Located in the shadow of Mt. Diablo (Mount Diablo is a mountain of the Diablo Range, in Contra Costa County of the eastern San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California. It is south of Clayton and northeast of Danville. Wikipedia), Walnut Creek is recognized to be the leading commercial and cultural center of Contra Costa Ca. It is considered to be the perfect blend of cosmopolitan and quaint. Featuring scenic vistas and hiking trail, this city is considered to be the paradise for nature lovers. This place has a wide assortment of things to satisfy the palate of the tourists. The silence of this city is going to quench your longing for relaxation and peace. The historical landscape and vibrancy of the artistic atmosphere of this place make the travelers fall in love with the city. Whether you are a usual wanderer, a foodie or an art enthusiast, this city is sure to mesmerize you.

Here are the top things to do during your visit to Walnut

Plan A Trek Through Bay Area Hiking Trails

The 16 outdoor parks and trails present in Walnut Creek Ca is your escape into nature. The diverse wildlife of each and every park, the out of the ordinary panorama of the mountainous terrains, the clear horizons are going to amaze you. It is the dream place of the nature lovers. The breathtaking sceneries, the picnic areas, hiking trails and the parks will ensure that your visit to the place will be in the outdoor space. They are the ideal options for unwinding and relaxing. In addition to hiking, you can also go for horse riding along with the biking trails, and other secluded areas of the park.

Enjoy The Serene Beauty Of Ruth Bancroft Gardens

The Ruth Bancroft Gardens are considered to be the perfect instance of nature integrating with art. The 2.5 acres of land is the plant gallery of the sorts and comprises of an exotic array of succulents, cacti and other xerophytic plant life. The garden has almost 2,000 species of plant life which originates from Africa, Mexico, California, Australia. You can also take part in workshops and author events. These gardens showcase the harmony of the city between art and nature.

Witness Culture At Lesher Center For The Arts

Witness Culture At Lesher Center For The Arts

Walnut Creek has earned a high reputation for its perfect charming blend of art and nature. The Lesher Center for the Arts hosts more than 350,000 guests every year. Featuring a plethora of dining options, 3,500 sq. ft gallery, three separate theaters, this place happens to be the dream of every art aficionado.

Shopping At Broadway Plaza

Shopping At Broadway Plaza

Broadway Plaza is known as the best ever shopping center in the East Bay area in San Francisco. It is recognized to be the perfect destination for those travelers who love shopping for nifty items. Featuring a wide array of classic retail stores, 200 boutiques, it is considered to be the perfect place for shopaholics. In addition to shopping, this area is known for hosting several events. If you are willing to taste the urban scene in the city of Walnut Creek, you should give a consideration to visiting Broadway Plaza.

Uncovering History At Shadelands Ranch Museum

Take a day trip to the Shadelands Ranch Museum in order to witness the history of the city of Walnut Creek. Featuring the exhibition of a bunch of historical artifacts from the owners of the 17th century of the Shadelands house, preserved antique documents, this is a perfect place who are willing to conduct an extensive research of the history of the city. You can also have a look at the local archives in this museum. If you are willing to spend a quiet day indoors, this place is an ideal option.

Go For Dining Like The Royalty Downtown

Go for dining in the extravagance of the downtown area of the city for seeking contrast in the quiet and stillness of the city of Walnut Creek. Relish in the global cuisine from almost 12 different countries in the more urbanized part of the city. If you want to rejoice in traditional Korean bibimbap or barbeque, go to Mixed Grain. Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse stands second to none in satisfying the cravings for steak. In order to spend your evening in boozing, try Wine Bar. Those who want to enjoy the nightlife can go to Tiki Tom’s Hukilounge where they can indulge in mixed drinks and live music in the beachy ambiance. Downtown contributes to being the ideal place to sit down with an eye to enjoying a meal.

Go To Canvas And Cabernet

If you are looking forward to doing something unique with your friends, you can enjoy some wine at the Canvas and Cabernet. You will be capable of unleashing the inner artistic genius here. You are going to have an unforgettable time in Canvas and Cabernet as you will be able to gain knowledge on the basic acrylic painting techniques while consuming beer or wine.

Sweet Affair Bakery

People with a sweet tooth can take delight in the sweet items at Sweet Affair Bakery. This local bakery bestows fresh baked goods on a daily basis. The pastries and bread are the number one choice of foodies. You can also taste the salads, soups and the wide variety of sandwiches found here. You will even love the ambiance of this local bakery. Travelers love the old-time feel, friendly service and vintage decorations of the bakery.

Do Not Forget To Visit Lindsay Wildlife Museum

The Lindsay Wildlife Museum happens to be another extension of the eco-centric pursuit of the Walnut Creek. It is known to be the environmental education center and a natural history museum which makes the visitors realize the importance of respecting nature. It has an exhibit hall where scheduled performances occur on a daily basis from Wednesday to Sunday. It is known to be the perfect destination for travelers who are willing to experience wildlife in a perfect manner.

The charm and beauty of the city lie primarily in its integration of the urban scene along with the refreshing natural undertone. You are going to find best of both worlds in the city- the soothing calmness and peace of countryside as well as busting chaos of a city. You can participate in several outdoor activities and have an amazing dining experience that makes your visit to the city a memorable one.

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