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Low Rate Toyota Car Locksmith services all Toyota years and models with all it’s locksmith needs. If you are a Toyota Sienna owner and need any help with locks, keys or lock out, Low Rate Locksmith is here to help.

Are you experiencing any problems with a broken Toyota key? You don’t really have to whimper over the situation, thanks to the Low Rate Toyota Locksmith Services right at your service to give you a helping hand. In fact,its much easier nowadays to reach out for their services as all you’ll have to do is contact them without having to physically going to their location.

Toyota is one of the leading car companies in the world. Based in Japan, Toyota now sells cars across the globe. The manufacturer has become a household name in the production of different shapes and sizes of cars including sports cars, mid size sedans, small hatchbacks and off road wagons among others.  This brand of cars has become more popular because of different reasons as outlined in the discussion below.


Lost Toyota Sienna Car Keys

Losing your car keys is certainly a painful experience especially if you’re in dire need of its usage.Good news,you don’t have to let despair get the better part of you,thanks to the Toyota Sienna Locksmith Services.They’re well equipped with the necessary workforce that works round the clock to help you out if need be.In fact,the good news is that their fast turnaround time is impressive as it will take about 30 minutes once you reach out to them for the services you need.Thereafter,you’ll agree on the pricing quotes before the Locksmith gets down to work.

Toyota Sienna Lock Picking

Buying a Toyota Sienna vehicle is always a good thing for everyone. However, in situations where one loses the keys, it puts the car owner in an awkward position. Having Toyota lock picking services nearby is therefore important when one loses his or her car keys.

Broken Toyota Sienna Key

If you have a damaged Toyota Sienna key, the Toyota Sienna locksmiths will quickly swing into action to help you out.The Locksmiths are able to repair keys for different types of vehicles including vans ,trucks,cars ,motorcycles and caravans.Some of the common key related problems that warrant reaching out for Locksmith Services include snapped car keys,worn out car keys,damaged transponder in-car keys and damaged key fobs.

For a snapped car key, the locksmith will remove and re-insert the chip afterward into a new key to function effectively.If the key fails to turn on the ignition,the Locksmith assesses it to figure the problem and if its key related,will cut and reprogram new key for it to turn on the ignition.When it comes to damaged key fobs, the Locksmiths will have to reprogram it so it gets back to its initial state of good performance.To wrap up,once you need key repair services ,make a hasty point of contacting the Toyota Sienna Locksmiths and you won’t regret a single bit.

Toyota Sienna Lockout Service

Did you lose your Toyota Sienna car keys or forget them on the ignition and closed the doors? Well don’t worry so much or break your door because there are several locksmiths out there who are readily available and at a cheap price get your Toyota opened. Research well so that when choosing a locksmith ensure you go to a reputable locksmith who has been in the industry for a long time and has handle many clients who were satisfied.

Toyota Sienna Duplicate Chip Keys

Toyota Sienna Locksmith services provides a solution to the duplication of Toyota Sienna chip keys. Toyota Sienna chip key cut is a service that is offered to reduce the cost of replacing the key from the dealership which is expensive as it is almost thrice the cost of duplication of the key. For duplication,one is required to buy a blank transponder chip key from a Toyota Sienna Locksmith. The locksmith will then use your master transponder key to duplicate on the black transponder key. After the blank transponder key has been cut to duplicate the master transponder key, it will have to be programmed to work on your car. The Toyota Sienna locksmith provides the service of programming the key to work on your vehicle. Visit your nearest Toyota Sienna Locksmith to get the best Toyota Sienna Chip Key Cut services.

Toyota Sienna Transponder Keys

Blank car keys copies won’t work no matter how well they are cut. A transponder chip key is a viable alternative that is guaranteed to work. There is much relief after going over the replacement process and actually getting the car engine to start without a hassle. Visit Low Rate Toyota Locksmith and get started today.

Toyota Sienna Chip Keys Cut

It is vital and advisable to have Toyota duplicate chip keys such that in case you lost one of them or one of them gets broken you will not be forced to stall your car and go yo a locksmith for z replacement. More often some of us forget our car keys on the ignition and the doors automatically lock ,in such scenarios duplicate Toyota chip keys will save you. Car thefts are also very rampant these days and should you be a victim of car they and you recover it ,your car csm be re keyed so that the lost one can no longer function.

When looking for where to duplicate your Toyota car keys go to a licensed experienced and qualified reputable locksmith who is known to deliver high quality locksmith services. Avoid being duped by the locksmiths who uses enticing language to lure into accepting their lower sub standard services because their goal is to only get profits.

How to Program Toyota Sienna Transponder Chip Key | Low Rate Locksmith

Welcome to Low Rate Locksmith DIY everyone. I’m Mike.

Today we’re gonna take a look at a Toyota Sienna, and programming a key.

This is a 2008 Toyota Sienna, it has a transponder chip in the end of the key. We lost ours. The dealer said that they wanted about 150 bucks to make a new one.

We were able to find a key shop that could make one new one for half that price.

Then I ordered on Amazon a replacement transponder key.

Then you just have to get the key cut at a key shop. A whole lot less money. And it’s really easy to program.

So let me show you how to do that.

Now, I want to point out as well, the clicker button. This is a separate device. This is the fob that opens and closes the locks and undoes things, opens the door, rings alarms, that kind of stuff.

2008 Toyota Sienna Mini Van Car review By In The Driver’s Seat

This works, not just for the Sienna, but also for a lot of other Toyota vehicles in kind of that mid 2000 range.

Please leave a comment if you use it and it works on a different vehicle.

And I’ll try and post those down in the description so folks know what makes and models and years, which Toyota vehicles it works on.

So let’s take a closer look.

All right, first, you need to make sure you’re using a master key and not a valet key to program from. I’ve got, I’ll show you the difference.

There’s two quick and easy ways to find out.

This is a valet key. It will not open the glove box. (key clicking in lock)

It doesn’t turn the lock. And this is a master key. (key clicks) It does turn the lock. You need to be using the master. So that’s one way to tell.

Let me show you the other way.

All right, the other way to tell if it’s a valet or a master key, is to find your blinking light. It’s kind of a security light. In this vehicle it’s on the dashboard. Looks like a car with a black key in the middle. Sometimes it’s a blinking light that will be over near your radio, just a little red light. This is a really important
trick to be aware of because when I first tried to do this, I didn’t know about the trick. This is really important to know because if you try to program with a valet key, it’s not going to work. So you see the blinking light here.

The blinking light is just above my finger, right there. So when you insert a valet key, this is a valet key, that blinking light will stay on. See it stay on for a couple of seconds Then it turns off. That means it’s a valet key.

If we insert the master key, it won’t stay on at all. So insert it, doesn’t turn on. So again, here’s the valet. The light turns on for a couple of seconds and stays. And insert the master, no light. So once you’ve confirmed that you’ve got a master key, you’re ready to do the programming.

And just to show you that there is a transponder chip, I’m going to take my master key and turn the vehicle on. (engine starts and car door chimes) Okay? Vehicle turns on, you can hear it. (Key clicks in the ignition and car sounds cease)

I also have a key that doesn’t have a transponder to it. This will unlock the doors, but it won’t do anything else. It’s not going to turn the vehicle on because it’s missing that chip. It’ll try to for a moment, but it just won’t turn on. (engine sputters and stops)

All right, so now that we’ve confirmed we’ve got a master key, I’ve also got my blank.

It’s important to know that this is a 4D-67 transponder key. That’s the code. I’ll include the link on Amazon. It fits in here. As you know I haven’t cut this blank already. I’m gonna get it programmed, make sure it’s turning on the car, first.

And then we’ll get it cut. We’re gonna take this. So, it’s important to note this is a time-sensitive operation here.

Within 35 seconds we’re going to insert this five times, and then we’re gonna open and close the driver door six times. So, in order to start, we need to make sure our door is closed.

(door bangs shut)

Okay, got my driver’s door closed. No keys in the ignition. Gonna turn my timer on here.

All right, here we go, we’ve got 35 seconds. One, (key clicks in the ignition repeatedly) two, three, four, five, leave it in. Do not turn it on.

Open the door six times and close it. (car door opens and bangs shut repeatedly) One, two, three, four, five, and six.

Okay, within ten seconds, you’ve got to insert the key to be registered.

And now, within 60 seconds our flashing indicator light, security light, see how it’s flashing? It will stop flashing.

Okay, it stopped flashing. There we go, just under a minute. So with that, our key’s programmed. We’re gonna remove it.

Okay, you see how it’s flashing? Now, obviously, it’s still flashing here.

My key, this being the blank, it can’t turn the car on, but it’s going to stop flashing when I insert it, just like the master did.

I put it in, it stopped flashing. See the light stopped?

Pull it out, it’ll start flashing again. That lets you know it’s working.

So, to demonstrate, I’m going to take this one that wouldn’t start the car earlier, Turn it on- I’m gonna hold this right next to it. (key clicks in lock, car
engine and door chime start)

There we go, and the car starts. (key clicks, engine and chimes stop)

So there you have it, pretty easy to do.

Just kind of like playing those old Nintendo video games where you get the secret code, A, B, B, C, up, down, left, right, start, stop, that kind of thing.

Just doing that with your vehicle.

Now I’ll just have to go and get this key cut. I programmed the transponder first because I wanted to make sure it was actually working before I went to the effort
of getting the key cut.

I’d appreciate it if you buy your transponder keys through the link in the video description which is an Amazon affiliate link.

It doesn’t cost you anything more, but Amazon sends a little bit of the money from the purchase to Low Rate Locksmith DIY.

Toyota Sienna-Comfort and Fun

Toyota Sienna is the oldest minivans in its segment, and with steady steamy improvements, the van has kept it competitive. It is ideal for those who live in cold climate since it has an all wheel drive options.

What’s new On Toyota Sienna?

The 2017 Sienna has received an upgrade on its engine, and it has a V6 with a new eight-speed transmission. It is a sensible family car that comes with sliding doors, massive passenger, and low speed in height and cargo space. All this makes the minivan a practical alternative to other large crossovers and SUVs. The Toyota Sienna still holds the class of being the top choice. With its right seating capacity and an exclusive all-wheel drive, Sienna still holds the top position against Kia Sedan and Honda Odyssey.


The minor face-lift of 2015 Sienna has an improved interior layout, and it has high-quality fabrics and materials. The commonly used touch screen technology and controls interface have an orientation a bit closer to the driver. And the trim and upholstery are more comfortable. The minivan has five main steams that are LE, L, SE, Limited and XLE. All the trims are standard to the front wheel drive, but the XLE, LE, and Limited can be used on the all-wheel-drive only.

It has a 17 inches alloy wheel, manual sliding rear doors, windshield wiper, Cruise control, Automatic headlights, height adjustable seat for the drive, cloth upholstery, tri-zone automatic climate control. Additionally, it has a rearview camera, telescoping and tilt steering wheel, audio connectivity, Bluetooth phone and Siri Eyes ideal for iPhone users.

The latest Sienna has improved performance and mileage. This makes it worth every coin that you spend.

Toyota Sienna interior and exterior feature, the price and the comfort are all you need to make your family car more comfortable and fun.

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