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Low Rate Locksmith is the top rated Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement service in the nation. With 15 years of experience, you can rely on us to get your Chevrolet Volt car keys replaced quickly and conveniently. Our 24 hour mobile service provides fast response times so that you don’t have to worry about waiting around for help. Rated 5 stars by our customers, Low Rate Locksmith offers the lowest prices for Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement services. We strive to provide reliable, quality, and convenient solutions for all your car key needs.

• Reliable Car Key Replacement: 15 Years Experience • 24/7 Mobile Service: Convenient Solutions • Lowest Prices: Great Value • 5 Star Rated: Quality Assured • Nationwide: Anywhere, Anytime

Lost your Chevrolet Volt key? Don’t worry. Low Rate Locksmith offers a 24-hour mobile service nationwide, replacing your key efficiently and affordably. They handle different key types, from transponder chip keys to remote key fobs, and even offer thorough key fob services. To save money, understand your key type and consider locksmiths over dealerships, preventative spare keys, or bulk purchasing blank keys. Costs are influenced by key type, model year, service provider, and urgency. Low Rate Locksmith also provides spare key creation, key programming, and more! Stick around, there’s a wealth of knowledge waiting for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Low Rate Locksmith offers 24/7 nationwide Chevrolet Volt key replacement, including key fobs and transponder chip keys.
  • Services include key programming, battery replacement, and extraction, provided by experienced technicians.
  • Costs of replacement depend on key type, model year, and urgency, with locksmiths typically cheaper than dealerships.
  • Money-saving tips include preventive duplicate keys, purchasing blank keys in bulk, and opting for locksmiths over dealerships.
  • Regular key maintenance such as clean storage, avoiding damage, and routine battery changes can prevent the need for replacement.

Nationwide Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement Service by Low Rate Locksmith | 24 Hour Mobile Service

chevrolet volt key replacement

Seeking a dependable Chevrolet Volt key replacement service that’s available nationwide, around the clock? Your search ends here. We empathize with the frustration of losing your keys, the panic that sets in when you can’t find them, and the desperate longing for freedom you feel when you’re stuck without them.

Our service is tailored to free you from these chains. We’re not just a key replacement service; we’re the key to your peace of mind. Our experienced technicians are available 24/7, ready to provide you with a new key or key fob, no matter where you are in the country.

Low Rate Locksmith For Chevrolet Volt Key & Key Fob Services

chevy volt locksmith services

When it comes to your Chevrolet Volt key replacement and key fob services, Low Rate Locksmith is your go-to solution. They offer reliable, efficient, and cost-effective services to address your car key needs. With their skilled technicians, you can expect high-quality service whether you’re looking for key replacement, programming, or battery replacement.

Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement Service:

If you find yourself without a key to your Chevrolet Volt, fear not – Low Rate Locksmith is your one-stop solution for all types of Chevrolet Volt key replacements, available nationwide, 24 hours a day. With over a decade and a half of expertise, we pride ourselves on our quality services and products, all at affordable prices. Our highly trained locksmiths are ready to assist with all types of Chevrolet Volt key replacements, ensuring your new key is properly programmed to your vehicle’s system for seamless operation. Remember, there’s no need to worry about lost keys when Low Rate Locksmith is on standby. We’re here to help, allowing you to concentrate on the road ahead in your Chevrolet Volt.

Chevrolet Volt Key Fob Services: Programming, Replacement, and Battery Replacement

Low Rate Locksmith is a nationwide service, available 24 hours a day, providing comprehensive key fob solutions for your Chevrolet Volt. Whether you need key fob programming, replacement, or battery replacement, Low Rate Locksmith is your go-to expert. They offer swift and efficient services, making sure you’re back in the driver’s seat without any hassle. Trust them for all your Chevrolet Volt key fob needs.

Different Types of Chevrolet Volt Keys

chevrolet volt key varieties

Here’s a list of Ilco key blanks for the Chevrolet Volt, specifying whether they are for transponder, non-transponder, or push-to-start fobs:

  1. Ilco B111-PT
    • Make & Model Years Fits: Chevrolet Volt 2011-2015
    • Professional Cutting Required: Yes
    • Chip: Yes (Transponder)
    • Programming Needed: Yes
  2. Ilco HYQ4AA
    • Make & Model Years Fits: Chevrolet Volt 2016-2019
    • Professional Cutting Required: N/A (Smart Key)
    • Chip: Yes (Integrated Fob with Transponder)
    • Programming Needed: Yes

Guide To Options To Get Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement:

chevrolet volt key replacement

When you require a Chevrolet Volt key replacement, you have three primary options: visiting a Chevrolet dealership, enlisting the services of a professional locksmith such as Low Rate Locksmith, or ordering a key online.

Option 1: Chevrolet Dealership Key Replacement:

  1. Advantages of Chevrolet Dealership Key Replacement:

Going to the dealership for a key replacement ensures that you’ll receive a key that is perfectly compatible with your Volt.

  1. Disadvantages of Chevrolet Dealership Key Replacement:

However, this option could be more costly and may not be as convenient, especially if the dealership is not located nearby.

Option 2: Professional Chevrolet Volt Locksmith (Low Rate Locksmith):

  1. Advantages of Using Low Rate Locksmith:

Choosing a professional locksmith like Low Rate Locksmith can be a lifesaver, particularly if you’re in a hurry. They’re available round the clock and can come to you, saving you time and stress. They can handle all types of Volt keys, including transponder chip keys and remote key fobs.

  1. Disadvantages of Using a Professional Locksmith:

While there are few disadvantages, it’s important to note that locksmith services may vary in cost depending on your location and the complexity of the job.

Option 3: Online Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement:

  1. Advantages of Online Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement:

Ordering a key online could be the cheapest option. This is an excellent choice if you’re not in a rush and are comfortable with DIY tasks.

  1. Disadvantages of Online Make Model Key Replacement:

The downside is that you’ll have to wait for the key to arrive and then program it yourself, which can be challenging if you’re not technically inclined.


Whichever option you choose, be prepared to provide proof of ownership and your VIN number. While all options have their own advantages and disadvantages, using a professional locksmith like Low Rate Locksmith often provides the best balance of cost, convenience, and reliability.

Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement Cost Guide

chevrolet volt key replacement

You might be wondering about the cost of replacing your Chevrolet Volt key. Several factors contribute to this cost, such as the key type, programming needs, and labor charges. Let’s explore these costs in detail to give you a clear idea of what to expect when you need a key replacement.

Factors Influencing the Cost Replacing Chevrolet Volt Key

The cost to replace your Chevrolet Volt key can vary based on several factors. The type of key you need plays a significant role. Whether it’s a transponder key, a remote key fob, or a flip key, each comes with its unique price tag. Similarly, the model year of your Volt can influence the cost as key technology has evolved over time. Where you choose to get your key replaced is another factor. Dealerships can be pricier than locksmiths, but you might prefer the peace of mind that comes with going to the source. Finally, urgency affects the cost. If you’re in a rush, expect to pay a premium for expedited service.

Breakdown of Costs: cost of the key itself, programming costs, labor costs, Trip Charge, etc:

Wondering about the breakdown of costs for a Chevrolet Volt key replacement? Here’s a quick guide to help you understand what you’re paying for:

  • Cost of the key: The price of the key itself can vary based on the model and type of key you need.
  • Programming costs: If your key requires programming, there will be an additional cost to this service, which usually falls within a certain range.
  • Labor costs: This covers the time and expertise of the locksmith to duplicate and program your key.
  • Trip Charge: This compensates for the locksmith’s travel time and expense to reach your location.

Understanding these costs can help you make more informed decisions and potentially save money on your key replacement.

Highlights and the benefits of choosing Our locksmith service

Having profound knowledge and expertise in a wide range of key types, our locksmith service for your Chevrolet Volt key replacement offers several benefits, including exceptional expertise, efficient service, and affordable pricing. We possess in-depth understanding of the distinct features of your Volt’s key and can accurately replace it, ensuring you get back on the road quickly.

We take pride in our efficient and prompt service. Our locksmiths are always prepared to assist, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free key replacement process.

Most importantly, our services come at a reasonable price. You won’t have to spend a fortune to get a new key. Additionally, we are transparent about our pricing – no hidden costs or surprise charges. Therefore, if you’re looking to alleviate your key concerns, we are your trusted locksmith service.

Cost Replacing Chevrolet Volt Keys

Now, let’s talk about the cost of replacing your Chevrolet Volt keys. The price can vary considerably, depending on the type of key and where you choose to get it replaced. A dealership might charge you more, but a locksmith like Low Rate can often provide a more cost-effective solution.

Here’s a brief breakdown:

Key Type Dealership Cost Locksmith Cost
Transponder Key $200-$250 $120-$150
Key Fob $220-$300 $150-$200
Proximity Key $250-$350 $180-$220

Chevrolet Volt Generations:

electric car evolution timeline

The Chevrolet Volt, an innovative plug-in hybrid, has seen various upgrades across its generations, particularly in terms of security and key features. Here’s an overview of the key upgrades for each generation:

First Generation (2011-2015)

  • Key Features: The first generation Volt used a traditional key fob with remote keyless entry and start.
  • Security Upgrades: It included standard security features like anti-theft alarm systems and a vehicle immobilizer system.

Second Generation (2016-2019)

  • Key Features: This generation introduced advanced key fob functionalities, including the ability to remotely start the climate control system and check the charging status via the key fob.
  • Security Upgrades: Enhanced security features in the second generation included more sophisticated anti-theft technology and integration with the Chevrolet mobile app, which allowed owners to remotely lock and unlock the car, among other features.

The second generation Volt also featured improvements in battery technology and range, but from a security and key standpoint, the integration with digital and remote technologies marked the most significant enhancements.

Chevrolet Volt with Valet Key Option

chevrolet volt valet key

If your Chevrolet Volt comes with a valet key option, guaranteeing its function and replacement process is essential. The valet key allows you to feel secure when entrusting your car to a parking service or mechanic. It’ll start your car, but it won’t open the trunk or glove box.

Now, what if you lose it? Don’t sweat it! Replacement is straightforward. You can get a new valet key from a locksmith or dealer. It’s cheaper than replacing a regular key, as it lacks the high-tech features, like remote start.

To save money, avoid the dealership if possible. Locksmiths usually offer lower rates. However, make sure you’re dealing with a trusted locksmith to avoid scams.

Remember, always keep your valet key separate from your main set. That way, if you lose one, you’ve still got the other. Having a spare key also saves you from being stranded or having to shell out for an emergency locksmith visit.

Stay prepared, stay secure, and drive your Chevrolet Volt with peace of mind. Knowing you’ve got a backup plan provides that sweet taste of liberation we all crave.

Step-by-step Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement Process With Low Rate Locksmith

chevrolet volt key replacement

Losing your Chevrolet Volt keys can be frustrating, but with Low Rate Locksmith, you’re just a few steps away from a hassle-free key replacement. Here’s how it works.

First, give us a call. Our customer service is available 24/7 to assist you. Provide us with your car’s details; the model, year, and VIN are essential for us to determine the right key type for your Volt.

Next, we’ll dispatch one of our skilled locksmiths to your location. The beauty of our mobile service is that we come to you, so there’s no need to worry about getting your car to us.

Our locksmith will then cut and program your new key on-site. This is where our expertise shines. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we can efficiently replace and program a new key for your Volt, regardless of the model.

Tips To Lower The Cost Of Chevrolet Volt Car Key Replacement

chevrolet volt car key

To start with, to cut down on the cost of Chevrolet Volt key replacement, consider these practical tips. Avoid heading straight to the dealership. While they can certainly help, their prices are often higher than other options. Instead, consider a locksmith, especially one that specializes in auto keys. They’re usually less expensive and can do the job just as effectively.

Secondly, don’t underestimate the power of preventive measures. Instead of waiting for your keys to get lost or damaged, make a duplicate key when things are still fine. This way, you won’t be caught in a bind, and the cost for copying a key is generally much less than replacing one.

Lastly, consider buying blank keys in bulk. If you’ve got more than one car or tend to lose keys often, this could save you a lot in the long run. You can find these online at places like eBay or Amazon.

Tips for maintaining your Chevrolet Volt keys to avoid replacement

chevrolet volt key care

While keeping costs down is important, taking good care of your Chevrolet Volt keys can help you avoid the need for replacement in the first place. Proper maintenance is all about being mindful and proactive.

First, aim to keep your keys clean. Dirt and grime can get inside the key fob, causing buttons to stick or stop working. Simply wipe your keys with a damp cloth regularly. Second, avoid dropping your keys. The impact can damage the internal electronics, especially in key fobs.

Try not to expose your keys to extreme temperatures or moisture, as these can also cause damage. Consider using a key cover or case for extra protection.

Always keep track of your keys. Misplaced keys are often mistaken for lost ones and can lead to unnecessary replacements. Establish a specific spot at home for your keys to avoid misplacement.

Lastly, change the key battery regularly before it dies. A dead battery may leave you stranded, and constantly attempting to start your car with a low-power key may damage the ignition system.

Warranty and Insurance Considerations for Cost Savings on Chevrolet Volt key Replacement

cost saving key replacement tips

If you’re looking to save on Chevrolet Volt key replacement, considering your car’s warranty and insurance can be a smart move. You may not know it, but your Volt’s warranty might cover key replacement costs. Check your warranty terms to see if this applies to you. If it does, you’ll dodge those costs and free yourself from the burden of an unnecessary expense.

Insurance considerations are equally important. Some insurance policies cover key replacement, so it’s worth reviewing your policy. If your policy doesn’t cover it, think about adding it for future protection. It can be a lifesaver if you frequently lose keys or have had them stolen.

Additionally, it’s worth checking with your credit card company. Some cards offer key replacement as a perk. You might be surprised by the potential savings you’re sitting on.

Other Low Rate Locksmith’s Comprehensive Chevrolet Volt Locksmith Services

comprehensive chevrolet volt locksmith

In addition to key replacement, there’s a wide range of other thorough locksmith services that Low Rate Locksmith provides for your Chevrolet Volt. These services are designed to guarantee your vehicle’s security and your peace of mind. Whether you need a lockout service, spare key creation, key programming, key extraction, or ignition repair, Low Rate Locksmith has you covered.

  • Nationwide Chevrolet Volt Expert Lockout Service By Low Rate Locksmith
  • Nationwide Chevrolet Volt Spare Key Creation Service for Added Security By Low Rate Locksmith
  • Nationwide Chevrolet Volt Transponder and Push-To-Start Key Programming Expertise Service By Low Rate Locksmith
  • Nationwide Chevrolet Volt Professional Key Extraction Service By Low Rate Locksmith
  • Nationwide Chevrolet Volt Ignition Repair Service By Low Rate Locksmith

Nationwide Chevrolet Volt Expert Lockout Service By Low Rate Locksmith

For any Chevrolet Volt lockout situation, you can rely on Low Rate Locksmith’s nationwide expert service to get you back on the road quickly and efficiently. With 24/7 availability, they’re always ready to assist you, ensuring you’re never stranded due to a lockout.

Service Benefits Availability
Expert Lockout Service Quick, efficient, professional Nationwide
24/7 Mobile Response Help anytime you need it 24/7
Trained Locksmiths High-quality service, peace of mind Always on call

Don’t let a lockout ruin your day. With Low Rate Locksmith, you’re in good hands. They understand the urgency of your situation and are committed to providing fast, reliable service to get you back in your Chevrolet Volt and on your way. Liberation from lockout worries is just a call away.

Nationwide Chevrolet Volt Spare Key Creation Service for Added Security By Low Rate Locksmith

Beyond dealing with lockouts, Low Rate Locksmith also offers a nationwide Chevrolet Volt spare key creation service for that extra layer of security. You never know when you might lose your keys or lock them in your car. Having a spare key can truly be a lifesaver in such situations. And it’s not just about emergencies. A spare key can offer peace of mind when lending your car to a friend or family member. Plus, it’s always handy to have a backup. So, why wait for the unexpected? Give yourself the freedom and assurance you crave by investing in a spare key for your Chevrolet Volt today. Trust Low Rate Locksmith for efficient, affordable, and reliable spare key creation services.

Nationwide Chevrolet Volt Transponder and Push-To-Start Key Programming Expertise Service By Low Rate Locksmith

When you need expert programming for your Chevrolet Volt transponder or push-to-start key, Low Rate Locksmith is your go-to service provider nationwide. Their expert technicians have the knowledge and tools to program your key accurately, ensuring it works perfectly with your Chevy Volt. Whether it’s a transponder key for older models or a push-to-start key for newer ones, they’ve got you covered. Low Rate Locksmith offers this specialized service 24/7, so you’re never stranded. And, they’re not just about quality service; they’re also about affordability. They aim to offer you a cost-effective solution compared to dealership prices. So, why wait? Liberate yourself from the stress of key programming by relying on Low Rate Locksmith – your nationwide key programming specialist.

Nationwide Chevrolet Volt Professional Key Extraction Service By Low Rate Locksmith

If you’ve ever found yourself in a jam with a broken or stuck key in your Chevrolet Volt, Low Rate Locksmith’s all-encompassing key extraction service is your best bet for a quick and efficient solution. Their highly skilled team can handle any key extraction predicament, ensuring you’re back on the road in no time. No need to worry about damaging your vehicle, as their experts are trained to perform key extractions with utmost precision and care. As part of their extensive locksmith services, Low Rate Locksmith provides round-the-clock mobile service, bringing their expertise right to your doorstep. So, if you’re grappling with a stuck key, you can count on Low Rate Locksmith to set you free from your lockout woes.

Nationwide Chevrolet Volt Ignition Repair Service By Low Rate Locksmith

Dealing with a faulty ignition in your Chevrolet Volt? Low Rate Locksmith’s nationwide ignition repair service has got you covered. Don’t let ignition issues keep you stuck. Freedom is just a phone call away. They’ll dispatch skilled technicians to your location, ensuring you’re back on the road swiftly and safely. You see, their team is versed in all Chevy Volt ignition problems. Whether it’s a key stuck in the ignition or a total ignition failure, they’re equipped to handle it. Plus, they offer round-the-clock service, so you’re never left in a bind. No more extensive dealership wait times or outrageous costs. With Low Rate Locksmith, you’re choosing convenience, efficiency, and affordability. Now, isn’t that liberating?

Why Low Rate Locksmith is the Preferred Choice for Chevrolet Volt Key Services Nationwide

low rate locksmith preferred

You may be curious as to why Low Rate Locksmith is the top choice for Chevrolet Volt key services throughout the nation. The reasons behind this preference are based on trust, dependability, and professionalism.

Expertise in Chevrolet Volt:

Low Rate Locksmith boasts over ten years of experience in the industry, specializing in Chevrolet Volt key services. Their profound knowledge and experience in handling Volt keys ensure you receive expert assistance exactly when it’s needed.

Cost-Effective Solutions:

Low Rate Locksmith stands out for its high-quality services at competitive prices. They use top-notch products to ensure the safety and security of your Chevrolet Volt, providing you with peace of mind. What’s more, they uphold transparency in their pricing with no hidden charges or unexpected costs.

Quick and Efficient Service:

The speed and efficiency of Low Rate Locksmith’s technicians are commendable. They are prepared and equipped to get your car up and running without delay.

Professional and Experienced Technicians:

Their technicians are not just proficient but hold vast experience in the field. Their skills coupled with their knowledge guarantees a quick resolution of your Chevrolet Volt key issues.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

Low Rate Locksmith is committed to delivering exceptional results, ensuring maximum customer satisfaction. Their goal is to exceed your expectations with their service.

Licensed and Insured:

As a licensed and insured locksmith service, Low Rate Locksmith gives you the assurance of professional, reliable help. They are always ready to assist, no matter where you are, thanks to their 24/7 mobile services.

To sum it up, the combination of Low Rate Locksmith’s expertise, cost-effectiveness, speedy service, experienced technicians, customer satisfaction guarantee, and licensing make them the top choice for Chevrolet Volt key services throughout the nation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a Chevrolet Volt Key Fob Battery Be Replaced at Home?

Why pay extra when you can do it yourself? Yes, you can replace your Chevrolet Volt key fob battery at home. It’s an easy, cost-effective method. Just be sure to purchase the correct battery type.

Can Transponder Keys Be Self-Programmed for Chevrolet Volt Models?

You can’t self-program transponder keys for your Chevrolet Volt. They require a special machine for programming. It’s best to get help from a professional locksmith or your dealer to make sure it’s done properly.

What Documents Are Needed for Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement?

You’ll need to provide proof of ownership for a Chevrolet Volt key replacement. This includes your vehicle registration and driver’s license. Make sure both documents match the VIN and your current address.

How Long Does It Take to Replace a Chevrolet Volt Key?

You’ll be back on the road quickly, as a Chevy Volt key replacement typically takes just 1-2 hours. It’s a fast, stress-free process with Low Rate Locksmith’s 24-hour mobile service.

Does the Chevrolet Volts Keyless Entry Need Programming?

Yes, your Chevrolet Volt’s keyless entry does require programming. This is typically carried out by a locksmith or dealer. Remember, it’s crucial to make sure your new key syncs well with your vehicle’s system.

Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement Cost

How much does it cost to replace Lost Chevrolet Volt car key ?

The prices vary according to a few factors.

  • Type of key
  • The time of day & your location
  • Availability of the code to cut your new key
  • Original ignition or not
  • Where you get a replacement key

Cost of non-transponder Chevrolet Volt key replacement:

  • ONLINE: Key only $7
  • DEALER: About $50
  • LOCKSMITH: On-site service $140

Cost of transponder Chevrolet Volt key replacement:

  • ONLINE: Key only $20
  • DEALER: About $150 (not including towing)
  • LOCKSMITH: On-site service $220

Cost Of Push-To-Start Chevrolet Volt key replacement:

ONLINE: Key only $30-$150

DEALER: About $250-$400 (not including towing)

LOCKSMITH: $300-$450 On-site service

How much does a locksmith charge for a new Chevrolet Volt key replacement?

  • Non-transponder Key $125-$150
  • Transponder Key $200-$250
  • Remote key fob $300-$450
Chevrolet Volt Years We Service
1999 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement 2007 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement 2015 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement
2000 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement 2008 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement 2016 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement
2001 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement 2009 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement 2017 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement
2002 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement 2010 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement 2018 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement
2003 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement 2011 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement 2019 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement
2004 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement 2012 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement 2020 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement
2005 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement 2013 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement 2021 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement
2006 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement 2014 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement 2022 Chevrolet Volt Key Replacement

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