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Car Key Duplication Service

Duplication is the best way to get a spare key. You do not need to restore the key code from the documentation that you might need while considering key cutting.

For car key duplication, your original key needs to be placed on the duplicator along with the blank key to be copied.

There are different stages for making a duplicate key.

The type of machine will decide the stages. In some instances, you might need separate service other than duplication.

The key cutting process is one of them. Also, you might need some additional service for the duplication. For example, you might need programming of your transponder chip.

Car key duplication is a service offered by Low Rate locksmiths. It is a convenient way to have a spare key for your car, in case you lose your primary key or if it is damaged. Duplicating a car key is much less expensive than having a new key made by the manufacturer. In addition, it can be done quickly and easily, without the need to tow your car to the dealer. When you use a car key duplication service, you simply provide the locksmith with your car’s make and model, as well as the VIN number. The locksmith will then create a copy of your key, using a blank key that is programmed to match your car’s ignition. Car key duplication is a convenient and affordable way to have a spare key for your vehicle.

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Car Key Duplicators

A machine is used for car key duplication. The machine will decide the time, process, and cuts. Skill is also required to get precision.

As a thumb rule, the skill and machine both are required to get high precision to create an exact duplicate key. When the machine is less automated, more skill is required to get a better outcome.

The automated machines also demand training and knowledge.

However, they require less human intervention. In addition, the type of key will decide the machine.

There are two following types of car key duplication machines are available in the current condition.

Improper Car Key Duplication

1. Traditional Key Cutters

These machines are used to cut a key that has bitting on the bottom and top of the key blade. A traditional key cutter can help to make a house key.

It will fix the problem and then will scan the key for the code. While using a manually operated machine, a locksmith will place the blank key in a different slot in the machine.

The slot needs to be lined up with the blade and then the original key will be positioned against the alignment tool. In this process, both sides of a new key will be cut.

The blank key needs to move simply to ensure a proper cutting of both sides. The original key does not need to change the place as both the sides will have the same bitting outline.

2. Laser Key Cutters

Laser key cutters are used for those keys that need a laser cutter to have bitting on the side. Contrary to the name, they do not use the lasers.

Instead, they use a small hard-bitten steel router blade to trace the path on the slider keys. They demand more effort for precision.

They cannot cut by bringing the blade down as the metal should be placed on the bottom of the curved path. This position will enable the metal to cut with the exact same path.

These machines are more automated. It will work like a traditional key cutter. The difference is that it is more automated.

In this procedure, a locksmith plays an important role to get high precision. If required, these jobs can be performed manually.

Moreover, you should always double check your car duplicate key to ensuring that they are working fine. You will need extra caution while taking the help of a manual laser key duplicator.

2 Types of Car Key Duplicators:

An improper car key duplication will not serve your purpose. It will not work with your lock. You might experience this problem while taking help from inexperienced services.

They do not have the expertise and experience to offer an effective solution. Even a small mistake can cause a faulty key.

When dealing with security issues, it is always important to take the help of reliable, reputed, and experienced services.

Any mistake can lead to improper placement, incorrect orientation, inconsistent pressure, and improper calibration.

Moreover, a duplicate key cannot be made correct without a proper setup of the duplicator.

duplication key demands a good combination of science and art. The absence of one will result in inferior keys.

In addition to the experienced service and technician, a few other factors can also lead to inferior keys.

For example, if you want to make a duplicate using your recent duplicate key, then both of these might not work.

With each copying, your key is going to lose its efficiency. Without getting a machine cut with the original code, your new key is not going to offer the same benefit.

Once again, duplication does not always offer the best result. However, you can use an original key for duplication and check it twice to ensure proper usage.

Why won’t my duplicate car keys work?

No, a duplicate key might not work on a few instances. The car keys are complex and might need a transponder chip for programming.

Moreover, if you have made a duplicate key by using a duplicate, then you might find it hard to use it with the lock.

Is key duplication different than key cutting?

Key cutting is a part of duplication. For a duplicate key, you will need an original key. For key cutting, you do not need your working key.

Can I get my car keys duplicated at the hardware store?

Yes, but it will depend on the type of key you want. Some hardware stores offer standard key cutter services that can be ideal for your house keys.

It will be also useful for wafer keys. For slider keys, a laser cutter is required to make duplicate keys.

Can any car key be duplicated?

You can get a duplicate key for any car if you have a metal key or physical key. For Smart Keys, you can consider our key fob programming service.

Will my duplicate car keys start my car?

That will depend on the complexity of your car key. If you want to start your car with a duplicate key, you can consider programming of the transponder chip.

We can program your transponder chip. However, it is different from duplication.

Transponder Key Issues

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