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Low Rate Locksmith offers residential locks replacement on doors along with commercial locks replacement as part of our 24/7 mobile locksmith service in the nation!

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Lock Replacement Tips

  • Before replacing a lock you should ensure that it is working properly to provide the best security to your family.

  • Instead of stressing yourself you should call a professional residential locksmith to assess the working of your locks, if you are experiencing some problem in operating them.

  • Homeowners should keep maintenance and care of doors and their locks at priority. But most of them usually decide to repair or replace their locks when they start effecting the security of their home.

  • People replace their locks due to various reasons like rusting or worn out door locks. Early replacement of damaging locks can reduce the risk to the security of your home.

  • The worn out locks can increase the risk of robbery and break in by not working properly when required. So you should get your locks rekeyed, repaired or replaced instantly to avoid any problem in near future.

The recent incident of robbery or break in can be another reason of replacing locks. It can be either due to vulnerability of your locks to stop the burglars or they can be opened forcefully to get into your home. The application of excessive force can damage the lock by affecting its locking mechanism. So, damaged locks should be replaced immediately.

You should replace your locks with smart locks with pin pads or combination number, if you are habitual to lose your keys.

Most of the smart locks also have key option to allow you to open them when you forget their pin or combination number. They also allow you to change your secret numbers, if your forget them.

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Low Rate Locksmith provide automotive, commercial and residential locksmith services all around California.

Our Company is Locksmith Company In California, Our locksmiths will be in your site in 20-30 minutes from your call or request.

How to Replace Locks with Knob?

It can be a tedious job for inexperienced people. But our professional locksmiths can replace all types of your locks. Before replacing a lock they will confirm its requirement by assessing the old lock. Then they will check the brand of old lock to ensure your security with new locks to be replaced.

They will select new locks on the basis of the make and model of the old lock to fit them perfectly in the door and work properly as per their expectations, by making few adjustments, if required.

Step 1

Then he will start the process of removing the old lock to replace it with the new one. He will put out the knobs of both the sides by unscrewing their plates. After removing door knobs he will remove the latch mechanism and the metal plate on the narrow face of the door by unscrewing them. Then latch mechanism will be pulled out to replace with the new one.

Step 2

Then he will unscrew the strike plate from the frame of the door to replace it with the new one. He may not remove the old strike plate if it resembles exactly with the new one.

Step 3

In the next step he will insert the new lock into the door from where old face plate was removed. But it should be done carefully to avoid various common mistakes like inserting the lock wrongly. It will not only waste your time but can also damage the lock.

  • While inserting the latch it is important to focus on its curved edge as it should be in the direction of motion of the door while closing it. After completing these steps it is the time to fix the new door knobs on the door. All these steps can be completed easily with the help of a professional locksmith.

  • While fixing doorknobs first of all metal spindle on the external doorknob should be inserted carefully into the locking mechanism of the lock as it can damage the lock otherwise. Then the internal knob should be inserted and screwed down to complete the task of replacing the old lock with new one.

  • Our locksmith will allow you to test the mechanism of the new lock to ensure the level of success of the entire process.

How to Replace Deadbolt Locks?

The process of replacement of deadbolt is similar to the replacement of doorknob locks. While replacing deadlock our locksmith will first of all gain access to the interior of deadlock by removing its external faceplate. Then he will remove all the parts of the lock from the door as was done in replacing door knob lock.

Then to make the vacated part free from debris he will clean it as it is necessary for the proper working of the new deadlock. He will then check the compatibility of the new lock with your door, before installing it, as it was not possible without removing the old deadlock.

Now he will load the new deadlock with its face upwards into the door. Then internal and external cylinders of the lock will be inserted subsequently into the deadlock to avoid wastage of time.

Finally the locksmith will line up everything properly and screw them all in their place to check their proper functioning.

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Changing Locks FAQ’s

Though repairing a lock is very inexpensive still many homeowner opt for replacing their locks. Our locksmiths will not suggest repairing a lock without evaluating its fault or unless its internal parts are intact.

However, if the lock is internally damaged due to wearing out of internal parts or from some external force, a lock cannot be repaired. It usually happens with the doors in high traffic areas.

The replacement of a lock may take 20-30 minutes if replaced by a professional locksmith. This time can vary depending upon the type of the lock you want to replace with as well as your old lock.

Whether you replace with same model or different one, your door should not get damaged if you hire our experienced locksmiths as they can repair and replace all types of locks without damaging anything.

Whether you replace with same model or different one, your door should not get damaged if you hire our experienced locksmiths as they can repair and replace all types of locks without damaging anything.

When you find that your lock is not working properly or is damaged internally then you can call our locksmith the examine them to decide about replacing or repairing them.