The Honda Transponder Key MLBHLIK6-1T is a crucial component for starting Honda vehicles manufactured after 2012. This transponder chip-coded key necessitates programming or coding for proper functionality. Concealed beneath a plastic cover, the chip is located at the top of the key.

The key, also referred to as OE: 35118-TGG-A00 and FCC: MLBHLIK6-1T, can be obtained through various means, such as contacting an automotive locksmith or visiting a dealership. It is important to note that hardware stores do not stock the specialized equipment required for transponder key programming.

Regardless of whether it is a new key or a duplicate, programming the key to the car’s computer is imperative for it to start. The cost of a replacement key can vary significantly, ranging from $170 at the dealership to approximately $240 for an automotive locksmith.

Additionally, it is possible to obtain a duplicate key through the process of programming an additional key or cloning a new one, with the latter requiring a functioning key and the use of a specialized device employed by locksmiths.

Key Features of Honda Transponder Key MLBHLIK6-1T

One of the key features of the Honda transponder key MLBHLIK6-1T is that it requires programming to the car’s computer in order to start the vehicle. This programming is necessary for the key’s functionality and ensures that only authorized keys can be used to start the car.

The key contains a transponder chip that communicates with the car’s computer system, providing a unique code that allows the car to recognize and authorize the key. The chip is securely embedded within the key and is not visible without disassembling the plastic cover. This feature enhances the security of the key and prevents unauthorized access to the vehicle.

Additionally, the programming process must be performed by a professional locksmith or dealer using specialized equipment to ensure proper functionality and compatibility with the car’s computer system.

Compatible Vehicle Models Include:

2015-2016 Honda CR-V LX

2016 Honda CR-V SE

2016 Honda HR-V LX

Where to Get a Replacement MLBHLIK6-1T Key

Honda automotive locksmiths and dealerships are viable options for obtaining a replacement MLBHLIK6-1T key. Another option is to order a key blank online and have a locksmith cut and program it for you. However, there are pros and cons to ordering a key blank online.

One advantage is that it may be a cheaper option compared to going to a dealership. Additionally, it can be more convenient as you can order the key from the comfort of your home. However, there are disadvantages as well. Online key blanks may not always be of high quality, leading to potential issues with durability and functionality. Moreover, programming the key may require specialized equipment and technical knowledge, which may not be easily accessible if you choose to go the online route.

It is important to weigh these factors before deciding on the best option for obtaining a replacement MLBHLIK6-1T key.

When it comes to programming a new key versus duplicating an existing MLBHLIK6-1T key, there are some key differences to consider. Programming a new key involves coding it to the car’s computer system, ensuring that it can start the vehicle. This process requires specialized equipment and technical expertise, typically provided by an automotive locksmith or dealership.

On the other hand, duplicating an existing key involves creating an additional key that can start the car. This can be done by either programming an additional key when the car is present or cloning a new key using a working key and a specialized device. It is important to note that not all car keys can be cloned, so it is advisable to verify with the dealer or locksmith before proceeding with the duplication process.

Programming and Cost Considerations for MLBHLIK6-1T Key

Programming the MLBHLIK6-1T replacement key requires specialized equipment and technical knowledge, making it necessary to seek the assistance of a locksmith or dealership.

Here are some common programming issues with the MLBHLIK6-1T key and alternatives to dealership programming:

  1. Common programming issues with MLBHLIK6-1T key:
    • Incorrect key programming: If the key is not programmed correctly, it will not start the vehicle.
    • Transponder chip malfunction: If the transponder chip inside the key is damaged or not functioning properly, it will affect the key’s programming.
    • Communication errors: Sometimes, there can be communication errors between the programming device and the car’s computer, resulting in unsuccessful programming.
  2. Alternatives to dealership programming for MLBHLIK6-1T key:
    • Automotive locksmiths: Locksmiths with the necessary equipment and expertise can program the key for you, often at a lower cost compared to dealerships.
    • Mobile programming services: Some locksmiths offer mobile programming services, where they come to your location to program the key.
    • Online programming services: There are online services available where you can send your key to be programmed and returned to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Program a MLBHLIK6-1T Key?

The average cost for programming a MLBHLIK6-1T key varies depending on the service provider and location. Common issues during programming may include compatibility errors, incorrect programming procedures, or faulty equipment. Troubleshooting tips can be obtained from locksmiths or dealers.

Can I Program a MLBHLIK6-1T Key Myself or Do I Need a Professional?

Pros and cons of DIY key programming for the MLBHLIK6-1T key: Pros include cost savings and convenience. Cons include the need for specialized equipment and the risk of programming errors. Common mistakes to avoid when programming the MLBHLIK6-1T key at home include incorrect programming sequences and failure to properly reset the immobilizer system.

Is It Possible to Program a MLBHLIK6-1T Key Without the Original Working Key?

Programming the MLBHLIK6-1T key without the original working key is not possible. A professional locksmith or dealer equipped with the necessary coding/programming equipment is required. The time needed for programming may vary.

Can I Use a MLBHLIK6-1T Key on Multiple Honda Vehicles?

The use of the MLBHLIK6-1T key on multiple Honda vehicles depends on the compatibility of the transponder key with the specific vehicle’s programming system. Aftermarket transponder keys may have pros and cons in terms of compatibility and functionality.

Are There Any Alternative Options for Programming a MLBHLIK6-1T Key Other Than Going to a Dealer or Locksmith?

Alternative options for programming an MLBHLIK6-1T key, apart from dealer or locksmith services, are limited due to the specialized equipment and knowledge required. Therefore, seeking professional assistance remains the most viable option for successful programming and troubleshooting.