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Do You Need Spare Key? Did you lost your car keys? Our Car Key Replacement Service is what you need in this situation!

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Car Key Replacement Service

When you can’t find your car keys it’s very easy to get in to panic.

How to Get a New Car Key Replacement Service Without the Original?

Car keys are essential to cars, don’t you think? Without one, well, it’d be pretty hard for you to get into your car, let alone take it anywhere.

This is why it is great to have one. The question is though, can you get a new car key made without the original? Well, yes you can.

Maybe back in the day, it would have proven to be difficult, but not anymore.

With all the new technology and whatnot, making a car key without the original couldn’t be easier. Just make sure you go to the professionals, you want the job done, but you want it done right!

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Car Key Replacement Service | Lockout of my car

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Car Key Replacement FAQ

How do I replace my car keys?

Car key replacement is handled many other ways. you’ll be able to attend the business concern, have it off yourself, otherwise you will decision a smith. every one of those choices has its own professionals and cons. Dealerships are the foremost overpriced, however area unit trustworthy.

The have it off yourself (DIY) possibility are the most cost effective, however it depends on your ability and therefore the quality of the product you get.

Locksmiths area unit a pleasant middle ground of worth and trust.

Why should I use a locksmith to replace my car keys?

The best technique for automotive key replacement is to decision your native smith.

This protects you from unscrupulous third parties WHO sell faulty instrumentality, and can have higher rating than the business concern. getting to a smith eliminates all of the guess, and makes certain that the work is completed right for a good worth.

Do I need my original key to replace it?

No, you are doing not would like your original key.

However, if you’ve got your original key, this can facilitate the automotive key replacement method. the prevailing key is duplicated while not the necessity to search out the key code.

If your key doesn’t have a metal blade in the least, and solely uses a fob, then having an additional can do very little quite prove possession.

Can a locksmith make a new key without the original?

Yes, if you are doing not have your original key, there’s no got to worry. fashionable age automotive key replacement is eluded physically having the key that has to get replaced. Once Low Rate Locksmith verifies your possession of the vehicle, we are able to cut the key from code together with your Vehicle positive identification (VIN).

Can a locksmith program my transponder key?

Yes, any of our complete team of motorcar locksmiths will program your new electrical device key. The electrical device chip can got to be blank so as for this method to figure, however haven’t any concern, as a result of Low Rate Locksmith will beware of that. we have a tendency to create your automotive key replacement as painless as doable.

Do I need to contact the dealership to get a new car key?

You definitely will, however if you wish competitive rating it’s best to travel with a smith. Low Rate Locksmith can buy key blanks for any create or model of automotive accessible on the market nowadays. we are able to program electrical device keys, key fobs, keyless entry devices, and cut the keys themselves. Any of your automotive key replacement desires is taken care of by your native Low Rate Locksmith.

I’ve lost my original key as well. Can I still call a locksmith?

There is no need to possess the original key, but it would definitely speed up the car key replacement process if you do. A simple key duplication exercise is all that is required if we can get hold of the original key. Otherwise, we will need to obtain the key code for your vehicle to work on fashioning a new key. Assuming you drive one of the newer models or makes that does not feature a metal blade that can start the car, but relies on a fob instead, the extra fob is a good indicator that you are the rightful owner of the car.

Why bother with a locksmith when it comes to replacing car keys?

When it comes to car key replacement, the local locksmith would be the ideal person to call. This allows car owners to avoid dealing with third party service providers who might be out to scam you of your money through sub-par attempts at opening your car. This might even result in paint work or body damage or even worse, upset the rest of the wiring system when fiddling around with a twisted coat hanger. Not only that, but there is also peace of mind, knowing that the risk of receiving faulty equipment is eliminated. Low Rate Locksmith can provide a reasonable quotation for the task at hand.

I’ve lost my original key as well. Can I still call a locksmith?

There is no need to possess the original key, but it would definitely speed up the car key replacement process if you do. A simple key duplication exercise is all that is required if we can get hold of the original key. Otherwise, we will need to obtain the key code for your vehicle to work on fashioning a new key. Assuming you drive one of the newer models or makes that does not feature a metal blade that can start the car, but relies on a fob instead, the extra fob is a good indicator that you are the rightful owner of the car.

The original key is missing. Can Low Rate Locksmith still fashion a new key?

Heave a sigh of relief, as we are still able to replace your car key even though the original is missing. This is made possible after we verify your identity as the owner’s vehicle before we make a cut of the key from code using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Can the transponder key be programmed by Low Rate Locksmith?

At Low Rate Locksmith, our team of auto locksmiths has the necessary experience to program the new transponder key in a jiffy. Before proceeding, the transponder chip will have to be blank. The entire process would be over before you know it, so sit back, relax and enjoy while waiting for your new transponder key.

Can my key fob be programmed as well?

Most definitely! Do take note that we would require a new device that has never undergone programming before. Each key fob can be programmed only once for a particular car and is unable to reprogram. Low Rate Locksmith has automotive technicians who can obtain new key fobs and program them. We are also well versed with programming other kinds of keyless entry devices, so it does not matter the kind of car key replacement that our customers require.

Will the dealership be able to get me a new car key?

While contacting the dealership would be a surefire method of obtaining a new key, the price might be out of reach for some people. Those who are working on a tight budget will definitely find the local locksmith to be a more viable option, and we have the contacts to pick up key blanks for virtually all models or makes of the cars that are in the market. If you need to program transponder keys, key fobs, or other keyless entry devices, we are cut out for the job.

Why do I have to make a car key without the original?

Now, don’t go thinking that you have to make a new key without the original. It helps a lot to make another key with the original with you. This usually applies if the original key is gone and you need a new one made.

If you have the original, by all means, get the duplicate made with the original or with any other working key you have.
Getting a new car key made, whether you have the original or not is a good idea because you want to have a spare key. Spare keys are great because they provide you with a safety net. If one key goes missing, you will have another.

It is good to try your very best to not allow your keys to go missing, but if something happens, it is at least good knowing that you have a spare one handy.
Why you would need to make a new car key truly deepens on the situation and you.

If you got a used car and they didn’t have the key, then you need to make a new one. Maybe you misplaced the original.

Maybe it fell down a city grate like in all of those T.V. shows; who knows? All you know is that you need a new key.
It could even be something like getting your key broken in the lock. Whatever the case is, yes, you can get a new key made without the original. Fairly easily I might add.


Help! I’ve lost my car keys and need a replacement

Losing one’s car keys can be a pretty distraught experience, but this does not mean that the world has ended. Car key replacement is always here to salvage the situation, and there are a few ways to get around it.

You can always hail a cab, or an Uber to head to the dealership, or ring up a skilled locksmith, or even use tools to break into your own vehicle.

Each of those routes has its advantages and disadvantages, so it would be best to weigh up all of the different options and proceed from there.

Naturally, paying a visit to the dealership is going to cost the most, but there is an expected level of professionalism and trustworthiness throughout the entire process.

Taking the Do It Yourself (DIY) route will no doubt be the most affordable since it would be free, but you would first need to have the technical know-how to free up the lock without damaging any part of the car or its sensitive wiring.

A certified and experienced locksmith would be the ideal solution, as they do not cost as much as a replacement key from the dealership, and have dealt with such cases before with success.

Low Rate Locksmith can help car owners out of a jam with their car key replacement service.

Where can I get a new car key Replacement without the original?

There are a lot of options, and it isn’t a hard thing to do. It is important to know what options you have and choose the one that you know will be able to get you your new key. For a lot of drivers, it depends on the price. They don’t want to be charged insane amounts; they just want their new key.

Getting one made by a locksmith and one made by the original dealership will vary a lot on the price. A locksmith doing it will generally cost you less also locksmiths can come to you rather than you having to go to the dealership!

1. Determine which key you have

Before you contact either the auto locksmith or the car dealership, you need to find out what type of key you have. Figuring this out first will help the whole process to go a whole lot smoother.

All cars are different so that means that all car keys are different too. Just because you have a KIA car doesn’t mean that all you need is a KIA key, you need to make sure that the key matches the make and model of your car.

You don’t need to have the original keys to figure this out though, all you need is to know if you have a transponder key, a fob key, or a mechanical key. It is important to know for sure which one you need otherwise you could end up paying for a key replacement that doesn’t work.

Don’t waste time messing around, make sure you know exactly which key it is that you need before moving on to the next step.

2. Choose a key replacement solution

Now that you are sure which type of key you need, it is time to decide how you are going to handle it all. Are you going to do it yourself with levers, pumps, and all types of tools to get back into your car?

Are you going to catch a ride or walk to your nearest dealership and shell out a good bit of cash for a replacement key, or are you going to call an auto locksmith to come by and help you out?

The solution that you choose to get your replacement key made depends on a few factors including how much it is going to run you and exactly how fast you need the car key replacement. Say, if you are trying to get back into your car because you are late for an important event. It might not be the best time to try out those DIY hacks you saw online the other day.

How much it is going to take out of your pocket is usually the deciding factor for most. “Why pay $xxx when I can just pay $xx?” is usually the mindset.

Just make sure that you choose a reliable source when you are thinking about savings. Slippers you buy from the dollar store aren’t going to last as long as ones you get from Target, you get me?

3. Gather the necessary information about your vehicle

Okay, now it is time to make sure that you have all the information that you are going to need to make your new key.

We know that you aren’t interested in wasting the time of the auto locksmith or the dealership people, and that is why you are going to read this thoroughly to make sure that you know everything you are going to need to tell them, right?

Not only do we not want to waste their time, but we also aren’t too keen on wasting yours either, yeah?

You are going to need to know your VIN or vehicle identification number.

This isn’t hard to find, it is usually on your dashboard or your engine bay. If you can’t find it, don’t fail to ask the professionals for help, I mean, why do we have professionals if we never ask them for help, right? Right.

Knowing your VIN or having the locksmith or dealership person know it makes it easier to figure out which key goes with your vehicle which makes it easier to know what type of key you need for your car without the need for the original.

With this information, your auto locksmith or your dealership will have a much easier time getting a new key made for you! Isn’t that great? Yes, of course, it is!

4. Wait patiently for your car key replacement

At this point, it’s just time to wait. After you have given all the necessary information to the auto locksmith or the dealership you just need to sit back and wait for them to get back to you. This process does indeed take longer than if you had the original.

Sorry to tell you that, but it’s simply the truth. When you give your VIN to a locksmith, they need to go through the vehicle database to figure which key is yours and that can take some time. If you had the original, all they would have to do is duplicate it and bam, all done.

That is why I suggest when you do get your new key, you make sure to make a copy. This way, this won’t happen to you again.

Also, don’t forget to ask the locksmith or dealer if your key needs to be paired with your car. You don’t want to have to deal with a whole different issue.

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