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Repair Fix Lock Service

Like many other things, locks also occasionally require maintenance and repair. You should inform a professional locksmith as you notice some problem in your locks so that they can be repaired easily otherwise they will have to be replaced. Many times minor fault can become serious issue if not corrected in time.

Many people think of replacing the lock and installing new lock instead, however, It’s much cheaper to fix it than replacing and rekying the lock

In order to avoid further damage you can call a locksmith instantly. For instance, you must call a locksmith to repair the lock if you have broken the key in it.

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Broken key in the lock

Breaking a key in the lock is one of the most common problems experienced by people as it can occur due to various reasons. It can be damaged in the locking system by applying extra force to open it.

Our professional residential locksmith can repair your lock.

You will be compromising with your residential security if you are not getting your locks repaired for long time. Our locksmith will first of all remove the broken key from the lock then ensure its proper working by checking its internal components.

Before extracting the piece of broken key our locksmith will study your lock to choose the right method. It can be easier for him to extract the key if it is showing up out of the lock. He can pull it out of the lock after lubricating the keyway.

Repair of Lock

Your deadbolt may need repair if it is not working as usual. It can be due to misalignment of any of its internal parts. Misalignment of its strike plate can also be a good reason for its improper working. Our professional locksmith will help you at the earliest possible time when you will call on us.

The cause of malfunctioning of deadlock will be diagnosed by our professional locksmith before starting to repair it. If it is due to misalignment of the strike plate then he will align it properly. However, if there is really some serious problem in the deadbolt then he will then he can adjust it bolt to set it into the strike plate.

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Our professional locksmith can answer this question only after assessing your lock as it may or may not be possible to repair a broken lock.

But our lock repairing services has repaired a number of broken locks if it is repairable. However if it is not repairable then our locksmith can help you in selecting a right lock to replace the lock of your home.

When, your lock stops working properly then it is the right time to get it repaired. A slightest change in its operation will be noticed by you if you use it in routine.

Repair is needed to some locks due to their exposure to external elements or due to their over age. When old locks start resisting more than required or move slowly then it is time to repair them.

Nothing can be predicted in this regard. The time taken in repairing a lock can depend on the type of problem in it, still our locksmith can repair a lock in 20-30 minutes.

The problem can be easy as well as complicated to fix. If it can be resolved just by few adjustments then it may take few minutes however if the professional has to change some internal part of the lock then it may take few hours also.

In such condition, you lock needs some repair. You can also lubricate the keyway of your lock, before calling on our locksmith, and check if it works again. If it does not work then you should not wait to call us as it is the clear sign of something serious in your lock.

Your lock may need to be repaired instantly if, while trying to unlock a door, it seems that its entire cylinder is turning. It can be due to loosing or breaking of the setscrews used to keep its cylinder in place.

Our locksmith will tighten the setscrews of the cylinder to enable your lock to work properly again.

It can be due to malfunctioning of its locking system that ensures the security and safety of your home every time. Its exposure to extreme cold weather as well as dirt and dust can be the other reasons that can wear out its locking system and slow down lock’s movement.

Problem in the internal mechanisms, like improper oiling and cleaning of internal parts, can also cause slow movement of your lock. In such cases you may have to replace your locks instead of repairing them if they are not oiled frequently.

It is another common problem for the doors used in the exterior. Latches become misaligned due to weather stripping but this problem can be fixed easily. They move the striping to the back of the frame of the door to save your money and time. But it can be harmful for your door if not done properly. So instead of doing it yourself you should call a professional locksmith.

It is very easy to troubleshoot your locks. Before calling Low Rate Locksmith you should try these procedures to save your money and time. Sometimes your lock may not need any repair. There can be something stuck into the strike plate, to restrict your deadlock from working properly, without any information to you. When you troubleshoot your locks then you will know how you can remove the problem. Sometimes it can be done just by lubricating the lock or adjusting few things.

You can find out the problem just by focusing on your doors. It can be the problem of misalignment if the doors do not close properly or the loosing of setscrew if the entire cylinder of the lock turns while moving key into it.

When the doors and locks are not working properly then the homeowners should pay attention to find solution for it. However if the lock is broken than you can call our professional locksmith to repair or replace your locks.