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If you’ve lost your Subaru Impreza key, don’t worry! Low Rate Locksmith’s 24-hour mobile Subaru Impreza service has it covered. Wherever you are in the nation, you can get a swift, efficient replacement at a competitive price. They also offer money-saving tips like getting duplicate keys to avoid full costs and comparing quotes from dealerships, online, or DIY options. Their transparent pricing starts at $120 for key replacement and they guarantee customer satisfaction. Delving further, you’ll understand more about their extensive locksmith services and why they’re the go-to choice for Subaru Impreza key services nationwide.

Nationwide Subaru Impreza Key Replacement Service by Low Rate Locksmith | 24 Hour Mobile Service

subaru impreza key replacement

If you’re a Subaru Impreza owner in need of a key replacement, Low Rate Locksmith offers a reliable 24-hour mobile service, operating nationwide, to get you back on the road quickly and efficiently. You’re not just getting a key; you’re regaining control of your mobility. Their experienced locksmiths are well-versed in all Subaru locks and keys. You won’t be left hanging, wondering when help will arrive–they’re committed to swift response times. The cost? Competitive. Starting at just $120 for key replacement, you’re getting value for your money. They’re transparent about pricing, so you’re never caught off guard. And it’s not just about keys; offering ignition repair and replacements, they’re a one-stop-shop for all your Subaru Impreza lock needs.

Low Rate Locksmith For Subaru Impreza Key & Key Fob Services

subaru impreza locksmith services

You’re in luck if you’re looking for a reliable locksmith for your Subaru Impreza key and key fob services. Low Rate Locksmith offers nationwide, excellent services, including key replacement and key fob programming. They’re available 24/7, providing efficient, affordable solutions tailored to your needs.

Subaru Impreza Key Replacement Service:

Have you ever lost, damaged, or had your Subaru Impreza keys stolen? Low Rate Locksmith’s nationwide key replacement service is here for you. Available around the clock, they rapidly replace all types of Subaru Impreza keys, allowing you to regain command of your vehicle. You’ll appreciate their transparent pricing with key replacement services starting at just $120. Experience the convenience of their mobile service, bringing expert assistance directly to your location. Regardless of whether you own a traditional ignition key or a push-to-start key, their proficient locksmiths are equipped to handle it all. They also provide key fob programming services. If you need spare or duplicate keys for your Subaru Impreza, they’re only a phone call away. With Low Rate Locksmith, you’re never stranded, and you always save more.

Subaru Impreza Key Fob Services: Programming, Replacement, and Battery Replacement

Low Rate Locksmith is your go-to service for all Subaru Impreza key fob needs, available 24/7 nationwide. Whether it’s programming a new key fob, replacing a lost one, or changing a low battery, they offer prompt and efficient service. Experts in handling all Subaru Impreza keys, they ensure you’re never locked out. Turn to Low Rate Locksmith for secure, accessible solutions for your Subaru Impreza’s key fob.

Different Types of Subaru Impreza Keys

variety of subaru keys

For the Subaru Impreza, various key blanks from ILCO and Blue Rocket are available, each with specific features tailored for different model years. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  1. ILCO Key – Transponder Key
    • Name/Model: ILCO SUB4-PT
    • Make Model Years Fits: Subaru Impreza 2005-2007
    • Professional Cutting Required: Yes
    • Chip: Yes (Transponder Chip)
    • Programming Needed: Yes
    • Frequency: 433 MHz
    • Cost Of Replacing:
      • Online: $50-$70
      • Dealer: $120-$150
      • Locksmith: $100-$130
  2. Blue Rocket Key – Non-Transponder Key
    • Name/Model: Blue Rocket X237
    • Make Model Years Fits: Subaru Impreza 1993-2001
    • Professional Cutting Required: Yes
    • Chip: No
    • Programming Needed: No
    • Cost Of Replacing:
      • Online: $5-$10
      • Dealer: $20-$30
      • Locksmith: $15-$25
  3. ILCO Key – Push to Start Fob
    • Name/Model: ILCO FOB-SUB-4
    • Make Model Years Fits: Subaru Impreza 2015-2021
    • Professional Cutting Required: No (Fob only)
    • Chip: Yes (Smart Key)
    • Programming Needed: Yes
    • Frequency: 433 MHz
    • Cost Of Replacing:
      • Online: $150-$200
      • Dealer: $250-$350
      • Locksmith: $200-$300

Guide To Options To Get Subaru Impreza Key Replacement:

subaru impreza key replacement

Option 1: Subaru Dealership Impreza Key Replacement

  1. Advantages of Subaru Dealership Key Replacement: The dealership offers a precise key replacement designed to fit your Impreza’s specifications.
  2. Disadvantages of Subaru Dealership Key Replacement: This option might be pricier and necessitates towing your car to the dealership.

IV. Option 2: Professional Subaru Impreza Locksmith (Low Rate Locksmith)

  1. Advantages of Using Low Rate Locksmith: They offer a 24-hour mobile service, delivering fast and effective solutions right at your location. This locksmith can replace different types of keys, including turn-ignition and push-to-start keys.
  2. Disadvantages of Using a Professional Locksmith: While there are few disadvantages, availability might vary based on your location.
  3. Option 3: Online Subaru Impreza Key Replacement
  4. Advantages of Online Subaru Impreza Key Replacement: If you’re tech-savvy, this option lets you order a replacement key from the comfort of your home.
  5. Disadvantages of Online Subaru Impreza Key Replacement: This method requires additional cutting and programming. The quality of the key might also be uncertain.

VI. Conclusion: Weighing the benefits and drawbacks of each option, Low Rate Locksmith emerges as the most convenient, efficient, and cost-effective choice for your Subaru Impreza key replacement.

Subaru Impreza Key Replacement Cost Guide

subaru key replacement costs

You might be wondering about the costs of replacing your Subaru Impreza key. It’s important to take into account the differences in price between options such as getting a replacement from a dealership, hiring a locksmith, or purchasing online. In the next section, we’ll break down these costs to help you make the best decision for your situation.

Understanding the Costs of Replacing Subaru Impreza Key

Wondering what it might cost to replace your Subaru Impreza key? The price can vary based on a few factors. The type of key you need is a primary factor. Traditional keys are less expensive to replace than high-tech, push-to-start keys. The model year of your Impreza also impacts the cost, as newer models often require more advanced keys. Your location can affect the price as well, with urban areas typically charging more due to higher demand. The time of service also matters. After hours or emergency services might charge more. On average, you should expect to pay between $120 and $350 for a key replacement service. So, plan your budget accordingly to regain control of your vehicle.

Dealership Vs. Locksmith Vs. Online

Now that you’ve got a ballpark figure for what a key replacement might cost, let’s break down the cost differences between getting your Subaru Impreza key replaced at a dealership, by a locksmith, or ordering it online. The dealership option seems convenient, but it’ll likely be the most expensive. A locksmith offers on-site convenience and competitive prices. Ordering online could be the least costly, but you’ll need to get it programmed and cut.

Source Cost Convenience Quality
Dealership High Medium High
Locksmith Medium High High
Online Low Low Varies

Choose wisely to balance your budget, time, and the quality of the key.

Cost Replacing Subaru Impreza Keys

Keep in mind, the costs associated with replacing a Subaru Impreza key can vary greatly, usually ranging from $120 to $350. This price fluctuates depending on the type of key you need and the locksmith’s fees. Traditional turn-ignition keys are typically cheaper than push-to-start keys or key fobs. Remember, a dealership might charge more due to overhead costs, but they provide a reliable service. If you’re thinking about ordering a key online, keep in consideration, you’ll still need to get it cut and programmed, which adds to the cost. So, weigh your options carefully, with cost-effectiveness and convenience in mind.

Subaru Impreza Generations

subaru s evolution through time

As one of Subaru’s most popular SUVs, the Forester has seen significant evolution over the years across its generations. Alongside enhancements in performance, comfort, and technology, Subaru has continuously prioritized security features to protect these vehicles. From anti-theft measures to advanced key and ignition systems, each Forester generation has brought improvements to ensure the safety and security of its drivers. For any key replacement or ignition fix and replacement needs across all Forester generations, consider Low Rate Locksmith Key Replacement and Ignition Fix and Replacement Service for reliable solutions.

  1. First Generation (1997-2002):
    • General upgrades: Introduction of the Forester as a compact crossover SUV.
    • Security anti-theft: Basic anti-theft system with engine immobilizer.
    • Keys, ignitions: Traditional key and ignition system.
  2. Second Generation (2003-2008):
    • General upgrades: Improved chassis, larger interior space, and increased safety features.
    • Security anti-theft: Enhanced anti-theft system with keyless entry.
    • Keys, ignitions: Introduction of transponder keys with immobilizer technology.
  3. Third Generation (2009-2013):
    • General upgrades: Revised exterior design, improved fuel efficiency, and upgraded suspension.
    • Security anti-theft: Advanced anti-theft system with engine immobilizer and alarm.
    • Keys, ignitions: Continued use of transponder keys with improved security features.
  4. Fourth Generation (2014-2018):
    • General upgrades: All-new platform, improved cabin materials, and enhanced technology features.
    • Security anti-theft: Keyless entry system with perimeter alarm.
    • Keys, ignitions: Push-button start system introduced in higher trim levels.
  5. Fifth Generation (2019-present):
    • General upgrades: Redesigned exterior, more spacious interior, and updated technology suite.
    • Security anti-theft: Keyless access system with push-button start and PIN Code Access.
    • Keys, ignitions: Keyless access with PIN Code Access and remote start feature available.

For any issues related to key replacement, ignition fixes, or replacements across all Subaru Forester generations, trust Low Rate Locksmith for professional and efficient service.

Subaru Impreza with Valet Key Option

valet key for subaru

If you own a Subaru Impreza equipped with a valet key option, you’ve got an additional layer of security and convenience at your disposal. This key allows valets to access and start your car, but limits entry to the trunk and glove box. It’s a nifty feature that offers peace of mind when handing your keys over to a stranger. However, if you lose this valet key, a replacement can be quite pricey.

Option Advantage
Local Dealership They know your model best, but higher cost.
Online Purchase Cheaper, but needs programming.
Professional Locksmith Mobile service, but cost varies.
DIY Save money, but requires skill.
No Replacement No cost, but security risk.

Weigh your options and choose what suits your circumstances best.

Step-by-step Subaru Impreza Key Replacement Process With Low Rate Locksmith

subaru impreza key replacement

Exploring the Subaru Impreza key replacement process with Low Rate Locksmith can be a smooth, stress-free experience. Let’s break it down into four simple steps for you:

  1. Contact: Reach out to Low Rate Locksmith through their 24-hour hotline or website. Provide them with your vehicle’s details, including the model and year.
  2. Schedule: Set up a convenient time for the locksmith to come to your location. They offer round-the-clock mobile service.
  3. Key Replacement: The locksmith will create a new key for your Subaru Impreza on-site, be it a traditional, transponder, or key fob.
  4. Payment: Once you’re satisfied with the service, make the payment.

This straightforward approach guarantees you regain control of your vehicle without unnecessary stress.

Tips To Lower The Cost Of Subaru Impreza Car Key Replacement

save money on keys

Starting with cutting down on your Subaru Impreza key replacement costs can be a breeze with these savvy tips. To begin with, consider getting quotes from different locksmiths, as prices can vary greatly. Opting for a local, reliable locksmith like Low Rate Locksmith can save you a bundle compared to dealership prices. Additionally, think about investing in a duplicate key. It might seem like an unnecessary expense now, but it’s a lot cheaper than a full key replacement. Don’t forget online options too. You can often find blank keys for a fraction of the cost. Just remember, these will still need cutting and programming. Lastly, always negotiate. Many locksmiths may offer discounts, especially for repeat customers. Be proactive, and you’ll see the savings stack up.

Tips for maintaining your Subaru Impreza keys to avoid replacement

subaru impreza key maintenance

Taking proper care of your Subaru Impreza keys can help you avoid the inconvenience and cost of replacement. A few simple steps can extend their lifespan and keep you in control. Always keep your keys in a protective case to prevent damage from drops and scratches. Don’t overload your keychain, as the extra weight can wear out the ignition switch. Avoid exposing your keys to extreme temperatures or moisture, which can damage the electronic components. Regularly check the battery in your key fob and replace it before it dies completely. Finally, never force your key to turn in the ignition, which can cause it to break. By following these tips, you’ll guarantee your keys last as long as possible.

Warranty and Insurance Considerations for Cost Savings on Subaru Impreza key Replacement

subaru impreza key replacement

When considering a key replacement for your Subaru Impreza, it’s worth looking into warranty and insurance options that could potentially save you money. Check if your car’s warranty covers key replacement costs. If it does, you’re in luck! You’ve got a cost-effective solution right there. Similarly, your auto insurance or roadside assistance plan could cover these expenses. So, before shelling out cash, you’d better investigate these options. Also, some credit card companies offer complimentary roadside assistance, which might include key replacement. Be proactive, review your policies and understand what they cover. Remember, you’re in control and your financial savvy can save you a significant sum on key replacements. Harness the power of knowledge and let it work in your favor.

Other Low Rate Locksmith’s Comprehensive Subaru Impreza Locksmith Services

subaru impreza locksmith services

In addition to key replacement, Low Rate Locksmith offers a variety of extensive services for your Subaru Impreza. From lockout solutions to ignition repairs, they’ve got you covered. Let’s explore these services a bit more:

  1. Expert Lockout Service: Never worry about locking yourself out.
  2. Spare Key Creation: For that extra layer of security and convenience.
  3. Transponder and Push-To-Start Key Programming: Stay up-to-date with the latest technology.
  4. Professional Key Extraction and Ignition Repair: Keep your Subaru in top shape.

Subaru Impreza Expert Lockout Service

If you’re locked out of your Subaru Impreza, Low Rate Locksmith’s expert lockout service is ready to assist you 24/7 nationwide. Don’t let this setback rob you of your power. With our team of professional locksmiths, we’ll get you back on the road swiftly. Our experts understand the intricate locking mechanisms of your Subaru Impreza, ensuring efficient opening without damaging your vehicle. We’re just a call away, ready to reach you wherever you are. You’ll love our competitive rates and exceptional service. Remember, lockouts aren’t a problem, but a call for quick, professional help. So, regain control, save your time and money, and rely on Low Rate Locksmith for your Subaru Impreza lockout situations.

Subaru Impreza Spare Key Creation Service for Added Security

Beyond the usual locksmith services, Low Rate Locksmith also offers a spare key creation service for Subaru Impreza, providing you an extra layer of security and peace of mind. With a spare key, you can avoid getting locked out of your car, and it also serves as a backup in case you lose your main key.

Benefits of Spare Key Low Rate Locksmith’s Service
Provides added security Expert key creation
Avoids lockout situations 24/7 availability
Acts as a backup Affordable and efficient

As a Subaru Impreza owner, you need power and control in your hands. Our spare key service guarantees that you always have access to your car, no matter what. Trust Low Rate Locksmith for quick, efficient, and reliable spare key creation.

Subaru Impreza Transponder and Push-To-Start Key Programming Expertise Service

Mastering the complexities of Subaru Impreza transponder and push-to-start key programming, Low Rate Locksmith’s highly trained technicians offer exceptional services to keep your car functional and secure. They leverage their expertise to program your key flawlessly, ensuring a seamless ignition journey. Whether it’s a transponder key or a push-to-start system, they’ve got you covered. You won’t have to worry about malfunctions or security breaches. Their advanced tools and techniques empower you to take control, giving you the confidence to drive with assurance. With their affordable rates and 24-hour availability, you’re always in good hands. Trust Low Rate Locksmith to provide the efficient, high-quality Subaru Impreza key programming services you deserve.

PSubaru Impreza rofessional Key Extraction Service

When you’re stuck with a broken key in your Subaru Impreza ignition or door, Low Rate Locksmith’s professional key extraction service is just a call away. Our skilled locksmiths swiftly and safely remove broken keys without causing further damage. With our 24-hour mobile service, we’re ready to empower you back on the road quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, our locksmiths are equipped with advanced tools and have undergone intensive training, ensuring they can handle any key extraction situation. We’re committed to providing you with a hassle-free solution that saves you time, money, and stress. So, when you’re in a bind, don’t hesitate to contact Low Rate Locksmith. We’re here to put the power back in your hands, ensuring you’re never left stranded.

Subaru Impreza Ignition Repair Service

If your Subaru Impreza’s ignition is giving you trouble, Low Rate Locksmith’s thorough ignition repair service is the solution you need. We’re equipped to diagnose and repair any type of ignition issue, providing you with the guarantee to hit the road confidently.

Service Description Benefits
Ignition Repair Diagnosing and repairing ignition issues Saves time and money
Key Extraction Removing broken keys from the ignition Prevents further damage
Ignition Replacement Replacing the entire ignition if necessary Ensures smooth operation
Transponder Key Programming Programming keys to communicate with your car Enhances security
24/7 Service Available round the clock Provides help when you need it most

Don’t let a faulty ignition disrupt your journey. Trust Low Rate Locksmith for fast, reliable service.

Why Low Rate Locksmith is the Preferred Choice for Subaru Impreza Key Services Nationwide

preferred locksmith for subaru

-Expertise in Subaru Impreza:

Low Rate Locksmith is the preferred choice for Subaru Impreza key services nationwide due to their exceptional knowledge and training in handling all types of Subaru keys. Their specialized expertise in the make and model simplifies the key replacement process.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

Their services are not only high-quality but also economically friendly. Low Rate Locksmith offers transparent pricing that begins at a reasonable $120 for key replacement, ensuring value for your money.

Quick and Efficient Service:

Emergencies can happen at any time, and Low Rate Locksmith understands this. They provide a 24/7 mobile service that guarantees you are never left helpless or stranded, making key replacement a quick and efficient process.

Professional and Experienced Technicians:

What distinguishes Low Rate Locksmith is the professionalism and skill of their locksmiths. The locksmiths are trained to deliver top-tier services, and their extensive experience allows them to offer personalized solutions to prevent any recurring issues.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

Low Rate Locksmith’s strong commitment to customer satisfaction sets them apart. They go the extra mile to ensure that customers are fully satisfied with their services, from the initial contact to the completion of the key replacement.

Licensed and Insured:

In addition to their exceptional service, Low Rate Locksmith is a fully licensed and insured company. This provides customers with peace of mind, knowing that they are dealing with a reputable and reliable locksmith service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Locksmiths Also Provide Remote Key Programming for My Subaru Impreza?

Yes, locksmiths can indeed provide remote key programming for your Subaru Impreza. They’re equipped with special machines necessary for programming transponder and remote keys. So, when you’re stuck with a non-functional key or need a spare, a locksmith can come to your location, cut a new key, and program it on the spot. It’s a convenient option that saves you the hassle of towing your car to a dealership.

How Long Does a Key Replacement Process Typically Take?

You’re probably wondering how long it’ll take to replace your Subaru Impreza key. It generally takes around 30 minutes to an hour. However, this can vary based on the complexity of the key and whether it’s a standard or transponder key. If programming is required, it might take a bit longer. So, sit tight, maybe grab a coffee, and your locksmith will have your new key ready before you know it.

Can I Have My Subaru Impreza Key Replaced if I Lost All My Keys?

Yes, you can have your Subaru Impreza key replaced even if you’ve lost all your keys. Contact a service like Low Rate Locksmith. They offer a 24-hour mobile service and can make a new key from scratch, program it, and even help with any ignition issues. You don’t need an original key, they’ll handle everything. Keep in mind, costs vary depending on your car’s model and year.

Does Low Rate Locksmith Cover All Subaru Impreza Models?

Yes, Low Rate Locksmith covers all Subaru Impreza models. Their experts can replace traditional keys, push-to-start keys, and even program key fobs. They’re available 24/7, and their mobile service means they can come to you, saving you the hassle of towing. So, whether you’ve lost your keys or just need a spare, they’ve got you covered. Plus, their transparent pricing helps you avoid any surprises.

Is the Cost of Key Replacement Covered Under My Subaru Warranty?

Unfortunately, your Subaru warranty doesn’t cover key replacement costs. It’s considered a consumable part, much like bulbs or wiper blades. If you’ve lost your key or it’s damaged, you’ll need to shoulder the expense. A locksmith like Low Rate can help, offering 24-hour mobile service for a new key. Don’t worry, they’re known for their affordable rates, so it won’t break the bank. Remember, it’s always wise to have a spare!