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Did you locked your car keys inside the trunk? Our Locked Keys in Trunk Service is what you need in this situation!

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Locked Keys in Trunk Service

Locksmith play an important role in opening locked trunks within the shortest period of time possible. The Low Rate locksmith staffs are one of the best locksmiths, no matter the position of the keys inside you trunk or type of the locks.

The Low Rate locksmith staff have no competitors thus the best service providers in car lockout services.

When people lock keys in their cars , most of them get in panic mode and get confused not knowing what to do.

There is no reason for panic since the help they need requires only a phone call. Low Rate locksmith technicians will always be at your service anytime due to the effective communications mechanisms put in place.

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Locked Keys in Trunk Service | Car Lockout Service

Why To Choose Low Rate Locksmith For Locked Keys in Trunk Service

Preventive Measures to avoid key breaking in ignition

However, it is important that homeowners take preventive measures to avoid broken key cases.

One of the measures is to regularly lubricate the lock. This ensures that the key moves smoothly within the lock and minimizes instances of broken keys.

Also, homeowners should have spare keys in hand. This will assist to avoid overuse of one key.

Also, if you notice that your key has slight damage, halt using it and change to the spare key.


The process of removing the locked keys in a trunk starts by the technicians diagnosing the issue and checking out the easiest , fastest and safest way into the trunk.

After doing all that assessment, the technician goes ahead to quote the price.

Once the technician and the client reach an agreement, the work starts. In a standard car , car lockout takes around five minutes.

For the locksmith, it is a simple exercise to fix but in some instances ,situations can be complex hence consuming more time.

Low Rate locksmiths always aim at solving the lockout with no damage to the car unnecessarily. In a case of locked cars in a trunk, Low Rate locksmiths are the best service providers.

The most troublesome situation for locksmiths is when the key is locked in a trunk of the car deadlock.

A deadlocked trunk means that the car won’t open when the right keys aren’t available since doors won’t open either from outside or even inside of the vehicle.

A deadlock situation in a car despite being being a difficulty to the driver, has an advantage in that it secures the trunk from manual manipulation by people who may have bad motives.

A deadlock situation in a trunk has a number of solutions but depending on some factors as mentioned below.

The appropriate method to be used to solve a deadlock situation largely depends on the experience the locksmith has acquired in his work.

The second factor to be considered when solving the terrible deadlock situation is the type of the deadlock being dealt with.

During the manufacturing process of most cars in the motor vehicle industry, different companies decide to manufacture unique systems to be installed exclusively by the company.

This makes it become different from other lock systems. As much as the car lockout methods seems difficult, our skilled locksmith still have a way out on how opening can be achieved.

Some car trunks are sealed. Sealed trunk means that there is no way to access the trunk of the car with out a key. If that case we need to make a key for your car and unlock the trunk with it.

Having locked car key inside the trunk should not be a cause of panic to anyone since the car can still be opened.

This is possible but also relies on the security features installed the manufacturing of the car. The more the security features installed in the car the longer longer it takes for the locksmith to carry out the opening task.

In many occasions when locksmiths do their task of deadlock opening, people may think that the door is no more, spoilt and may never function again.

It is good to note that interior locks belonging to the vehicle will still function normally since it is as easy as opening the door then getting inside the trunk.

Moreover, there are some complicated situations where more steps are to be followed in order to open the door but regardless of that, you are still catered for by the Low Rate locksmith who does it effectively at an affordable pay.

In this case, it is difficult to say yes or no since the trunk is part and parcel of the car. As we said earlier, there are several factors considered on whether the lockout takes longer or not.

The important factor was the security features installed in the car by the manufacturers. The trunk being inside a car means the moment the car is opened , the trunk similarly gets open from the side of the driver.

Often, there is no definite sign to know whether the keys are actually inside the trunk of your car or not, therefore, the most appropriate method is retracing your movements and actions.

If you are in your destination most likely you had your keys and you should be able to remember the last time you accessed the trunk.

Another way that is used to identify where your keys are is when if comes to changing of clothes like a jumper where you had previously placed the keys.

Chatting with friends or relatives while seated next to the trunk may lead to your keys dropping in the trunk.

Some people on the other hand place the keys in trunk then keep some shopping in the same trunk thus covering the keys unknowingly.

In case you opened the car, that means you no longer possess the keys and most probably they might be in the trunk or around the inside of the car.

Car lockouts are mainly carried out by professionals, in this case, the Low Rate locksmiths but this task can also be done by the owners of the cars.

In order to have a fruitful personal car lockout, find any tool which you feel comfortable to use to open the door of the car.

It is not advisable to risk spoiling interior lock of the car and when unfamiliar with automotive tools , it is the right time to contact a locksmith.

Do not stop trying a job you can do by yourself because you want to save money since it can cost you.

Locked Keys in Trunk | Car Trunk Lockout Service

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