2007 Toyota 4Runner

2007 Toyota 4Runner Car key Replacement

sitting in a 2007 4Runner I have Ricky this vehicle keys are stolen your notes are stolen everything is going to be changed right now we’re going to do

two master and one valet keys and we’re going to do a reset immobilizer your keys insert the key in the ignition you can see I haven’t done a reset you can

see it still flashing so let’s get started black Toyota I’m going to go by system mobilizer type to turn key on press enter all right we’re in the special functions

click reset immobilizer once open of the yeast now the light it’s solid we know that’s good so from this point on we can ignore what the screens gonna say the

page says success has failed it doesn’t matter we know it’s good okay like I said even though it says failed it’s good let’s go ahead and press Enter okay I’m going to ignore the

rest of these screens once it’s reset we’re pretty much done take the key out and see the immobilize light flashing now we’re going to put the first two masters in and then we’re going to close

it with the valet now watch the light here we go comes on solid that’s what we want next be friggin we go inner goes out solid take it out lastly valet key inner goes out

let’s just stay out okay that should do it now once we take the ski out with the valet back in the light should stay solid for a second that should extinguish that means that

is your valet key in this program the next master in lights out right away laughs master in link search lights out we’ll go ahead and start it all done pretty simple all right this is

a seven Toyota 4runner we have completely rekey this vehicle driver’s door lock back locks glove boxes emissions erased and program tuning your notes in three keys.

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