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Broken Car Key Extraction Service

It can be stressful when your car key breaks and you are out of options on what to do. It is normal to have your car keys broken. Keys break due to a number of reasons. The most common reason is due to stressful environments caused by wear and tear and thus makes you apply excessive force.

To avoid this, car owners are advised to have a close monitoring of their car keys and discontinue its use when they learn that it has cracks and its near to break. Another way to overcome this condition, is to have a trusted car key locksmith who can work on your lock system without causing further damage.

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Broken key extraction

It is significant to extract the broken key from your lock immediately for a number of reasons. Firstly, having a broken key within a lock can lead to damage of the internal components of the lock, especially when you try to carry out broken key extraction with improper tools. In case of damage to lock, this becomes an additional expense.

In case you break the key while the door is already open, you will not be able to lock the door and hence insecurity. Therefore, it becomes important to have the broken key extraction done immediately. Call a locksmith as soon as possible.

Preventive Measures to avoid key breaking in ignition

However, it is important that homeowners take preventive measures to avoid broken key cases. One of the measures is to regularly lubricate the lock. This ensures that the key moves smoothly within the lock and minimizes instances of broken keys. Also, homeowners should have spare keys in hand. This will assist to avoid overuse of one key. Also, if you notice that your key has slight damage, halt using it and change to the spare key.

How does a locksmith extract a broken key from the ignition?

The first step locksmiths do when your car keys break off within the lock is to flash the point where the shaft of the keys meets the key head.

They apply the use of broken key extractor tool or the broken key extraction kit for car key extraction.

The broken key extraction from ignition kit is usually inserted into the lock to capture the broken key and slide it out.

Before this process is began, they usually lubricate the lock first to ensure that the broken piece can make its way out easily.

Lubricating is important since it ensure that there are no additional damages to occur.

They also assess where the broken key is so that they can remove the pieces fast and easily.

If the key is broken in the ignition, do I have to replace the ignition?

In case your key breaks off in the ignition place, you do not have to replace the entire ignition cylinder but you only have to look for professional car key extraction from local locksmith.

As they replace they look at a number of factors. First it depends on how the broken pieces are within the lock cylinder.

If the key piece is close enough, a locksmith will assist you to remove them from the ignition without the necessity of replacement of the entire cylinder.

However, if they learn that a lot of force was applied, they will have to replace the entire ignition cylinder.

If the key is broken in the car door lock, will I have to replace the lock on my car door?

Locksmith do not have to replace the entire door lock system in case the key breaks within it.

The door lock system can only be replaced if the door is totally damaged.

Local locksmiths are well trained and they can carry out key car extraction services without posing any danger to your car lock system.

How long does it take for a car key extraction?

When you hear about car key extraction, you might think it is sophisticated.

That’s not the case since it should only take between 20-30 minutes for a well trained professional locksmith.

However, time depends on the area of break-in i.e. Ignition or at the door lock.

The first step of the locksmith is to assess how the damage is and then proceed with the extraction process.

If my car key broke in ignition or door lock, Will I need a spare key?

After the extraction process, you will of course need another key since you cannot ignite with two broken pieces.

Locksmith provide car replacement key. You do not have to move to other services since you get them under one roof. In addition, the spare keys come in handy.

Can I start my car with a broken piece in the ignition?

Once you realize that you key is broken inside the lock, it is important that you halt attempting to unlock it.

This results in you pushing the broken piece of the key further inside the lock mechanism and makes it even harder to extract it.

Immediately you realize that your key has broken inside the lock mechanism, contact a professional locksmith who has experience with this problem.

Ensure you don’t insert foreign objects inside the lock mechanism in an attempt to extract the pieces. This could cause more harm to a situation that needs a simple solution.

How does car key break in the ignition?

There are many causes of broken keys. But most people can establish the cause to be the extreme force by the users. Still, not all keys can break due to a lot of force by the users. In the end, all keys begin to wear out. However, depending on your key type, your key might be more susceptible to breaking than others.

In the case your key has many deep cuts on its surface, then it is more prone to breaking than keys that possess fewer deep cuts. These grooves and cuts constitute weak points along the key. When the key is used for a long time extensively, these grooves or cuts will either break or crack, cause damage to your key.

In other instances, the key’s material plays a major role in the key’s resistance to damage and the key’s lifespan. This is normally so with temporary keys made of materials such as aluminum. These keys are susceptible to damage along the grooves as compared to permanent keys. Other times, the key could be made of a robust material but the keys face a great amount of pressure daily which leads to cosmetic damage and decline in their physical strength.

Moreover, the key could break as a result of internal wear and tear of the lock mechanism. Despite the cause of the broken key, it is advisable to contact a professional locksmith to handle the broken key extraction before causing any more harm to your lock.

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