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24 hour ford key replacement service
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At Low Rate Ford Locksmith we specialize in Ford key replacement; from providing onsite service at any time during the day or night (even weekends!) through every step involved until our clients can open their doors again without worrying about breaking keys – it’s what sets us apart as one-of the best and only Ford keys providers in the NATION!
Did you lose keys to your Ford and looking for key replacement? We are here to help! Give us a call and we can be on site in 30 99% of the time!

Types of Ford Keys Replacement

Ford Transponder regular key
Ford Transponder keys with remote and fob
Ford Transponder laser cut keys
Ford Transponder 4 button key ‎F-793-4btn-rs
Ford ignition broken with keys in ignition
Ford Key fob remote
Ford Push to start Key fob FRD-164-R8092-REF
Ford Push to start Key fob FRD-164-R8092-REF
Ford Newst push to start keys
Back of ford push to start keys
Ford fob push to start keys

We can offer replacement key for the following Ford models and more:

Ford Branco Key Replacement
Ford Escape Key Repalcement
Ford Expedition Key replacement
Ford Explorer Key Replacement
Ford F-150 F-250 Truck Key Replacement
Ford Fiesta Key replacement
Ford Focus Key Replacement
Ford Fusion Key Repalcement
Ford Mustang Key Repalcement

I lost the keys to my Ford. What should I do next?

Losing your car keys can be really frustrating especially if it’s a Ford. here is a list of things to do:

Make sure you and the car is in a safe place.
If you have a spare, ask someone to bring it to you or go get it.
Once that is secured, start looking for a way to replace it.
Call your Local Low Rate Ford Locksmith and ask for pricing and service

person lost ford car keys
Lost Ford Keys who Can help what to do

Lost for keys don't know what to do?

24 Hour Ford Key Replacement
Ford key replacement open 24 hour

24 Hour Mobile For Key Replacement Near Me

With around-the clock Ford Keys Locksmith Services available at low rates, you can count on us for all your locksmithing needs. Whether it is day or night–whether the sun is up and shining brightly in clear blue skies outside of course! We’re here 24/7 to help with any type of Ford Keys and ignition problems that might come up.

Ford Transponder key programming Near me

Unfortunately, getting a new key for your Ford car isn’t as simple “cutting the keys.” If you have transponder chips or push-start buttons on them then forget about going to just any auto dealer. You’ll need Low Rate Ford Locksmith programming service that can do this job right at an affordable price!
We can Program All for car keys on the spot!

Low Rate Ford Locksmith Ford Transponder key programming
Ford Transponder key programming Near me, We do it all
Ford Key Replacement Cost locksmith dealer online
Ford key replacement Cost

Ford Key Replacement Cost Near me

On average, it may cost anywhere between $219-$899 to get a replacement key for your Ford. Call us today to learn more about the accurate cost for your Ford key replacement.
The cost of Ford car key replacement will vary depending on your model and type. If you’re in need though whether it’s an old school metal style Key assembly with no chip technology inside whatsoever then be sure contact Low Rate Locksmith today because we can provide any kind found anywhere from classic Ford cars all way up until modern day trucks-we got ’em covered at really good prices too 😉

How Much Is a Ford Key Replacement?

In short, it will cost you anywhere between $119 up to $899. It all depends on what year is your Ford you are trying to get a key replacement for!

The prices vary according to a few factors.

Type of key
The time of day & your location
Availability of the code to cut your new key
Original ignition or not
Where you get a replacement key

Question: How much does it cost to replace a lost for key
How Much Is a Ford Key Replacement

Cost of non-transponder Ford key replacement:

Ford ignition broken with keys in ignition

ONLINE: Key only $7
DEALER: About $50 + Programming and trip Charge
LOCKSMITH: On-site service $140 + Programming and trip Charge

Cost of transponder key Ford replacement:

Ford Transponder keys with remote and fob

ONLINE: Key only $20
DEALER: About $150 (not including towing) + Programming and trip Charge
LOCKSMITH: On-site service $220 + Programming and trip Charge

Cost Of Push-To-Start Ford key replacement:

Ford Push to start Key fob FRD-164-R8092-REF

ONLINE: Key only $30-$150
DEALER: About $250-$400 (not including towing)
LOCKSMITH: $300-$450 On-site service + Programming and trip Charge

Ford Ignition Replacement and Fix Near Me

The ignition of your Ford is an important part that needs to be replaced if it has been broken or damaged. If you want a reliable service for this type replacement, contact one of our professional Ford Ignition Locksmith For who are well-informed enough in the industry so they can give excellent customer care as well!

Ford ignition broken with keys in ignition
Ford Key fob remote

Ford key replacement Locksmith Vs. Ford Dealership

Q. What options do you have to get a replacement key
What options do you have to get a replacement key

What options do you have to get a replacement key?

Lost your Ford keys, who to call to help replacing my lost Ford key?

If you lost your Ford key and looking for replacement you can call:

Low Rate Ford Automotive Locksmith, On-site service.
Order a key blank online and have someone cut and code it for you.
Contact your local dealership

Usually car the dealer can replace your Ford key. However, it’s the not ideal to do so!

Going with an automotive locksmith can save you hundreds of dollars for the same quality Ford key replacement.

Question: Why Low Rate Ford Locksmith Vs Dealer

Replacing your Ford car key has Pros & Cons to consider:

PROS of using a locksmith to make Ford key:
1) Fastest option – Most locksmiths carry all the necessary tools to cut and code Ford keys. They can come and solve your problem, usually within an hour or so.
2) On-site service – Locksmiths offer a mobile service which means that regardless of your location, they can come to you and save you the trouble of towing the car. They do, however, charge you for that.
3) Price- Overall, especially for Ford models that have key fobs or transponder Keys made 2010 and after, this is the cheapest option.

CONS of using a locksmith to make Ford key:
1) Availability of keys – Because locksmiths have to carry many types of keys for different makes and models, they may not have the specific key you need.
2) Coding the key – Not all locksmiths carry the necessary tools to program all car keys. Verify that they can do the coding before scheduling any service.

Ford Locksmith and key Replacement Q&A

Where can I get a replacement key for My Ford?

You may use the Ford key replacement service if you’ve lost yours or need a spare Ford car key. In most cases, we can provide you with a new Ford vehicle key on the same day that you contact us, thanks to our mobile key cutting service. 

How Long Does it Take to Get a Ford Key replacement?

Your Ford Key Replacement time may vary depending on the complexity of the vehicle’s push-to-start keys. Due to the difficulty of cutting and reprogramming the Ford’s push-to-start keys, this is why. But we’ll do all we can to get you back on the road in an hour or less from the moment you get here.

Can the auto locksmith come to me to replace my Ford key?

Yes, of course. For your convenience, our mobile locksmith team will be sent out right away to help you replace the key to your Ford car. Please note that we have a team of skilled and experienced auto locksmiths who are always ready to help you at your preferred location (irrespective of your location). So, why don’t you just do it? Don’t wait any longer—give us a quick call right now! Also, please tell us briefly where you are now and what problem you’re having. You can be sure that our company has the best group of professional locksmiths who will put your needs first.

What information do I have to give the locksmith about my Ford key before they arrive?

For our Ford automotive locksmiths to replace your Ford key quickly and easily, they will need some important information, like your car’s model number and Vehicle Identification Number. The locksmith team may also ask you to prove that you really own the car. This is to avoid any problems in the future. All done!

Once you give us the above information, it won’t take long for our professional locksmiths to make you a new Ford key. If you already have the original Ford key and want to make a new replacement key for better convenience, our locksmith team may ask to see your original Ford key (in addition to aforementioned information).

How long does it take to make a Ford key replacement?

Making a replacement key for a Ford is a simple and quick process. Most of the time, it doesn’t take too long to speed up the whole process. In particular, if you already have the important information (like the car’s model number and Vehicle Identification Number), the process may take less than thirty minutes.

Also, keep in mind that if you have the original Ford key and just want a copy of your existing key, it may take our professionals no more than ten minutes to finish the job. But if you’ve lost or misplaced your original Ford key, replacing it could take between ten and thirty minutes.

Do Ford keys have a chip in them?

After the year of 2000, mostly all Ford keys came with a transponder chip in the key as an extra layer of security.

I got my Ford key cut, do I need to program it to start the car?

Mainly all Ford keys models newer than 2000 come with a transponder key and that key after we cut it, we have to program it to the computer of your Ford to get the car to start.

How do you program a Ford key?

To program Ford keys you need to have a special key programming tool to do so. Low Rate Ford Locksmith got you covered with programming all Ford Transponder keys.

Have you misplaced or lost all of your Ford keys and need a replacement?

You can call Low Rate Ford Locksmith and get your Ford key replacement in the same and most of the time in the same hour you call!

Do I need my original Ford car key to get a replacement key?

No, you don’t need your Ford original key to get a replacement. Locksmiths can make you a new key without having the original!

I lost my Ford car keys, who to call to get a key replacement?

Calling a Automotive Ford Locksmith is your best bet! We come out to you, save you the towing fees and we service all Ford keys!

Lost Ford car keys, can Low Rate Locksmith help me get a replacement?

Of course we can. Low Rate Ford Locksmith can get a key replacement to your Ford in the same day you call, so call now!

I have a working key to my Ford, I want to get a spare, who to call?

Low Rate Ford Locksmith service is fully equipped to provide all Ford spare keys at your location so you don’t have to worry about driving to us and how far we are from you!

How much does it cost to get a spare key to my Ford?

The cost of getting a spare key to your Ford is much lower than getting a key replacement from scratch. For the most time it should not run you more than $199 depending on the year of your Ford