Do you need a locksmith service for your Ford Mustang?

There may be many reasons for replacing keys to Ford Mustang. You should know that times when Ford Mustang car keys were only a piece of metal are forever gone. In the Ford Mustang key there is a lot of information encoded, which purpose is to make it harder for the thief to make a duplicate of it.

Unfortunately, if you lose your Ford Mustang key or somebody steals it, replacing old Ford Mustang keys for the new ones, isn’t neither easy nor cheap. Replacing Ford Mustang keys for the new ones is connected with replacing the lock system and ignition and that’s why it is so troublesome and expensive.

I have lost Ford Mustang keys

It is said that one third of drivers have lost keys to their Ford Mustang for once in their lives. Regardless of the fact if losing Ford Mustang keys was their fault or not, they will have to deal with stress and costs.

If you are sure that you lost the key to your Ford Mustang and nobody has stolen it, you won’t have to replace the whole lock system. Getting your car keys duplicated should be enough and much cheaper than in case of getting a new installation.

If your car is old, you won’t have so many issues as if your car were new. Ford Mustang Keys to new cars are quite complicated because they are responsible not only for opening doors and starting the engine, but also for things such as the central locking system, immobilizer and preventing cars from theft.

Lost the keys to my Ford Mustang, What are my options to get a replacement?


What to do in case of losing Ford Mustang keys?

You can have another key cut in authorized Ford Locksmith service. This solution is most often chosen by new car owners as it is expensive. Cost of new Ford Mustang keys is several hundred Dollars. You have to remember not to get coaxed to change all the locks in your car.

Another option is having a new key made in the specialist auto Locksmith shop. Currently, it is possible to copy and program almost every Ford Mustang key. It lasts a few hours and costs from several dozen to several thousand Dollars.

Ford Mustang keys have been stolen? Lost? 

Having your car keys stolen is much more troublesome than losing them. You will have to face higher costs of replacing the lock system and go through some formalities.

If keys to your Ford Mustang have been stolen, the best and most secure thing to do is to completely replace old keys for the new ones. Remember that in case of having another key cut only, the thief will still be able to break into your car and start the engine.

You should also go to the police station and report that the key to your car has been stolen, otherwise your insurer may not want to pay compensation to you if someone breaks into your car.

Replacing all the keys, ignition and lock system have to be done by a car mechanic which usually is very expensive.

Steps to replace Ford Mustang keys 

Below there are practical steps that you should take up in order to have your car keys replaced. Whether you have lost keys to your car or you just want to have them simply replaced with the new ones, steps are the same.

  1. Check out what’s the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) Number of your vehicle.
  2. Type the following address in your web browser or try to search similar sites using search engines on your own. Car keys replacement stores usually have key cutting machines so they will be able to cut keys based on the number you provide them.
  3. Select your YEAR, MAKE and MODEL and choose the order by VIN service.
  4. After a few days you should receive perfectly working keys for your car.
  5. Read the manual which is usually probably to your new car keys and try to program keys by yourself. If you won’t be able to do that alone, you can ask a mechanic or car electrician for help.

Reasons for cutting new keys 

There may be several reasons for needing new keys to your Ford Mustang. The most popular and dangerous reason is that keys to your Ford Mustang have been stolen.  In this case you need to replace keys to your Ford Mustang as fast as possible otherwise not only your keys but also your car may be stolen.

Another reason is that keys to your Ford Mustang have been lost. In that case you also should be very quick in replacing keys, especially if on your keys was a sign of your car’s brand such as Ford Mustang or whatever. As we all know, opportunity makes a thief.

Another reason for cutting new keys is the need for duplicate Ford Mustang keys. This reason exists very often in companies  that have a lot of drivers for one car.

You may also need to replace keys to your Ford Mustang or get a copy of existing keys when your keys have been damaged. Getting a new key is not so problematic in this case.

When your key needs re-coding you may also think of replacing  keys to your Ford  key replacement.

The least problem is when battery’s to your Ford Mustang keys died. You just need to buy a new one and replace it. Remember, when your keys don’t work, your first thought may be like “keys are broken” but the first thing you should check is battery.

Ford Mustang key replacement cost:

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Replacement Ford Mustang Keys for Cars and Trucks: Cost of replacing Ford Mustang keys

Going to the dealership to look for a spare key for a Ford Mustang car is an expensive proposition. One of our locksmiths received a high-priced estimate for a key to his 2008 Scion TC from another locksmith.


How much does it cost to replace Ford Mustang lost keys?

The cost of getting a Replacement to your Ford Mustang key varies from as low as $120 for a metal key and as high as $799 for a Fobic key.

The reason why there is a huge gap in price is due to these factors:

  • The Type of key: Metal, Transponder, Fobic or Push to start key.
  • Year of your Ford Mustang
  • The Models of your Ford Mustang

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