Losing your Acura RDX keys can feel like the end of the road. But don’t fret! Acura RDX Key Replacement we’re here to steer you through the key replacement process. From determining the key type to dialing up the right locksmith, we’ll provide the roadmap you need. So buckle up and let’s get you back on the highway of freedom with your Acura RDX.

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  • Lowest Prices: Save Money on Key Replacements
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If you’ve lost your Acura RDX key, consider Low Rate Locksmith for a quick replacement. They provide a nationwide, around-the-clock mobile service that guarantees you’re never stranded. Whether you have a basic key, a transponder chip key, or a remote key fob, they’ve got you covered. Costs usually range from $180 to $450, including key, programming, and service charges. To save money, compare quotes and check if your insurance includes key replacement. Make sure your locksmith is certified for quality assurance. By choosing Low Rate Locksmith, you get professional, affordable, and reliable key replacement services tailored to your needs, setting you up to explore further benefits and options.

Key Takeaways

  • Low Rate Locksmith offers 24/7 nationwide mobile key replacement services for Acura RDX.
  • Replacement costs range from $180 to $250, plus programming and labor fees.
  • Options include dealership, professional locksmiths like Low Rate, online services, or DIY kits.
  • To save money, compare prices, use aftermarket keys, and consider having a spare to avoid emergency costs.
  • Ensure compatibility and quality by choosing services that specialize in Acura RDX key technology.

Nationwide Acura RDX Key Replacement Service by Low Rate Locksmith | 24 Hour Mobile Service

acura rdx key replacement

Are you looking for a quick and reliable Acura RDX key replacement? Low Rate Locksmith offers a 24-hour mobile service nationwide. When you’re stranded without a key, safety and speed are your top concerns. Low Rate Locksmith understands this urgency and guarantees that help is always just a phone call away, no matter where you’re in the country.

Their team of certified locksmiths are experts in handling any Acura RDX key situation with precision and care. Whether you’ve lost your key or it’s been damaged, they’ve got the tools and technology to get you back on the road safely without the hassle and high costs often associated with dealerships.

Moreover, choosing Low Rate Locksmith means you’re opting for a service that prioritizes your security. Each replacement key is crafted to meet the specific requirements of your vehicle, ensuring that your Acura RDX remains secure. Their swift mobile service ensures that you aren’t left vulnerable for long.

This service isn’t just about getting a new key; it’s about getting peace of mind quickly and efficiently. Don’t wait in uncertainty; let Low Rate Locksmith take care of your key needs with their dependable nationwide service.

Low Rate Locksmith For Acura RDX Key & Key Fob Services

affordable locksmith for acura

If you’ve lost your Acura RDX key or need a new key fob, Low Rate Locksmith provides a range of services including programming, replacement, and battery replacement.

They offer these services nationwide, ensuring you’re covered wherever you are.

Their team is highly rated and promises a quick and efficient solution to your key fob issues.

Acura RDX Key Replacement Service:

Low Rate Locksmith is your all-inclusive solution for Acura RDX key replacement, available 24 hours a day, nationwide. Regardless of the type of key your RDX uses, be it a traditional metal key or a modern key fob, they’ve got you covered.

If you’ve misplaced or broken your key, don’t fret—you’re protected. They assure you’re back on track swiftly and securely, minus the exorbitant charges typically associated with automotive dealerships. Their team comprehends the urgency and significance of vehicle security, delivering trustworthy replacement keys for your specific make and model with pinpoint accuracy.

They concentrate on making your key replacement experience as hassle-free as possible, employing cutting-edge technology to fashion keys that are the perfect fit for your Acura RDX. Choose their service to bypass the inconvenience and substantial costs, while ensuring your vehicle’s security.

Depend on them to cater to your Acura RDX key replacement needs with the highest level of professionalism, any time of the day, anywhere in the nation.

Acura RDX Key Fob Services: Programming, Replacement, and Battery Replacement

For comprehensive key fob services for your Acura RDX, trust Low Rate Locksmith. Available nationwide 24 hours a day, they specialize in programming, replacement, and battery replacement, ensuring your key fob is always functional and secure.

Whether you need a quick fix or a full replacement, Low Rate Locksmith delivers high-quality service for your Acura RDX keys.

Different Types of Acura RDX Keys

variety of acura rdx keys

Here’s a detailed list of ILCO and BlueRocket key blanks suitable for the Acura RDX, including their specifications and replacement costs:

1. ILCO Key – EZ# HD111

  • Make & Model: Acura RDX
  • Years Fits: 2007-2012
  • Type: Non-transponder key
  • Professional Cutting Required: Yes
  • Chip: No
  • Programming Needed: No
  • Frequency: N/A
  • Cost of Replacing:
    • Online: Approx. $5 – $10
    • Dealer: Not applicable
    • Locksmith: Approx. $20 – $30

2. ILCO Key – EZ# HO01PT

  • Make & Model: Acura RDX
  • Years Fits: 2007-2012
  • Type: Transponder key
  • Professional Cutting Required: Yes
  • Chip: Yes
  • Programming Needed: Yes
  • Frequency: N/A
  • Cost of Replacing:
    • Online: Approx. $20 – $40
    • Dealer: Approx. $120 – $150
    • Locksmith: Approx. $70 – $100

3. BlueRocket Key – BRK# HO01-PT

  • Make & Model: Acura RDX
  • Years Fits: 2007-2012
  • Type: Transponder key
  • Professional Cutting Required: Yes
  • Chip: Yes
  • Programming Needed: Yes
  • Frequency: N/A
  • Cost of Replacing:
    • Online: Approx. $15 – $35
    • Dealer: Approx. $120 – $150
    • Locksmith: Approx. $70 – $100

4. ILCO Smart Key – EZ# HO05-SVC

  • Make & Model: Acura RDX
  • Years Fits: 2013-2018
  • Type: Push to Start Fob
  • Professional Cutting Required: Not applicable
  • Chip: Yes
  • Programming Needed: Yes
  • Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Cost of Replacing:
    • Online: Approx. $100 – $200
    • Dealer: Approx. $250 – $400
    • Locksmith: Approx. $180 – $300

Security and Anti-Theft Features:

  • Non-transponder keys (HD111) offer basic security with mechanical cuts.
  • Transponder keys (HO01PT, BRK# HO01-PT) include a chip that must be programmed to match the vehicle’s ignition system, preventing the engine from starting without the correct key.
  • Smart keys (HO05-SVC) provide enhanced security features, including keyless entry and push-to-start capabilities, along with encryption to prevent unauthorized access.

Guide To Options To Get Acura RDX Key Replacement:

acura rdx key replacement

Option 1: Acura Dealership RDX Key Replacement:

  1. Advantages of Acura Dealership RDX Key Replacement:

Visiting an authorized Acura dealership for an RDX key replacement ensures the correct key for your model. The dealership has the necessary equipment to program your key efficiently, prioritizing your vehicle’s security.

  1. Disadvantages of Acura Dealership RDX Key Replacement:

However, this option mightn’t be the most convenient or cost-effective. You may need to physically visit the dealership, and the cost can be higher than other alternatives.

IV. Option 2: Professional Acura RDX Locksmith (Low Rate Locksmith):

  1. Advantages of Using Low Rate Locksmith:

Low Rate Locksmith offers a more convenient and potentially more affordable solution for your Acura RDX key replacement needs. They provide mobile services, meaning they can come to you, which is especially beneficial if you’re unable to use your vehicle.

  1. Disadvantages of Using a Professional Locksmith:

While there are many advantages, ensure the locksmith verifies your ownership documents to maintain your vehicle’s security.

  1. Option 3: Online Acura RDX Key Replacement
  2. Advantages of Online Acura RDX Key Replacement:

Purchasing aftermarket key fobs online can be a cost-effective option. Additionally, online platforms offer DIY tutorials for simple fixes, like a dead battery in your key fob.

  1. Disadvantages of Online Acura RDX Key Replacement:

Ensure the key fob is compatible with your vehicle model. Online purchases might also lack professional installation and programming services.

VI. Conclusion:

Whether you choose a dealership, a professional locksmith service like Low Rate Locksmith, or an online replacement, your choice should align with your needs, budget, and convenience. Always ensure your vehicle’s security isn’t compromised during the key replacement process.

Acura RDX Key Replacement Cost Guide

acura rdx key replacement

Understanding the costs associated with replacing your Acura RDX key is essential for budgeting properly. You’ll find that the costs can vary widely, depending on factors like the type of key, programming needs, and labor charges.

Factors Influencing the Cost Replacing Acura RDX Key

Several factors can drive up the cost of replacing your Acura RDX key, including the type of key, your location, and the service provider you choose.

If you’re located in a remote area, the travel time for a locksmith might increase the total cost. Opting for a reputable service provider guarantees you’re getting a fair price and a reliable replacement key that keeps your vehicle secure.

It’s important to take into account the type of key you need; more advanced keys with enhanced security features can be more expensive but offer greater peace of mind. Always compare different providers and inquire about any hidden fees to make sure you’re not paying more than necessary for your new key.

Breakdown of Costs: cost of the key itself, programming costs, labor costs, Trip Charge, etc:

Let’s break down the costs associated with replacing your Acura RDX key, including the price of the key, programming, labor, and any applicable trip charges. Understanding these costs guarantees you’re not caught off guard and can maintain the security of your vehicle efficiently.

  1. Key Cost: Depending on the type, an Acura RDX replacement key can range from $180 to $250.
  2. Programming and Labor: These services can cost between $150 and $200, depending on your location and the complexity of the key technology.
  3. Trip Charge: If you require a mobile locksmith service, expect an additional fee ranging from $50 to $100, especially if it’s an emergency call.

Always verify credentials and compare quotes to secure the best deal for your safety and budget.

Highlights and the benefits of choosing Our locksmith service

Choosing our locksmith service for your Acura RDX key replacement offers you unbeatable convenience and competitive pricing. You’re not just getting a new key; you’re securing peace of mind.

Our team is highly skilled and reliable, ensuring that your key is replaced quickly and correctly, minimizing your stress and downtime. We’re available nationwide, 24/7, so no matter where or when you find yourself needing a replacement, we’re just a call away.

Plus, our professionals are equipped to handle the unique technology of Acura RDX keys, providing you with a seamless and safe experience. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction means you can trust us to take care of your key replacement needs efficiently and securely.

Cost Replacing Acura RDX Keys

Understanding the costs associated with replacing your Acura RDX keys is essential for budgeting effectively. Here’s a detailed guide to help you anticipate the expenses:

Service Type Cost Range
Dealership $200 – $600
Locksmith $100 – $200
Key Fob $150 – $350
Programming $50 – $100
Additional Services (e.g., towing) $30 – $100

These costs can vary based on your location, the complexity of the key, and the services you might need. It’s wise to compare quotes and make sure you’re choosing a safe, reliable, and cost-effective solution for your key replacement needs.

Acura RDX Generations:

evolution of acura rdx

here’s a summary of the Acura RDX generations along with general upgrades and security features for each, including information on keys and ignitions. If you ever need key replacement or ignition fixes for any Acura RDX generation, remember that Low Rate Locksmith offers reliable services for all models.

  1. First Generation (2007-2012):
    • General Upgrades: Introduction of turbocharged engine, improved handling, and refined interior features.
    • Security/Anti-theft: Standard anti-theft system with engine immobilizer.
    • Keys/Ignitions: Traditional keys with transponder chip technology for added security.
  2. Second Generation (2013-2018):
    • General Upgrades: Redesigned exterior, upgraded infotainment system, enhanced fuel efficiency.
    • Security/Anti-theft: Advanced security features including remote keyless entry and perimeter alarm.
    • Keys/Ignitions: Smart key system with keyless ignition and push-button start.
  3. Third Generation (2019-present):
    • General Upgrades: Completely redesigned with a more luxurious interior, improved performance, and updated technology.
    • Security/Anti-theft: Comprehensive security system with remote engine start and theft-deterrent system.
    • Keys/Ignitions: Advanced smart key technology with keyless entry, remote engine start, and push-button ignition.

Low Rate Locksmith offers key replacement and ignition fix services for all Acura RDX generations, ensuring the security and convenience of your vehicle. Whether you’re dealing with lost keys, broken ignitions, or need spare key programming, we’ve got you covered.

Acura RDX with Valet Key Option

luxury suv with valet key

While exploring Acura RDX key options, it’s worth noting that some models come equipped with a valet key. This specialized key offers a unique advantage – it allows you to hand over your vehicle without granting full access to the storage compartments or glove box. You can keep your personal items secure while someone else drives your car, which is especially useful in scenarios where you use valet parking services or leave your car at a service station.

The valet key works by restricting access to the trunk and glove compartment, safeguarding any valuables you’ve left inside. This feature provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind, knowing that your personal belongings are safe even when you aren’t around. It’s a simple yet effective way to maintain control over your vehicle’s security.

To make the most out of this option, make sure that the valet key is functioning properly. Regular checks will help avoid any unexpected issues when you need to use it. Remember, maintaining the integrity of your valet key is as important as any other key to your Acura RDX, ensuring both convenience and security.

Step-by-step Acura RDX Key Replacement Process With Low Rate Locksmith

acura rdx key replacement

If you’ve lost your Acura RDX key, Low Rate Locksmith can quickly start the replacement process for you. First, you’ll need to provide some basic information about your vehicle, such as the year, make, and model. It’s important to locate your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), typically found on the driver’s side dashboard or in your vehicle registration documents. This unique identifier is essential for confirming the correct key programming.

Next, prepare to verify your ownership of the vehicle. You might need to present registration documents or a title to confirm that the car is yours. This step is crucial for your security and prevents unauthorized key duplication.

Once your details are verified, Low Rate Locksmith’s skilled technicians will use specialized equipment to create a new key. They’ll make sure that it’s perfectly programmed and synchronized with your Acura RDX. The entire process is designed to be convenient and secure, providing you with peace of mind.

Tips To Lower The Cost Of Acura RDX Car Key Replacement

affordable acura rdx key replacement

To lower your Acura RDX car key replacement costs, consider comparing quotes from various locksmiths and dealerships. It’s important to gather multiple estimates to make sure you’re getting the best price for the service. Don’t hesitate to ask about all potential fees to avoid any hidden charges.

Additionally, verify the credentials of the locksmiths. Choosing a certified locksmith not only guarantees quality work but also enhances your vehicle’s safety. Look for professionals with positive reviews and proper licensing. This step ensures that your car remains secure and that the key works flawlessly.

Another cost-saving tip is to check if your car insurance or roadside assistance covers key replacement. Some policies include this, which can greatly lower your out-of-pocket costs. If you’re not covered, consider adding this option for future security.

Lastly, time your replacement wisely. Urgent services often come with a premium. If possible, schedule your key replacement in advance to avoid rush fees. Taking these steps not only saves you money but also secures your Acura RDX with a properly functioning and reliable new key.

Tips for maintaining your Acura RDX keys to avoid replacement

preventing acura rdx key loss

How can you maintain your Acura RDX keys to ensure their longevity and avoid the need for costly replacements?

First off, it’s essential to keep your keys clean and free from dirt and debris. Regularly wipe them down with a soft, dry cloth to prevent any buildup that can affect their functionality. Also, avoid exposing your keys to extreme temperatures, which can damage the electronic components inside the key fob.

Next, be mindful of how you handle your keys. Don’t toss them around or pile heavy objects on them. Such actions can damage the internal circuitry or break the key. Instead, consider using a key pouch or a dedicated compartment in your bag or purse to keep them secure.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to periodically check the battery in your key fob. Weak or dying batteries can leave you stranded, so replace them at the first sign of sluggish response. Most Acura RDX models use a common battery type, which you can easily replace yourself.

Lastly, avoid unnecessary button presses on your key fob. Every press wears down the buttons and can lead to eventual failure. Treat your keys with care, and they’ll serve you well for a long time.

Warranty and Insurance Considerations for Cost Savings on Acura RDX key Replacement

acura rdx key replacement

When considering replacement options for your Acura RDX key, don’t overlook the potential cost savings that may be available through warranty and insurance coverage. Many car warranties, especially if your vehicle is new, might cover key replacement costs. It’s important to review your warranty details to understand what’s included. This could save you from out-of-pocket expenses in the unfortunate event you lose your key or it gets damaged.

Moreover, check your car insurance policy. Some all-inclusive insurance plans include coverage for lost or stolen keys. You’ll need to contact your insurance provider to confirm whether key replacement is covered and under what circumstances. This step is particularly vital as it can greatly reduce your financial burden.

Other Low Rate Locksmith’s Comprehensive Acura RDX Locksmith Services

comprehensive acura rdx locksmith

In addition to key replacement, Low Rate Locksmith offers a variety of other crucial services for your Acura RDX that you should consider:

  1. Nationwide expertise in lockout services to get you back into your car swiftly and safely.
  2. Thorough spare key creation to make sure you’re never stuck without a backup.
  3. Advanced programming for transponder and push-to-start keys, enhancing your vehicle’s security and convenience.

These services are designed to keep your Acura RDX secure and functional, providing peace of mind wherever you are.

Nationwide Acura RDX Expert Lockout Service By Low Rate Locksmith

If you’re locked out of your Acura RDX, Low Rate Locksmith provides a nationwide expert lockout service that quickly gets you back on the road.

Their team is available 24/7, ensuring that no matter when or where you face a lockout, help is just a call away.

You’ll experience prompt, professional service focused on safety and efficiency, minimizing your wait time and stress.

Low Rate Locksmith’s technicians are trained to handle your specific vehicle model with care, preventing any damage to your car during the access process.

Trust in their expertise to get you back into your Acura RDX safely and swiftly, without any hassle or undue worry.

Nationwide Acura RDX Spare Key Creation Service for Added Security By Low Rate Locksmith

Low Rate Locksmith now offers a nationwide Acura RDX spare key creation service, enhancing your vehicle’s security with reliable and expert solutions. Investing in a spare key guarantees you’re never stuck if you lose or damage your primary key.

Their team of skilled locksmiths can quickly and efficiently craft a duplicate key that matches your original, ensuring you’ve always got a backup. This service isn’t just about convenience; it’s a proactive step towards keeping your vehicle secure and minimizing potential stress in emergencies.

Don’t wait until you’re in a bind. Get that extra key made and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being prepared.

Nationwide Acura RDX Transponder and Push-To-Start Key Programming Expertise Service By Low Rate Locksmith

Have you considered upgrading your Acura RDX with expert transponder and push-to-start key programming services offered by Low Rate Locksmith?

Ensuring your vehicle’s security is paramount, and with Low Rate Locksmith, you’re getting high-quality service designed to keep you safe.

Their team specializes in the precise programming of transponder keys and push-to-start systems, essential for modern Acura RDX models.

This service not only enhances the security features of your vehicle but also provides peace of mind.

You’ll know your car is protected with the latest technology.

Don’t wait until you face a security breach; it’s essential to have these advanced keys programmed correctly to avoid potential threats.

Trust Low Rate Locksmith for reliable and secure service.

Nationwide Acura RDX Professional Key Extraction Service By Low Rate Locksmith

Dealing with a stuck or broken key in your Acura RDX? Low Rate Locksmith offers a professional key extraction service nationwide. You don’t need to panic or worry about damaging your vehicle further.

Their skilled technicians can safely remove any broken or jammed keys from your ignition or door with minimal risk to your car. They use specialized tools and techniques that guarantee a smooth and safe removal, helping you avoid costly repairs from potential damage.

Plus, their service is available 24/7, so help is always just a call away, no matter when you find yourself in a bind. Trust Low Rate Locksmith to handle this delicate situation with the utmost care and professionalism.

Nationwide Acura RDX Ignition Repair Service By Low Rate Locksmith

If your Acura RDX is experiencing ignition issues, Low Rate Locksmith offers an extensive ignition repair service that spans nationwide. You can rely on their team of skilled locksmiths to efficiently diagnose and solve any ignition problem, ensuring your vehicle remains safe and operational.

Whether it’s a worn-out ignition cylinder or a malfunctioning switch, they’ve the tools and expertise needed to address the issue promptly. With their mobile service, they’ll come to you, saving you time and reducing stress. Plus, their services are designed to be cost-effective, avoiding the high fees often associated with dealership repairs.

Trust Low Rate Locksmith to keep your Acura RDX running smoothly with their reliable ignition repair solutions.

Why Low Rate Locksmith is the Preferred Choice for Acura RDX Key Services Nationwide

low rate locksmith preferred
  • Expertise in Acura RDX:

Low Rate Locksmith is a trusted expert in Acura RDX key services. They’re well-versed with all the key-related issues that may arise with this specific model, whether it’s a lost key or a faulty remote fob. Their extensive knowledge and experience with Acura RDX ensures your vehicle remains secure throughout the key replacement process.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions:

A standout feature of Low Rate Locksmith is their competitive pricing. They offer a transparent pricing policy, which means there are no hidden charges. As an Acura RDX owner, you’re assured of receiving the best rate available for your key replacement needs.

  • Quick and Efficient Service:

Low Rate Locksmith understands the urgency of key replacement situations. They’re prepared to deliver fast and efficient service without compromising on quality. Their use of latest tools and technology guarantees that your new keys are accurately programmed and work seamlessly with your Acura RDX’s security system.

  • Professional and Experienced Technicians:

The team at Low Rate Locksmith consists of certified locksmiths who are equipped to handle any Acura RDX key scenario. Their experienced technicians ensure a professional and reliable service, providing you with peace of mind in stressful situations.

  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

Low Rate Locksmith prioritizes customer satisfaction. Their mobile services provide convenience by coming to you, making them a smart choice for any Acura RDX owner in need of key replacement services. They’re committed to solving your key issues without any hassle or excessive cost.

  • Licensed and Insured:

You can trust Low Rate Locksmith because they aren’t only licensed but also insured. This provides an added layer of security and trust, knowing that they’re a reliable and legitimate service provider for your Acura RDX key needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Low Rate Locksmith Program a Key Fob Bought Online?

Yes, Low Rate Locksmith can program a key fob you’ve purchased online. You’ll need to provide your vehicle’s details and the fob for programming. It’s important to make sure the fob is compatible with your Acura RDX.

They offer a reliable service that can save you a trip to the dealership, often at a lower cost. Remember to verify the locksmith’s credentials to guarantee a secure and effective service.

What Is the Response Time for Low Rate Locksmith’s Mobile Service?

Like a well-oiled machine, Low Rate Locksmith’s mobile service typically responds swiftly. You can count on their team to be at your location usually within 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your proximity to their nearest available technician.

This quick response guarantees you’re not left stranded for long, providing both a sense of security and convenience when you’re in need of urgent key replacement or lockout assistance for your Acura RDX.

Does Low Rate Locksmith Offer Key Replacement Services on Weekends?

Yes, Low Rate Locksmith does offer key replacement services for your Acura RDX on weekends. This guarantees you’re not stranded without a key when you need it most, even outside regular business hours.

Their mobile service can come to you, making it convenient and stress-free to get a new key. Always verify the locksmith’s credentials and make sure they’ve the correct equipment to handle your specific key type.

Are There Any Additional Charges for Emergency Night Services?

Yes, there are typically additional charges for emergency night services. These fees cover the extra important and immediate response you get during off-hours.

It’s vital to confirm these costs upfront when you’re arranging the service to avoid surprises. Opting for a nighttime emergency can guarantee your safety and peace of mind, especially when you’re stuck without a key in a less-than-ideal situation.

Always verify the total cost beforehand.

How Does Weather Affect Mobile Key Replacement Services?

Weather can greatly impact mobile key replacement services for your Acura RDX. Extreme temperatures may impact the equipment’s functionality and the technician’s ability to work efficiently.

Harsh conditions like rain or snow can lead to delays or rescheduling of services to guarantee safety.

Always check the forecast and plan accordingly to avoid any weather-related disruptions when you’re arranging for a mobile locksmith to replace your car key.


Finding your way through the maze of key replacement doesn’t have to be a headache. With Low Rate Locksmith, you’re just a call away from an affordable, reliable solution for your Acura RDX key needs.

Whether you’re stranded without a key or simply planning ahead, their nationwide, 24-hour service guarantees you’re never left in the lurch. Remember, keeping your keys well-maintained and exploring all cost-saving options can steer you clear of unexpected expenses.

Get back on the road with confidence and ease.

Acura RDX Key Replacement Cost

How much does it cost to replace Lost Acura RDX car key ?

The prices vary according to a few factors.

  • Type of key
  • The time of day & your location
  • Availability of the code to cut your new key
  • Original ignition or not
  • Where you get a replacement key

Cost of non-transponder Acura RDX key replacement:

  • ONLINE: Key only $7
  • DEALER: About $50
  • LOCKSMITH: On-site service $140

Cost of transponder Acura RDX key replacement:

  • ONLINE: Key only $20
  • DEALER: About $150 (not including towing)
  • LOCKSMITH: On-site service $220

Cost Of Push-To-Start Acura RDX key replacement:

ONLINE: Key only $30-$150

DEALER: About $250-$400 (not including towing)

LOCKSMITH: $300-$450 On-site service

How much does a locksmith charge for a new Acura RDX key replacement?

  • Non-transponder Key $125-$150
  • Transponder Key $200-$250
  • Remote key fob $300-$450


Acura RDX Years We Service
1999 Acura RDX Key Replacement 2007 Acura RDX Key Replacement 2015 Acura RDX Key Replacement
2000 Acura RDX Key Replacement 2008 Acura RDX Key Replacement 2016 Acura RDX Key Replacement
2001 Acura RDX Key Replacement 2009 Acura RDX Key Replacement 2017 Acura RDX Key Replacement
2002 Acura RDX Key Replacement 2010 Acura RDX Key Replacement 2018 Acura RDX Key Replacement
2003 Acura RDX Key Replacement 2011 Acura RDX Key Replacement 2019 Acura RDX Key Replacement
2004 Acura RDX Key Replacement 2012 Acura RDX Key Replacement 2020 Acura RDX Key Replacement
2005 Acura RDX Key Replacement 2013 Acura RDX Key Replacement 2021 Acura RDX Key Replacement
2006 Acura RDX Key Replacement 2014 Acura RDX Key Replacement 2022 Acura RDX Key Replacement

Other Acura Models We offer our automotive Locksmith services to:

Low Rate Locksmith offers car Key Replacement services to the following Dodge Models through our Acura Locksmiths:

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Acura RDX
Acura ILX
Acura NSX
Acura RL
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Are you locked out of your car or having other trouble with your locking mechanism or ignition? Our team provides auto Locksmith services in your neighborhood and can be with you within minutes. We’ll have you back on the road in no time.
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