Low Rate Locksmith is your trusted partner for 24-hour mobile commercial locksmith services, available nationwide. When it comes to the security of your business, we understand that there’s no room for compromise. Whether you’re facing lock issues, seeking a security upgrade, or require swift solutions for your commercial property, we’re here to provide you with the expertise and efficiency you need. Our team specializes in commercial lock installation, repair, and replacement, ensuring that your business premises remain safeguarded at all times. Don’t leave the security of your commercial building to chance – contact us today for top-notch locksmith services that not only prioritize your safety but also fit your budget perfectly.

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Low Rate Commercial Locksmith Services

Low Rate Locksmith presents numerous commercial and industrial locksmith services distinctively intended to meet the needs of your enterprise independently whether it is large, medium, or small. The locksmith specialists from Low Rate Locksmith are highly trained industry experts able to install high security locks, panic bars, fire escape systems and emergency exit door systems.

We really are dedicated to creating long-term relationships with our clients so we are able to bring them all the services they need when they will need it. To realize this requires the very best customer support inside the lock smith market. Each of our commercial locksmith specialists remain certified plus appropriately coached to use specific instruments for even the most challenging security set up jobs. Even with the customer support our company insists on having affordable rates. Along with we also present a satisfaction guarantee on components and labor for a at least a thirty day period, based on the nature of the project.

Commercial building lockouts

Is the lock to your office or place of business jammed? Have you lost or broken your keys?

Whatever the reason, save yourself the hassle and expense of breaking a door or window by calling us instead. We provide emergency commercial building lockout services throughout the neighborhood. Give us a call, and we’ll be at your location within minutes to assist.

After assessing your lock and the cause of the lockout, we’ll find a solution. If your lock uses a pin-and-tumbler system, we have the specialized tools and experience to pick the mechanism quickly.

Our state-of-the-art locksmith picking set uses a tension wrench and a standard American size pick to move the driver pins within the stuck lock. When the driver pins are all on the shear line, which separates the bible from the plug, the lock will open.

If using a tension wrench is ineffective, we’ll use a bump key. It acts like a regular key by moving the pins until the drivers shift to the shear line.

If the lock on your commercial building is not a pin-and-tumbler system, and a bump key or lock pick can’t open it, we’ll use a drill to get the job done. It might involve drilling into the lock to break the pins. Once this is done, the lock can be opened with a screwdriver.

If the lock has to be replaced after the door is opened, we can provide lock replacement services to restore and optimize the security of your building.

Don’t let anyone but a licensed and experienced locksmith resolve your lockout problem. A novice who doesn’t have the proper tools will only compound the problem, costing you more money and delaying entry into your commercial premises.

Call us today for a commercial building lockout professional to get you into your building fast.

Installing new locks on doors

Are the looks on the door of your commercial building faulty? Would you like new locks installed to improve the security of your premises? No matter your reason for wanting new locks on your commercial building, our professionals can deliver.

For all our lock installation services, we use the best quality locks from leading manufacturers. It ensures that your lock delivers optimal and reliable security. Our installation is foolproof, guaranteeing your installed lock functions perfectly for years.

If replacing an old lock with a new one, we’ll uninstall the previous lock first. The proper process of un-installation will depend on the type of lock. For instance, a deadbolt is unscrewed, but a doorknob requires the use of a spanner, catch tool, and a plug follower.

The un-installation process needs the proper tools, or it may lead to damage, which can make the door unsuitable for installing a new lock. Avoid such issues by contacting us today for the installation of new locks on your commercial building. We work fast when providing our customer-oriented services, and our prices are highly competitive.

Opening and unlocking file cabinets

File cabinets play an important role in any office space. They are necessary for the organization and storage of sensitive documents, and more. It loses its effectiveness if there are issues with its locking mechanism, though.

If you are having difficulties opening or closing your office mailboxes and cabinets, we can help by repairing the locks. If the locks are beyond repair, we offer file cabinet lock replacement services. We only install the toughest and most secure locks, guaranteeing a security upgrade to your workplace.

The locks on a cabinet are different from that on a regular door. A cabinet’s key plug is attached to a bar that turns with the key. Our locksmith experts possess the specialized skills and tools to have such locks fixed quickly, optimizing them for superior security.

You can also contact us to make duplicate keys for your file cabinets or the removal of keys stuck in the locks.

Contact us today for a free consultation.

Rekey Commercial Locks

Rekeying modifies a lock to work with a new key. No hardware is replaced. The internal workings of the lock are adjusted to work with a new key.

The old keys will no longer work, and only the holder of the new keys will be able to lock or unlock the door after the change.

A lock rekeyed is a cost-effective and less time-consuming alternative to having the entire lock on a door changed. Most doors can be rekeyed, and we have the expertise and tools to get the job done right on the first attempt.

You can contact us to rekey the lock on your business in any of the following circumstances:

Old keys are stolen, damaged or lost
A new tenant needs new keys
Different locks need to work with the same key

It’s best to have your commercial locks rekeyed by a licensed locksmith with the right tools. Lack of expertise and the wrong tools can result in damage to the entire locking mechanism, which can only be rectified by replacing the system. It defies the original purpose and benefits of having your lock rekeyed.

Access Control

Would you like better control over who can go in and out of your commercial building? Our team can help with this by installing a state-of-the-art access control system.

Depending on your security needs, we can install a one-door stand-alone system or a fully expanded network system that controls several doors.

Other access control systems you can order from us include proximity readers, keypads, electric strikes, bio-metric scanners, magnetic locks, and more.

Aside from the installation of access control systems, we also offer quick and reliable access control system repairs and maintenance. If you’re uncertain which of our affordable commercial locksmith services will best satisfy your needs, please give us a call today for a free consultation.

Professional Master Key Installation

 As it pertains to constructing master key systems and master key charts for apartment units, condominiums, and office buildings, Low Rate Locksmith  is the best within the neighborhood.

Our assistance is most significant to installers and clientele that normally focus on factory-direct goods due to the fact ours has greater strength. It is additionally important for structures which have outgrown their systems or for systems that have in no way been charted each occasion a doorway has been re-keyed or replaced.

Doors Closer

We install automatic door closer found on commercial doors for clients. We also mount and additionally fix magnetic locks on doors.

Low Rate Locksmith Locations

Low Rate Locksmith provide automotive, commercial and residential locksmith services all around California.

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