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Lock Rekey Service By Low Rate Locksmith- Change The Key Without Changing The Lock

Life’s secrets are best kept safe, and a reliable lock is the key to ensuring your security. For those looking for an easy way to ensure their safety, Low Rate Locksmith offers a comprehensive lock rekey service that can be accessed from anywhere in the country. This service provides peace of mind to homeowners and business owners alike, allowing them to feel secure in their space with ease.

Low Rate Locksmith understands how important security is for every person and business owner. With efficient technicians available nationwide, they offer round-the-clock services as well as emergency locksmithing solutions whenever required. Their commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures that customers get premium products without breaking the bank – making them the ideal choice for anyone needing expertly crafted, durable locks around their homes or businesses.

What Is Lock Rekeying?

Have you ever wondered what lock rekeying is? Rekeying locks is a process that involves changing the pins and springs in a lock so it works with new keys. It’s an essential service for anyone who wants to ensure their security, as well as for landlords or businesses that want to change tenant access control quickly and efficiently.

The advantages of lock rekeying are clear – it allows property owners to retain the same locking hardware while simply replacing the key used to open it. This can be done without removing or replacing any existing hardware, making it cost-effective solution when compared to buying entirely new locksets. Furthermore, the process ensures that all your existing locks work off one master key; this helps reduce confusion and makes managing multiple doors much easier.

Lock rekey services by low rate locksmiths provide customers with peace of mind knowing they’re getting access control solutions tailored specifically to their needs. From residential properties to commercial spaces, these professionals can offer nationwide services and expert advice on how best to secure each individual space. In addition, they guarantee dependable customer support ensuring customers get reliable help whenever needed.

Benefits Of Lock Rekeying

Lock rekeying has become an increasingly popular security measure in recent years, as it provides homeowners and businesses with a cost-effective way to increase the safety of their property. Moreover, there are many benefits associated with this service that make it worthwhile for anyone looking to upgrade or replace locks. By utilizing rhetorical emphasis on the phrase “cost-effective”, one can easily see why lock rekeying is such a desirable option for protecting possessions from potential burglars and intruders.

Rekeying locks requires minimal effort and resources compared to changing them altogether, thus making it much more economical than purchasing new hardware. Additionally, rather than replacing all existing door knobs and deadbolts with newer models, users can simply have their current units rekeyed by a low rate locksmith. This allows individuals to keep the same style of lock while still maintaining optimal levels of protection against unauthorized access. Furthermore, since no parts need to be replaced during the process, customers also save money they would otherwise spend on costly replacements or installations.

Thanks to its various advantages over traditional lock replacement methods, lock rekeying offers significant savings in both time and money which makes it attractive for countless households and businesses seeking increased security measures at affordable prices. With so much value available at low rates through reputable nationwide services like those offered by low rate locksmiths, consumers should consider investing in this service if they wish to ensure their property remains safe from unwanted visitors.

Reasons To Rekey Your Locks

Rekeying locks can be a cost-effective way to secure your property. By rekeying the existing locks, you can ensure that only those who have been given new keys will have access to certain areas or rooms. This is especially important if there has been an incident where keys may have been compromised and unauthorized individuals could potentially gain entry.

For those looking for peace of mind, rekeying their locks offers them security without having to go through the expense and hassle of replacing all the hardware. When it comes to residential properties, this process is often seen as more convenient than installing entirely new locking mechanisms due to its lower cost and minimal disruption. In commercial settings, on the other hand, rekeying locks is also beneficial since it allows businesses to easily change personnel access permissions with greater ease by simply providing new key cards or codes rather than changing out entire door systems when necessary.

In addition to being a practical solution, lock rekeying services available from low rate locksmiths are a reliable choice for keeping your property safe and secure. Their technicians are certified in their field and understand how best to handle these tasks quickly and efficiently so that you won’t be left waiting too long before enjoying the results. Whether you’re trying to protect yourself against potential intruders or just want some extra assurance while away on vacation, taking advantage of this service is sure to give you added peace of mind knowing that your home or business remains protected at all times.

Cost Of Lock Rekeying

The cost of lock rekeying may come as a surprise to some, while others may find it an expected expense. In today’s world, security is paramount; and in order to ensure the safety of our homes and businesses, rekeying locks has become commonplace for many individuals. With this in mind, one must consider how much does it cost to get locks rekeyed?

Fortunately, there are several reasonable options available when looking for a local locksmith near me that can provide professional services at affordable rates. The price of having newly installed or existing locks professionally rekeyed by an experienced technician will usually depend on factors such as complexity of the job and number of doors needing service. Moreover, most reputable companies offer discounted prices when multiple door locks need to be serviced simultaneously.

By taking advantage of these types of discounts, you can rest assured knowing your home or business remains secure without breaking the bank! Furthermore, depending upon each individual situation – emergency lockout services might also be available at reduced costs compared to regular pricing. So if you’re looking for quality service from a reliable source with competitive rates – make sure to shop around before making any decisions about who should take care of your lock rekey needs.

Advantages Of Professional Lock Rekeying Locksmith Service

The professional lock rekeying services of a locksmith provide many advantages that can make life easier. Rekeying is an effective way to increase the security on any property, and it requires specialized tools and knowledge which makes it ideal for those who are not familiar with locking mechanisms. It also allows you to keep your existing hardware intact, while still ensuring greater safety.

Rekey service by low rate locksmiths offer numerous benefits including cost savings compared to installing new locks or buying replacement keys. Furthermore, they provide nationwide coverage so no matter where you may be located, you will have access to this important service whenever needed. Additionally, modern technology has enabled the use of advanced techniques such as remote key programming which make these services even more efficient and convenient. Finally, rekeying can help reduce the risk of burglary since intruders often copy keys from previous tenants or owners in order to gain entry into a property.

Overall, using a professional locksmith for lock rekeying offers a number of distinct advantages for homeowners and businesses alike. From reduced costs and increased security to convenience and added protection against burglars, there is much to gain from taking advantage of this valuable service.

Questions To Ask

Rekeying locks is an important service that should be performed by a professional locksmith. Rekeyed locks can provide added security and protection against intruders, but it is also important to ensure the quality of the work being done. When searching for a rekey locksmith, there are several questions you should consider asking in order to make sure your needs will be met.

First and foremost, you should inquire about their experience with this type of job. Ask if they have any certifications or qualifications related to lock rekeying services, as well as how long they have been providing these services. It’s also wise to ask them what types of locks they typically use when performing such tasks – some may specialize in specific brands or models while others may not. Additionally, find out if the rekey locksmith offers any warranties on their workmanship or parts used so you can rest assured knowing you are getting quality results from a reliable source. Finally, ask about their rates for the service; some companies offer competitive prices with discounts available for larger orders or multiple jobs completed at once. By understanding all of these details before hiring someone to perform a lock rekeying service, you can help ensure that your property remains secure and protected.

Low Rate Locksmith Nationwide Lock Rekeying Service

Rekeying locks is an important service for many people, especially those who may have recently moved into a new home or business. It can be both time-consuming and costly to replace all the locks in your residence or commercial building. Fortunately, there are now lock rekey services available from low rate locksmiths nationwide that can help make this process easier and more cost-effective.

When looking for a reliable and affordable option for your lock rekeying needs, it is essential to seek out specialists with experience in providing quality workmanship at competitive prices. By researching different companies offering these services near you, such as ‘rekey locksmith near me’ or ‘rekey service near me’, you will be able to find the right fit for your specific requirements. Many of these professionals offer discounts on their services too, so it pays to shop around before settling on one particular provider.

Using a qualified professional to carry out your lock rekeying job means you can rest assured knowing that experienced hands will ensure everything goes smoothly and securely every step of the way – from initial consultation through to installation and maintenance. Your peace of mind is guaranteed when choosing a low-rate locksmith nationwide lock rekeying service provider – after all, they know exactly how valuable security is when it comes to protecting what matters most!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Lock Rekeying Secure?

Lock rekeying is a cost-effective solution that many homeowners and business owners may consider when they need to update their security measures. It involves changing the inner components of existing locks without completely replacing them. But, one important question remains: is lock rekeying secure?

To answer this, it’s useful to look at an example. Let’s say that you just moved into a new home or office space, but don’t know who had copies made of the keys. In such situations, lock rekeying can be an effective option since any previous key will no longer work with your new locks. By opting for professional locksmith services from reliable companies like Low Rate Locksmith, you can get your lock rekeyed quickly and safely.

Professional locksmiths use high-quality tools and techniques to remove pins in the interior part of the lock cylinder and replace them with pins specific to newly cut keys – making it virtually impossible for anyone with old copies of the key to access your property again. Combined with other security features like deadbolts, door viewers and window alarms, lock rekeying provides added layers of protection against intruders.

How Often Should Locks Be Rekeyed?

Rekeying locks is like opening a door to security. How often these locks should be rekeyed depends on the individual’s needs and situation. Every homeowner or business has unique requirements, which can vary from once in four years for low-risk locations to more frequent intervals for high-risk areas.

In general, most people choose to have their keys changed when they move into a new home or after someone moves out. It is also recommended that businesses rekey their locks every two years due to employee turnover or if a key is lost. In addition, it may be necessary for landlords who manage multiple properties to rekey all of their rental units at least twice per year.

Rekeying locks provides an extra layer of protection, allowing individuals and businesses to maintain peace of mind knowing that only authorized personnel have access to certain areas. By regularly assessing risk factors, evaluating any changes in occupancy status, and scheduling regular lock rekeying services with a professional locksmith, homeowners and businesses alike can enjoy secure living and working environments.

How Long Does The Rekeying Process Take?

The rekeying process is an integral part of security, but how long does the process take? A locksmith’s services provide a necessary layer of safety and protection to homes, businesses, and other establishments. The answer to this important question depends on various factors such as the type of lock being serviced, the number of locks needing service, and any additional special requirements.

When it comes to rekeying a lock, there are several steps that must be completed in order for the new key to work properly. First, the old pins must be removed from the cylinder in order for it to accept a new set of pins. Next, the new pins have to be installed into the cylinder with precision before they can function correctly. Last but not least, if applicable, keys need to be cut and tested prior to installation in order for them to fit securely in their designated slots. While some jobs may only require minimal effort from a professional locksmith or experienced DIYer alike, more complicated tasks could take up several hours due to varying levels of complexity involved. Therefore, when considering having your locks rekeyed by a low rate locksmith nationwide service provider like us at XYZ Locksmiths Inc., customers should expect a range somewhere between 30 minutes – 8 hours depending on what needs done.

Is Lock Rekeying More Cost Effective Than Replacing Locks?

Rekeying locks is a process that has been around for centuries, and it can be more cost effective than replacing the lock entirely. But how does this compare to replacement? This article will explore the pros and cons of rekeying versus replacing locks.

When considering cost effectiveness, there are several factors to keep in mind. Firstly, the cost of materials and labor involved with rekeying should be taken into account. If the existing door hardware is still functioning properly, then rekeying may be the best option as there is no need to replace parts or invest in new tools. Additionally, if multiple doors require rekeying simultaneously, then this could result in significant savings over individual replacements.

On the other hand, when working with older or damaged locks, complete replacement might be necessary as they cannot simply be adjusted without risking further damage or security issues. In instances such as these, costs associated with purchasing additional materials and paying expert technicians must also be considered. Therefore, when deciding between repair and replacement one must evaluate their situation carefully before making a decision on which route is most beneficial for them financially.

Can I Rekey My Own Locks?

Rekeying locks is a cost-effective way to ensure security of the home and property. However, many people may feel intimidated by the idea of rekeying their own locks and instead opt for professional assistance. So, can you rekey your own locks?

To answer this question requires an understanding of how lock rekeying works. Essentially, it involves replacing the pins in the cylinder with different ones that correspond to a new key. This process allows one key to open multiple doors or locks at once; however, it also requires knowledge and experience to do correctly. If done incorrectly, there could be security risks associated with using these keys as they would not properly fit into the cylinders after being rekeyed.

Therefore, while theoretically possible for someone to attempt rekeying their own locks without any prior experience or expertise, it is advisable to seek professional help from experienced low rate locksmiths who offer nationwide service. This ensures proper installation of replacement pins in order to guarantee maximum security levels and peace of mind when dealing with sensitive matters such as access control systems and private spaces. Ultimately, hiring a reliable expert provides an assurance that all safety protocols are followed during the entire process which cannot always be guaranteed if attempted by oneself.


The rekeying of locks is a secure and cost effective way to protect the safety of one’s home or business. By having locks rekeyed, a homeowner or business owner can be certain that old keys will no longer work on their doors, providing peace of mind in knowing that unwanted intruders do not have access to their property. Rekeying should occur regularly to ensure maximum security; depending on how often properties are accessed, this could range from every few months to once a year. The process itself generally takes around 30 minutes and requires specialized tools which many homeowners may not possess. Professional lock technicians offer an efficient service at low rates and can provide advice regarding the best type of solution for specific needs.

In conclusion, lock rekeying is an important part of residential and commercial security measures. It ensures that only those with permission have access while securely protecting against unauthorized entry. An experienced professional offers reliable services quickly and efficiently at competitive prices, making it more cost-effective than replacing existing locks altogether. Homeowners who understand the importance of security need only contact a qualified technician for assistance in keeping loved ones safe from harm’s way.

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  • Master key systems have different levels of access. This depends on the key one has.

  • A professional locksmith helps with this and can fix it for you very easily. This is why you should leave it

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How do you re-key a lock?

Step 1

Taking the lock off of the door is the act that takes longer because of the difference in the locks so some are faster than others. This is why if you have a deadbolt lock it could be easier to remove it and to replace or re-install it.
This is because you just need to unscrew it from the door and separate the sides. You then take off the screws attached to the bolts on the door. Doorknob locks are harder to re-key.

Step 2

To re-key such locks you need to use a spanner and a catching tool to remove the lock. The catching tool is to help pry the knob off the door. Before this is done you need to to make sure they are not held down by any screws.
Ensure the screws are off and then pry the knob off the lock, you do this until the hole in the knob is visible by rotating it. Insert the tool into the hole in the knob. This causes the knob to pop loose and making it easy to remove it. After this, the locksmith uses the spanner to take off the shank enabling you to access the cylinder of the lock.

Step 3

On gaining access to the cylinder the locksmith removes the ring of the cylinder retainer and keeps it safe. Insert the key currently in use and turn it ninety degrees so that it opens and slides off the plug.

Step 4

A key decoder is then used to find the pin easily to helps choose the right pin to insert in the plug.
It acts as a chart that helps the locksmith find the appropriate size for the new key-pins thus re-keying the lock. You need to measure the grooves of the new key by inserting the new key into the decoder.

Step 5

When you are done measuring then gather the necessary pins for the new key and fit them into the plug. Verifying the pins is simple since if they are not the right size they are flushed against the cylinder. On verifying the right pins are used, they are inserted into the bible.
This is to be done with extreme caution with gentle pressure being applied to ensure the plug is inserted while the follower is being removed from the cylinder. It is done at 90 degrees just like while removing it. After re-installing the plug the retainer ring is reattached then the lock is put back together as good as if it were new.

Inside a Kwikset/Society Brass Collection Re keying Kit are the different bottom pin sizes you need to re-key a lock, a Key Gauge for reading the cuts on a key, a Cylinder Removing Tool (affectionately known as a “pickle fork”), and a plug follower. This is a very simple device which keeps lock parts from scattering across the room when you remove the plug (which houses the pins, and into which the key fits) from the cylinder. There are also extra top pins, springs and other parts in the kit, but you do not need to be concerned with those now.

How to Gauge a Kwikset Key?

Before you can rekey a lock, you have to know what pins to use. For obvious security reasons, Kwikset doesn’t print key-cut combinations on the packaging. We use this Key Gauge to find the key-cut combinations. Before disassembling the lock, measure the cuts and write
down the numbers.

Hold the NEW key (the one with which you want this lock to be keyed alike) and slide it into the gauge. ALWAYS gauge a key from the bow
(the bow being the part you hold in your fingers) end out. To measure, position the flat portion of the first cut even with the “0” position of the gauge, slide the key toward the narrowing end of the gauge until the key stops at the correct “step”. This will always be between two numbers and the cut number is the one to the RIGHT of the key. Here it is a 3

Position the next cut and move the key down the gauge until it stops. The second cut of this key is a 2. You can slide the gauge or the key, the result is the same. The first cut comes after the shoulder next to the bow.

Do the same for the third cut which is a 4. Remember, always read the number to the right of the key. Also, remember to read the cuts from the bow of the key out (the bow being the part you hold with your fingers).

It’s also a good idea to double-check that you are reading the correct cut each time. In this case, cut number four is a 6.

Finally, the last cut: a 2. So we have a key with a cut combination of 3-2-4-6-2 (if this is a UltraMax Security key, there will be six cuts to gauge). Of course, you’ve written that down as you went along.
When the time comes, you’ll know exactly which pins to select.

Locate the special “control key” which is cut specifically for the combination of your lock, but with a notch on the bottom of the key blade.
NOTE: If not available, cut a blank “control key” to match
existing key.

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Rekey Locks FAQ’s

This depends on the type of lock to be re-keyed. With the aid of an experienced locksmith, it can take an average of just a few minutes. Getting that lockout of the door so as to change the cylinder is the only thing that takes up more time than the rest of the process. This is because all the locks are unique. The locksmith can estimate the time they will take on examining the lock.

It can be very easy for an experienced locksmith especially if one happens to be aware of how the system of the lock works. However, if you make a mistake the lock can end up being destroyed and this could lead to more loss of the money you were trying to save.
This is why we provide locksmiths available to the general public at Low Rate Locksmith who will do it for you without destroying the locks.

Rekeying your locks provides your home with a renewed sense of security, without compromising on costs or even on the sense of normalcy you have become accustomed to. It utilizes the old locks you already have in place, with no need for significant hardware replacement.

As stated earlier when residential  homeowners rekey locks, it gives them the sole key control to their property, and this in turn increases the security of their home.

In most cases locks and keys can be retrofitted instead of having homeowners go out and replace the locks for their doors. Rekeying a lock basically comes down to changing the key pins within the lock mechanism so that it can work with a completely new key.

Unless the cylinder itself is damaged, or if another internal component is damaged, then homeowners should be able to rekey locks.