If you’ve misplaced or damaged your Subaru Forester key, Low Rate Locksmith can help. Our 24-hour mobile Subaru Forester Key Replacement service is available nationwide, delivering speedy and reasonably priced solutions for key replacements, programming, and more. Cases vary; costs range from $130 to $380, depending on your vehicle’s year and key type. To save money, get quotes, consider non-transponder keys, and maintain your keys efficiently. Remember, your warranty or insurance may cover these expenses. Sift through the rest of the info here, and you’ll discover more tricks and tips for managing your Subaru Forester keys.

Nationwide Subaru Forester Key Replacement Service by Low Rate Locksmith | 24 Hour Mobile Service

subaru forester key replacement

Whether you’re stranded in California or New York, Low Rate Locksmith provides a nationwide 24-hour mobile service for all your Subaru Forester key replacement needs. You’re never alone or powerless with this service at your fingertips. Imagine the confidence you’ll feel knowing that no matter where you are, day or night, help is just a call away. From lost keys to broken ones, these experts have you covered. They come to you, saving you time and frustration. Their professional locksmiths specialize in Subaru Forester models, ensuring a perfect replacement every time. Trust in their expertise to provide the fast, efficient solutions you need. With Low Rate Locksmith, you hold the power to overcome any key-related obstacle. Your satisfaction is their priority. Take control and rely on Low Rate Locksmith for your Subaru Forester key replacement needs.

Low Rate Locksmith For Subaru Forester Key & Key Fob Services

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Looking for a reliable service to handle your Subaru Forester key-related needs? Low Rate Locksmith offers a wide range of services including key replacement, programming, and even battery replacement for your key fob. You can trust them to provide efficient, high-quality service tailored specifically for Subaru Forester keys and key fobs.

Subaru Forester Key Replacement Service:

If you’ve encountered a situation where your Subaru Forester key is lost or damaged, Low Rate Locksmith is your reliable solution for key replacement services. No need to worry or feel stranded, their proficient team is accessible nationwide, 24/7, ready to get your Subaru Forester back in action. Regardless of whether your Forester uses a turn-ignition key or a push-to-start key, Low Rate Locksmith can handle all types of key replacements. They can even use your VIN for ultimate convenience in replacing your key. Retain control over your key replacement scenario with Low Rate Locksmith. Don’t let a misplaced or damaged key interrupt your routine, trust Low Rate Locksmith for all your Subaru Forester key replacement requirements, nationwide, any time of the day.

Subaru Forester Key Fob Services: Programming, Replacement, and Battery Replacement

Low Rate Locksmith is your nationwide, 24/7 solution for Subaru Forester key fob requirements. Be it programming, replacing a lost key fob, or changing a dead battery, their team of experts are poised to assist. Gain superior control over your Forester’s keys with their efficient and dependable services. Trust Low Rate Locksmith for all your key fob needs, no matter the hour.

Different Types of Subaru Forester Keys

subaru forester key types

Here’s a detailed list of ILCO and Blue Rocket key blanks for Subaru Forester, including the type of key, years range, security features, and the cost of replacing the key through different channels:

1. ILCO Key for Subaru Forester (Non-Transponder)

  • Name/Model Name: ILCO SUB1
  • Make Model Years Fits: 1998-2002 Subaru Forester
  • Professional Cutting Required: Yes
  • Chip: No
  • Programming Needed: No
  • Frequency: N/A
  • Cost of Replacing:
    • Online: $5-$10
    • Dealer: Not applicable for non-transponder keys
    • Locksmith: $20-$40

2. ILCO Transponder Key for Subaru Forester

  • Name/Model Name: ILCO SUB4-PT
  • Make Model Years Fits: 2003-2006 Subaru Forester
  • Professional Cutting Required: Yes
  • Chip: Yes (Phillips 46)
  • Programming Needed: Yes
  • Frequency: N/A
  • Cost of Replacing:
    • Online: $15-$30
    • Dealer: $120-$150
    • Locksmith: $80-$120

3. Blue Rocket Key for Subaru Forester (Non-Transponder)

  • Name/Model Name: Blue Rocket BRK-SUB1
  • Make Model Years Fits: 1998-2002 Subaru Forester
  • Professional Cutting Required: Yes
  • Chip: No
  • Programming Needed: No
  • Frequency: N/A
  • Cost of Replacing:
    • Online: $3-$8
    • Dealer: Not applicable for non-transponder keys
    • Locksmith: $15-$35

4. Blue Rocket Transponder Key for Subaru Forester

  • Name/Model Name: Blue Rocket BRK-SUB4-PT
  • Make Model Years Fits: 2003-2006 Subaru Forester
  • Professional Cutting Required: Yes
  • Chip: Yes (Phillips 46)
  • Programming Needed: Yes
  • Frequency: N/A
  • Cost of Replacing:
    • Online: $10-$25
    • Dealer: $100-$130
    • Locksmith: $70-$110

5. Subaru Forester Push to Start Fob

  • Name/Model Name: OEM Subaru Smart Key
  • Make Model Years Fits: 2016-Present
  • Professional Cutting Required: N/A
  • Chip: Yes
  • Programming Needed: Yes
  • Frequency: 433 MHz
  • Cost of Replacing:
    • Online: $150-$250
    • Dealer: $250-$400
    • Locksmith: $200-$350

Each key type offers various security features:

  • Non-Transponder Keys: Basic mechanical cut key, low security, no anti-theft features.
  • Transponder Keys: Includes a chip that must be programmed to the vehicle, providing higher security and reducing the risk of unauthorized use.
  • Smart Keys: Provides the highest level of security with encryption and proximity-based convenience, including push-to-start capabilities.

Guide To Options To Get Subaru Forester Key Replacement:

subaru forester key replacement

Knowing the various key types for your Subaru Forester is essential when seeking a replacement. Here are some options to consider:

Option 1: Subaru Dealership Key Replacement

  1. Advantages of Subaru Dealership Key Replacement:

The dealership has specific knowledge about your Forester model and year. They can provide the exact key type required for your vehicle.

  1. Disadvantages of Subaru Dealership Key Replacement:

This option might be costly and inconvenient if you need to tow your car to the dealership for a key replacement.

Option 2: Professional Subaru Forester Locksmith – Low Rate Locksmith

  1. Advantages of Using Low Rate Locksmith:

Low Rate Locksmith offers 24/7 mobile services, so you’re never left stranded. They provide comprehensive services from key duplication to ignition repair.

  1. Disadvantages of Using a Professional Locksmith:

While Low Rate Locksmith offers specialized services, it might take some time for them to arrive on site, especially during peak hours.

Option 3: Online Subaru Forester Key Replacement

  1. Advantages of Online Subaru Forester Key Replacement:

If you’re technologically inclined, ordering a key online can be a quick and efficient option.

  1. Disadvantages of Online Subaru Forester Key Replacement:

The downside of this option is that you’ll need to be sure about the specific key type for your Forester’s model and year. Incorrect orders can lead to more inconvenience and costs.


The best option for your Subaru Forester key replacement largely depends on your specific needs, timeline, and budget. However, considering their specialized services and convenience, Low Rate Locksmith seems to be a top choice for many.

Subaru Forester Key Replacement Cost Guide

subaru forester key replacement

Let’s talk about the cost of replacing your Subaru Forester key. It’s important to understand that prices can vary greatly based on whether you choose to replace your key through a dealership, a locksmith, or online. In the next section, we’ll discuss these costs in detail to help you make the best decision for your situation.

Understanding the Costs of Replacing Subaru Forester Key

So, you’re interested in the cost of replacing a Subaru Forester key? It’s a valid question, and one that requires a clear understanding. Costs can vary, often ranging from $130 to $380. This might seem steep, but it’s important to take into account the factors influencing these costs. The type of key needed, the year of your car’s manufacture, the time and location of the service, where you get the replacement, and the availability of your key’s code all play a role. Newer models with advanced security features may see costs rise above $250. While dealers often charge less than locksmiths, keep in mind that towing costs can add up. After-hours locksmith services might also impact the final bill.

Dealership Vs. Locksmith Vs. Online

When it comes to replacing your Subaru Forester key, you’ve got three primary options: going to a dealership, hiring a locksmith, or ordering one online. Each one comes with its own conveniences and drawbacks.

Here’s a quick comparison:

Options Considerations
Dealership Dealerships are reliable but often pricey. You’ll also need to tow your vehicle there if your key is completely lost.
Locksmith A locksmith like Low Rate Locksmith is versatile, offering mobile services and competitive rates. They can come to you, saving you the hassle of a tow.
Online Ordering online might seem cost-effective, but it’s risky. You could receive a non-functioning key and most online sellers can’t program the key for you.

Choose your power wisely and go for the option that best suits your needs.

Cost Replacing Subaru Forester Keys

Understanding the cost of replacing your Subaru Forester keys is essential to avoid unexpected expenses. On average, you can expect to shell out anywhere from $130 to $380. This price range reflects key type, your car’s manufacturing year, and where you get the replacement. Newer models with advanced security may cost you over $250. While a dealership might charge 10-15% less than a locksmith, remember that towing costs could hike up your total bill. Opting for a locksmith service after hours may also mean extra charges. So, plan wisely, consider all factors, and choose the option that gives you the best value for your hard-earned money. You’re in control.

Subaru Forester Generations

subaru s evolution through time

As one of Subaru’s most popular SUVs, the Forester has seen significant evolution over the years across its generations. Alongside enhancements in performance, comfort, and technology, Subaru has continuously prioritized security features to protect these vehicles. From anti-theft measures to advanced key and ignition systems, each Forester generation has brought improvements to ensure the safety and security of its drivers. For any key replacement or ignition fix and replacement needs across all Forester generations, consider Low Rate Locksmith Key Replacement and Ignition Fix and Replacement Service for reliable solutions.

  1. First Generation (1997-2002):
    • General upgrades: Introduction of the Forester as a compact crossover SUV.
    • Security anti-theft: Basic anti-theft system with engine immobilizer.
    • Keys, ignitions: Traditional key and ignition system.
  2. Second Generation (2003-2008):
    • General upgrades: Improved chassis, larger interior space, and increased safety features.
    • Security anti-theft: Enhanced anti-theft system with keyless entry.
    • Keys, ignitions: Introduction of transponder keys with immobilizer technology.
  3. Third Generation (2009-2013):
    • General upgrades: Revised exterior design, improved fuel efficiency, and upgraded suspension.
    • Security anti-theft: Advanced anti-theft system with engine immobilizer and alarm.
    • Keys, ignitions: Continued use of transponder keys with improved security features.
  4. Fourth Generation (2014-2018):
    • General upgrades: All-new platform, improved cabin materials, and enhanced technology features.
    • Security anti-theft: Keyless entry system with perimeter alarm.
    • Keys, ignitions: Push-button start system introduced in higher trim levels.
  5. Fifth Generation (2019-present):
    • General upgrades: Redesigned exterior, more spacious interior, and updated technology suite.
    • Security anti-theft: Keyless access system with push-button start and PIN Code Access.
    • Keys, ignitions: Keyless access with PIN Code Access and remote start feature available.

For any issues related to key replacement, ignition fixes, or replacements across all Subaru Forester generations, trust Low Rate Locksmith for professional and efficient service.

Subaru Forester with Valet Key Option

vehicle with valet key

While getting to grips with the key types across Subaru Forester generations, it’s also worth noting the option of a valet key. This key gives you an extra layer of security. When you hand over your valet key, you’re giving access only to the ignition and door locks, not to the glove compartment or trunk. It’s a power move, allowing you to keep your personal items secure, even when your car is not in your control. So, when seeking key replacement options, consider the valet key. It’s not just about having a backup, but also about ensuring your peace of mind. Remember, it’s your car, and having control over who has access is an empowering choice.

Step-by-step Subaru Forester Key Replacement Process With Low Rate Locksmith

subaru forester key replacement

In case you’ve misplaced your Subaru Forester key, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to swiftly get a replacement with Low Rate Locksmith.

  1. Contact Low Rate Locksmith: Get in touch with the Low Rate Locksmith team. They’re available 24/7 and offer a reliable mobile service.
  2. Provide Information: Give them your vehicle’s details, including the VIN number. They will prepare the right key for your Subaru Forester.
  3. Wait for Service: A locksmith will be dispatched to your location. They will cut and program a new key for your vehicle on the spot.

No need to sweat over a lost key. With these power-packed steps, you’ll have a new key in your hands in no time.

Tips To Lower The Cost Of Subaru Forester Car Key Replacement

save money on replacement

To save on your Subaru Forester car key replacement, here are a few cost-effective tips you might want to take into account. First, consider getting a quote from a professional locksmith like Low Rate Locksmith. They often charge less than dealerships and provide mobile services, saving you towing costs. Second, opt for a non-transponder key if your vehicle model permits. It’s cheaper and doesn’t require programming. Third, make copies of your key before it gets lost. Duplicate keys cost less than new ones. Finally, consider buying blank keys online and get them cut and programmed by a locksmith. This way, you’ll cut costs on parts. Harness these strategies to hold the power of savings in your hands.

Tips for maintaining your Subaru Forester keys to avoid replacement

subaru forester key maintenance

Keeping your Subaru Forester keys in good shape can help you dodge the hassle and expense of replacement. Regular cleaning of the keys can prevent dirt and grime buildup. Pay attention to your key’s functionality. If it’s getting hard to turn or press buttons, don’t force it; instead, seek professional help. Avoid dropping your keys as impacts may damage the chip inside. For key fobs, replace the batteries as needed to make sure they’re always working efficiently. Don’t expose your keys to extreme temperatures or moisture as this can affect the electronic components. Lastly, consider having a spare key; it’s an upfront cost, but it can save you a lot in case of loss or damage.

Warranty and Insurance Considerations for Cost Savings on Subaru Forester key Replacement

cost saving key replacement tips

While taking good care of your Subaru Forester keys can prevent unnecessary replacements, it’s also worth looking into warranty and insurance options for potential cost savings. For instance, your car’s warranty may cover key replacements to a certain extent. Check the specifics of your warranty to confirm. Moreover, some insurance policies, especially all-inclusive ones, may partially or fully cover the cost of replacing lost or stolen keys. So, review your policy and explore this avenue. You might also consider adding coverage for keys to your auto insurance policy, if it’s not already included. Remember, it’s all about being proactive – taking steps today can save you money tomorrow. So, leverage your warranty and insurance to your advantage.

Other Low Rate Locksmith’s Comprehensive Subaru Forester Locksmith Services

subaru forester locksmith services

In addition to key replacement, Low Rate Locksmith offers a range of other locksmith services tailored for your Subaru Forester. These include expert lockout service, spare key creation for added security, and key programming expertise for both transponder and push-to-start keys. They even provide professional key extraction and ignition repair services, ensuring thorough care for your vehicle’s needs.

Subaru Forester Expert Lockout Service

If you ever find yourself locked out of your Subaru Forester, Low Rate Locksmith‘s expert team is just a call away, ready to provide fast and efficient lockout service. Imagine the power of having immediate help in a stressful lockout situation. Wherever you are, whatever the time, they’re equipped to get you back on the road swiftly. They’re not just locksmiths, they’re your lifeline. Their technicians are trained specifically to handle Subaru Forester lock issues. They use state-of-the-art tools, ensuring no harm comes to your vehicle. With their 24/7 service, you’re never alone in a lockout scenario. So remember, when the unexpected happens, just dial Low Rate Locksmith. They’ve got your back.

Subaru Forester Spare Key Creation Service for Added Security

Having a spare key for your Subaru Forester can be a game-changer, and Low Rate Locksmith‘s specialized key creation service guarantees you’re always prepared for any situation. Don’t wait for an emergency; instead, take control and make sure you’ve got a backup plan. With this service, you’ll have a fully functional spare key, crafted expertly to match your vehicle. It’s not just about convenience, but also about security. In a world where unpredictability is the norm, you can rest easy knowing you’ve got a safeguard in place. No more worries about lost or damaged keys; you’ll be ready for anything. Embrace the power of preparedness and secure your peace of mind with Low Rate Locksmith’s spare key creation service.

Subaru Forester Transponder and Push-To-Start Key Programming Expertise Service

Trust Low Rate Locksmith for expert programming of your Subaru Forester‘s transponder and push-to-start keys. Our highly skilled techs have mastered this intricate process, ensuring your key’s seamless communication with your vehicle. Whether you’ve got a new key, or you’re upgrading to a push-to-start system, we can handle the job with precision. We use advanced technology to program your key accurately, giving you the power to start your Subaru Forester at a push of a button. With us, you don’t have to worry about faulty programming leading to non-responsive keys. Rest assured, we ensure you’re back on the road, commanding your journey with ease. So, for expert Subaru Forester key programming, turn to Low Rate Locksmith.

PSubaru Forester rofessional Key Extraction Service

When you’re stuck with a broken or stuck key in your Subaru Forester‘s ignition or door lock, Low Rate Locksmith’s professional key extraction service is a quick and efficient solution. You don’t need to worry about damaging your vehicle; their team of professionals has the expertise to extract keys from any Subaru Forester model without causing any harm. They use advanced tools to guarantee a quick and successful extraction process. Plus, they’re available around the clock, so you’re never left stranded. You’re in control with Low Rate Locksmith’s key extraction service, able to get back on the road in no time. Trust in their expertise to put the power of mobility back in your hands, fast and hassle-free.

Subaru Forester Ignition Repair Service

If you’re facing issues with your Subaru Forester’s ignition, Low Rate Locksmith’s thorough ignition repair service can provide a swift and reliable solution. Experienced technicians will diagnose and fix any ignition-related problem, ensuring you regain control of your vehicle as soon as possible.

Here’s what you can expect:

Service Feature Description
Fast Response Low Rate Locksmith’s mobile team is ready to respond quickly, minimizing your downtime.
Expert Diagnosis Their seasoned locksmiths can accurately pinpoint the issue and provide a detailed solution.
Affordable Rates You’ll receive excellent service without breaking the bank.

Don’t let ignition woes stall your journey. With Low Rate Locksmith, you’re back on the road in no time, fully confident in the power of your Subaru Forester.

Why Low Rate Locksmith is the Preferred Choice for Subaru Forester Key Services Nationwide

low rate locksmith preference

-Expertise in Subaru Forester:

Low Rate Locksmith has become a nationwide leader in Subaru Forester key services due to their unmatched knowledge and understanding of this specific make and model. They specialize in delivering solutions tailored to the unique needs of Subaru Forester vehicles.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

One of the key reasons Low Rate Locksmith stands apart is their commitment to providing top-quality service at affordable rates. No matter what your Subaru Forester key needs are, from replacement to duplication, they ensure cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality.

Quick and Efficient Service:

Low Rate Locksmith’s 24-hour mobile service ensures that help is always nearby, regardless of when or where you need it. Their service is renowned for its speed and efficiency, ensuring that Subaru Forester owners are never left stranded.

Professional and Experienced Technicians:

At Low Rate Locksmith, a team of seasoned professionals is at the heart of their service. These experts specialize in Subaru Forester models, guaranteeing reliable service every time.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

Low Rate Locksmith’s focus on customer satisfaction is one of the key reasons for their nationwide popularity. They ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for all Subaru Forester key services, ensuring customers’ needs are always met.

Licensed and Insured:

With Low Rate Locksmith, you’re in safe hands. They are a fully licensed and insured service, providing peace of mind along with their expert locksmith services for Subaru Forester vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does a Subaru Forester Key Fob Battery Typically Last?

Your Subaru Forester key fob battery typically lasts between 3 to 4 years. However, if you’re using the fob more often, it might run out sooner. Make sure you’re prepared for this so you’re not caught off guard. If you notice your key fob starting to become less responsive or the signal range decreasing, it’s a good sign that the battery is getting low and it’s time for a replacement.

Can Low Rate Locksmith Program a Key Fob Ive Purchased Online?

Yes, Low Rate Locksmith can program a key fob you’ve purchased online. They’re equipped with the necessary tools and expertise. However, make sure it’s the correct fob for your Subaru Forester. Not all fobs are compatible with all models or years. Buying the wrong one could lead to unnecessary costs. So, check its compatibility before purchase and Low Rate Locksmith will handle the programming for you.

What Is the Difference Between Transponder Keys and Non-Transponder Keys?

Transponder keys and non-transponder keys differ in their communication with your car. A transponder key has a chip that sends a unique signal to your car’s ignition system to start it. Without this specific signal, your car won’t start. On the other hand, a non-transponder key, often called a ‘plain’ key, has no chip and simply opens the car door and starts the ignition without any communication with the car’s system.

Is There Any Way to Prevent My Subaru Forester Keys From Getting Lost or Damaged?

Sure, there’re ways to prevent your Subaru Forester keys from getting lost or damaged. Always have a designated spot for your keys at home and work. Use a keychain or keyring for better grip and visibility. Don’t overload your keychain to prevent damage. Regularly check your keys for wear and tear. Should you notice any damage, contact a reliable locksmith like Low Rate Locksmith for key repair or replacement services.

Do Low Rate Locksmith Services Cover All Subaru Forester Model Years?

Yes, Low Rate Locksmith services cover all Subaru Forester model years. Whether you’ve got an older model or a brand-new ride, they’ve got you covered. They offer key replacement, duplication, and ignition repair for any Subaru Forester, regardless of the year. So, you don’t have to worry if your model is too old or too new. Low Rate Locksmith is equipped to handle it all efficiently and professionally.