benefit from. They are the The Young Museum, the California Academy of Sciences, the San Francisco Botanical Gardens and the Korea Children’s Quarter. Nothing enlivens the spirit like practicing sports in a natural environment like Golden Gate Park.

Golden Gate Bridge

If you are not moved by any other reason to visit San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge should bring you to the city. Golden Gate Bridge which was formerly referred to as “the bridge that couldn’t be built” is now one of the seven wonders of our contemporary world!

Golden Gate Bridge was constructed for four years. Although it proved stubborn at first but with renewed and dedicated efforts, Golden Gate Bridge is now the FIRST pride of San Francisco. The popular landmark has a sidewalk bridge which is open for pedestrians to use during the day. Of course, you would like to see a bridge that stretches over 1.7 miles in a single city.

Lombard Street

San Francisco is extremely blessed with so many attractions! Lombard Street is usually referred to as the world’s crookedest’ street due to the many unusual things on the Street. The unique road is located at Russian Hill and has some special attributes that sets it apart from every other road in the world. Some of the features are wonderful gardens and very tight turns. In addition, it allows you have an unhindered view of some other attraction such as the bay, Coit Tower and Alcatraz.

Asian Art Museum

If you want to have a practical experience of the wholeness of Asian arts, all you need to do is to visit this museum in San Francisco. Asian Art Museum is arguably the first complete museum around the world that houses the complete collection of Asian Arts without diluting it. The collections span through six millennial and cover nations like China, India, Philippines and Turkey.

The Asian Art Museum breathes creativity and curiosity into people’s lives. People always wear a curious look whenever they visit the museum due to the unexpected
great collections seen in the place. The Museum aptly portrays the rich culture of the Asian world. To the natives and non-natives, they are forced to start conversations revolving round the collections seen in the museum.

San Francisco Zoo and Gardens

Conspicuously located near the Pacific Ocean, San Francisco Zoo and Gardens firmly sits on a 100-acre land where most of the world animals are preserved. At least, there are 1,000 animals of 250 species, many of which are endangered but rescued and kept in the scenic and peaceful garden.

Apart from the Golden Gate Bridge, another place your children and the whole family are assured of fun is San Francisco Zoo and Gardens. The management of the
Garden has many enjoyable games and engagements for your kids that will keep them glued to the location for as long as 12 hours.

The Garden has successfully ensured the preservation of wildlife and has taken conservation to another commendable level.

Your fun at San Francisco is unlimited with great attractions and wonderful places all over. San Francisco is synonymous to fun and hospitality. You can always
explore but without an end!

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