The Presidio of San Francisco

The Presidio of San Francisco is located between the Pacific Heights, Cow Hollow from the west, the Golden Gate Bridge, Marina district and the bay from the North and Baker Beach-Pacific Ocean from the west. The presidio is an important monument colored with a rich history. The Native Americans called the “Miwok” lived in the future presidio for thousand years.

In 1776, the Spanish founded the presidio as military center by the Spanish. In 1821, the Mexicans took over California after gaining their independence from the declining Spanish empire. The Mexican General M.G Vallejo decided to move their headquarter from San Francisco Presidio to Sonoma. In June 14th, 1846, the American-Californian new army gained control of California peacefully from the Mexicans & raised the California flag for the first time at the former Mexican headquarter, called Sonoma Plaza, in Sonoma county wine country (45 mi nuts from San Francisco presidio).

In 1847 Mexico passed the presidio to the American army as part of a military reduction program. It was in the hand of the American army until 1990s. The Presidio played a Major role in the American-Mexican war, the Korean War, the war in the Philippines, the World War II and much more.

In 1903 President Theodore Roosevelt visited the Presidio and in 1915, The Presidio was Part of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition. Today the Presidio is home on many monuments and landmarks including George Luca’s Studio.

Presidio di San Francisco.

Lombard street is actually the only road that leads to the Golden Gate Bridge Bride as you leave San Francisco driving north via the Golden Gate Bridge. Lombard Street is part of Highway 101 and subject to heavy traffic during the rush hours. However, there is a small section of Lombard Street considered as America’s crookedest street! This particular section of Lombard Street is located between Hyde Street where the cable car runs and the scenic Leavenworth Street that ends down in the fisherman’s wharf!

Lombard Street is a very steep and hilly street with sharp curves to switchback. The street is full of flowers including the famous Hydrangeas flowers. They are gorgeous and start usually blooming by April/May. Also, Lombard is home to interesting houses-the blue house you will see on the left side as you drive or walk down Lombard is a famous one! It was built by the famous architect Julia Morgan WHO was born in San Francisco on January 20, 1872. She also built the famous hearts castle in San Simeon. They both remind us of the Bavarian Architectural style in southern Germany! Learn more about Lombard and see photos of Lombard and videos.

The Presidio Landmark Apartments

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With The Presidio Landmark Apartments, coming home to relax is always welcoming pleasure. After all, the home is filled with all sorts of recreation facilities. Aside from those mentioned earlier, you can also enjoy a nice garden hot tub bath and a fresh brew of coffee everyday while you pay your bills online thru WiFi internet access from the lobby and common areas. And should you wish to partake in organized events and social activities on your times of leisure then all you have to do is approach the 24 hour front desk staff for help.

Furthermore, residing at these San Francisco CA apartments also allows you to shop and dine as well as party the night away at nearby beaches since the rentals are accessible to such venues. The nearest ones you can go to shop are the Fresh and Easy Neighborhood Market, Richmond New May Wah Supermarket, Safeway, and Trader Joe’s. As for the dining part, the closest restaurants are de Young Cafe, Mandalay Restaurant, and Burma Superstar. Also, there are several beaches like Baker Beach and Ocean Beach where you can go to join in parties or just partake in other beach fun activities.

More than ever, coming home to San Francisco CA apartments permits you to see a number of notable landmarks in the area. Among them is the famous Golden Gate Bridge which once belonged to the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, the Coit Tower which is gleaming white tower dedicated to the city’s firefighters, the Palace of Fine Arts built in 1915 and the Alamo Square Park which is home to the famous Painted Ladies or row of Victorian houses.

All these and so much more are in store for renters of San Francisco CA apartments like you. Whether you prefer to just relax at home or go out on adventure, there are a lot of interesting things you can experience just by staying at The Presidio Landmark Apartments.

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