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Lock Replacement Tips

  • It is very important to choose right locks for your new doors so you should spend some time and efforts on consulting the professional locksmiths and research.

  • People usually use Grade 1 locks as per the standards of the American National Standards Institute or ANSI as it ensures the strength and quality of the locks selected by you.

  • The grade 1 deadbolt locks are considered the best for door locks as they can provide security up to 10 strikes as well as 250,000 cycles whereas doorknob locks can withstand 6 strikes with 360 pounds as test weight and 800,000 cycles.

  • So Grade 1 locks are recommended for their longer lifespan and resistance power against intruders.

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Tips to Installing new fresh locks

First of all you should choose a right lock for your door before starting to install one. Tips provided here under can help you in choosing a right door lock.

Tip to choose the right locks for your door:

  • Homeowner should focus on choosing the best locks to ensure comfort and security for long time.

  • Though basic feature of all the door locks are the same however the materials used n its bolt and the door can help in determining strength of the lock. Latch bolts and deadlocks are the two types of locks usually recommended for exterior doors.

  • Deadbolt locks are neither beveled nor spring loaded but they are simply bolts. The homeowner will extend or retract a deadbolt manually either by using thumb-turn or a key.

  • Latch bolts are beveled as well as spring loaded bolts which can be operated with a handle to extend and retract is permanently extended bolt.

  • The latch bolts can be extended into the strike plate whereas deadbolt can be extended only up to the strike plate. If the deadbolt can be extended into the strike plate then it can increase the resistance power of the door lock.

  • Moreover, homeowners should focus on buying the locks that can provide them complete control on its keys and enable them to track the possessors of its keys as it can help in reducing the risk of various types of burglaries.

  • Some additional features in your door lock like high security grade reinforced strike plate etc. can increase the security of your home, if it is set deeply in the wall or frame of the door.

  • Additionally, the throw of the deadbolt should be effective or its bolt should be adequately long to ensure the security of your home as they can make difficult to trespass the door.

  • Well crafted locks like with saw resistant bolt or ant-drill locks etc. can also provide better security of your home from criminals and burglars.

  • The bolts resistant to saw include anti-saw pins to prevent its cutting with any saw blade. The cases of these locks are made from hardened steel to protect them from getting damaged from drilling.

  • So, while choosing right locks for your home you should also focus on their features to ensure better security of your home.

Steps of Installation of a new door lock

Once you have selected right locks for your new doors you can start the process of installing them with the help of a professional locksmith service by drilling of holes properly according to the lock, if they are not drilled already.

Latch Bolt Locks:

  • While installing latch lock you should first of all mark the position of the handle and lock on the door to drill holes at right spots.

  • Now mark the length of the backseat of the lock on the door to drill the holes accordingly.

  • Now you have to chisel out the shape of your lock properly into the door where the backseat of the lock has to be fixed.

  • Now you will have to drill holes to set up the knobs or levers of the lock, depending up on the type of your lock, on both sides of the door.

  • Now you can screw the internal and external parts of the lock into the door after drilling holes and passing the spindle through the lock, to complete one part of latch lock installation. Next strike of the lock has to be fixed.

  • You will have to measure the throw of the bolt and drill a hole accordingly into the frame of the door so that the latch of the lock can rest into it when the door is closed.

Deadbolt Locks:

  • Deadlocks can be installed easily to increase the security of the door, whether the latch lock is installed or not. This process needs hole saw, according to the size of the lock, to make holes for the proper installation of the lock.

  • You should mark the points as per the size of your lock to ensure proper drilling of the holes. You can use drill to extract sawed out part of the door easily, without damaging the door.

  • Now a spade can be used to drill hole through the edge of the door. All the holes should be cleaned by using a chisel so that lock can be installed properly and perfectly. Proper extension and retraction of the bolt should also be ensured before installing the lock.

  • Now fix the strike on the frame of the door by drilling holes according to the length of the throw of the deadbolt.

  • Now setting of the lock can be started into the door, after fixing the strike.

  • All the internal elements of the lock should be parallel to each other to ensure proper working of the lock.

  • The installation of new lock is complete.

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New Locks Installation FAQ’s

The installation of new lock cannot damage your door if it is performed by a professional locksmith. Our professional residential locksmith drill holes in your door to ensure the proper installation of new locks without damaging your door.

The time taken inn installing a lock depends on various factors including materials of the door – wood or steel. Drilling holes for installation can also consume some time unless they are already done. The type of locks to be installed can also affect the time taken in this process.

One has to go through the process of new lock installation to ensure the security of his valuable investment in the form of a home.

By choosing a right lock with the help of a professional locksmith can help in improving the security of your home more properly.