Low Rate Locksmith is the top rated Key Replacement service in the nation. With 15 years of experience, Low Rate Locksmith provides reliable, secure, and convenient GMC Sierra Key Replacement services 24 hours a day with 5-star ratings and the lowest prices around. We have experienced technicians who are able to replace your lost or broken GMC Sierra keys quickly and efficiently. Don’t wait any longer – trust Low Rate Locksmith for all of your GMC Sierra Key Replacement needs!

If you’ve misplaced your GMC Sierra key or require a substitute, Low Rate Locksmith provides a nationwide 24/7 mobile service that’s both cost-effective and efficient. They specialize in all varieties of GMC Sierra keys, from traditional ignition to smart push-to-start keys, offering cutting, programming, and battery replacement services. Costs range from $130 to $410, depending on the key type and technology involved. Opting for a locksmith over a dealership can save you money, especially when considering the expertise Low Rate Locksmith has with GMC Sierra keys. By selecting the right replacement option and maintaining your keys properly, you can avoid unnecessary costs. They also offer extensive services beyond key replacement, ensuring you’re covered in any situation. As you delve deeper, you’ll discover additional tips and insights to optimize your experience and savings.

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Key Takeaways

  • Low Rate Locksmith offers 24/7 nationwide mobile service for GMC Sierra key replacement, ensuring accessibility and convenience.
  • Costs for key replacement range from $130 to $410, depending on the key type and required services.
  • Specialized in various GMC Sierra keys, including traditional, transponder, and smart push-to-start keys, with programming services available.
  • Utilize professional locksmith services for a cost-effective alternative to dealerships, with potential savings on replacement and programming costs.
  • Tips for maintaining GMC Sierra keys include regular battery checks and careful handling to avoid damage and extend key life.

Nationwide GMC Sierra Key Replacement Service by Low Rate Locksmith | 24 Hour Mobile Service

gmc sierra key replacement

Low Rate Locksmith offers extensive nationwide GMC Sierra Key Replacement services, accessible 24/7 through their mobile service to meet your needs efficiently. In the event you’ve lost your keys while trekking or perhaps they’ve decided to take a solo journey in a parking lot, don’t worry. Their 24-hour emergency service guarantees you’re never stranded, regardless of the time or place. Imagine, it’s 3 AM, and you’re out of luck with your keys nowhere in sight. With a quick call, a technician is on their way to save the day (or night).

They’re equipped with the latest key cutting options, catering to both mechanical and transponder keys. So, whether you’re dealing with an older GMC Sierra or the latest model, they’ve got you covered. You don’t have to worry about being turned away because your key is too high-tech or, on the flip side, too ‘vintage’ for service.

Their technical prowess is matched with a sense of humor about the situation. After all, losing your keys can be a frustrating experience, but it’s also one of life’s little hiccups. They’ll have you back on the road, perhaps even chuckling about the adventure your keys set out on without you.

Low Rate Locksmith For GMC Sierra Key & Key Fob Services

gmc sierra locksmith services

If you’re in need of dependable GMC Sierra key replacement or key fob services, Low Rate Locksmith is your go-to provider. They offer thorough programming, replacement, and battery replacement services for your GMC Sierra’s key fob. Their nationwide availability guarantees you get professional, quick, and affordable solutions wherever you are in the US.

GMC Sierra Key Replacement Service:

If you own a GMC Sierra and are in need of key and key fob services, Low Rate Locksmith is your go-to nationwide solution, known for its speed, reliability, and affordability. They specialize in replacing all types of GMC Sierra keys, offering 24-hour service across the country. Here’s a glimpse of the services they provide:

Service Type Description
Key Cutting Precision cutting services for a perfect fit every time.
Key Duplication Need additional keys for your GMC Sierra? They have you covered.
Lost Key Solutions If you’ve lost your GMC Sierra key, they can help you out.
Emergency Services Locked out of your GMC Sierra at an odd hour? They’ll come to your rescue.
Consultation Unsure about your GMC Sierra key needs? They’ll provide expert guidance.

GMC Sierra Key Fob Services: Programming, Replacement, and Battery Replacement

Low Rate Locksmith offers nationwide 24-hour key fob services for GMC Sierra keys, including programming, replacement, and battery replacement. Whether your key fob needs a new battery to regain its responsiveness or a complete replacement due to being lost, our professional team is here to assist. With our expertise in GMC Sierra key fobs, we ensure swift and reliable solutions to all your key fob needs, keeping your car secure and your convenience intact. Trust Low Rate Locksmith for top-notch key fob services anytime, anywhere.

Different Types of GMC Sierra Keys

variety of gmc keys

Here’s a list of Ilco key blanks that are compatible with the GMC Sierra, including details on the type of key, applicable model years, and additional requirements:

  1. Ilco B102-P
    • Make & Model Years Fits: GMC Sierra 1999-2007
    • Professional Cutting Required: Yes
    • Chip: Yes (Transponder)
    • Programming Needed: Yes
  2. Ilco B106-PT
    • Make & Model Years Fits: GMC Sierra 2007-2007
    • Professional Cutting Required: Yes
    • Chip: Yes (Transponder)
    • Programming Needed: Yes
  3. Ilco B111-PT
    • Make & Model Years Fits: GMC Sierra 2008-2019
    • Professional Cutting Required: Yes
    • Chip: Yes (Transponder)
    • Programming Needed: Yes
  4. Ilco B119-PT
    • Make & Model Years Fits: GMC Sierra 2020-2021
    • Professional Cutting Required: Yes
    • Chip: Yes (Transponder)
    • Programming Needed: Yes
  5. Ilco HYQ1AA
    • Make & Model Years Fits: GMC Sierra 2016-2021 (For models with Push to Start system)
    • Professional Cutting Required: N/A (Smart Key)
    • Chip: Yes (Integrated Fob with Transponder)
    • Programming Needed: Yes

Guide To Options To Get GMC Sierra Key Replacement:

replacement options for gmc

Option 1: Make Dealership Key Replacement

  1. Advantages of Make Dealership Key Replacement:
  • Genuine keys guaranteed to work seamlessly with GMC Sierra vehicles.
  • Professional programming ensuring optimal performance and security.
  1. Disadvantages of Make Dealership Key Replacement:
  • Typically higher cost compared to other options.
  • Time-consuming process involving scheduling appointments and waiting for service.

Option 2: Professional GMC Sierra Locksmith (Low Rate Locksmith):

  1. Advantages of Using Low Rate Locksmith:
  • Convenient on-the-spot service at a location of your choice.
  • Cost-effective solution with competitive pricing for key replacement.
  1. Disadvantages of Using a Professional Locksmith:
  • Quality of keys may vary depending on the locksmith’s expertise.
  • Limited availability in some areas for emergency services.

Option 3: Online GMC Sierra Key Replacement

  1. Advantages of Online GMC Sierra Key Replacement:
  • Easy access to a wide range of key options for GMC Sierra vehicles.
  • Convenient shopping experience with delivery to your doorstep.
  1. Disadvantages of Online GMC Sierra Key Replacement:
  • Risk of purchasing counterfeit or incompatible keys.
  • Potential delays in shipping and returns process if issues arise.


When it comes to getting a GMC Sierra key replacement, considering all options is crucial. While dealerships offer authenticity, professional locksmiths like Low Rate Locksmith provide convenience and affordability. Online purchases may be convenient but carry risks. Choose the option that best suits your needs and budget for a hassle-free key replacement experience.

GMC Sierra Key Replacement Cost Guide

key replacement for gmc

When you’re facing a GMC Sierra key replacement, understanding the associated costs is essential. Costs can range from $130 to $410, influenced by factors like key type, vehicle model, and service location. Comparing dealership, locksmith, and online options allows you to find the most cost-effective and convenient solution for your needs.

Understanding the Costs of Replacing GMC Sierra Key:

When it comes to understanding the cost of replacing a key for a GMC Sierra, it’s crucial to consider the type of key you need. Whether it’s a traditional key, a transponder key, or a smart key for your GMC Sierra, each type comes with its own price tag.

Key programming for a GMC Sierra key also plays a significant role in the total cost. Unlike traditional keys, smart keys for GMC Sierra require programming to function properly. This process is essential and adds to the overall expense of key replacement.

The location where you seek locksmith or dealership services can also impact availability and pricing. Prices may vary depending on the area you are in, so it’s important to consider this factor when budgeting for a new key for your GMC Sierra.

Additionally, the features of your GMC Sierra key, such as keyless entry systems and remote start capabilities, can also influence the price. These advanced features require more than just a simple cut and can increase the overall cost of key replacement. So, when replacing a key for your GMC Sierra, be aware of these factors to avoid any surprises in pricing.

Dealership Vs. Locksmith Vs. Online

Deciding between a dealership, locksmith, or online service for your GMC Sierra key replacement involves comparing costs, convenience, and service speed. Dealerships offer the comfort of brand authority but might lighten your wallet more than you’d prefer. Locksmiths, on the other hand, bring the battle to your turf with mobile services, often at a lower cost and with impressive speed. They’re like the ninjas of key replacement – swift, efficient, and surprisingly affordable. Then there are online options, the wildcard of the bunch, offering key fobs and blanks at tempting prices. However, don’t forget the plot twist: you’ll still need key fob programming and cutting services. In essence, choosing your adventure in key replacement costs is like picking your path, each route with its unique blend of cost, convenience, and a dash of suspense.

Cost Replacing GMC Sierra Keys

Substitute your GMC Sierra keys can cost anywhere from $130 to $410, depending on several factors including key type, car model year, and service location. Now, before you start hyperventilating over the price, let’s delve into some cost-saving tips and key programming methods that won’t break the bank. First off, don’t rush to the dealership where prices can soar higher than your blood pressure during rush hour traffic. Instead, consider a certified locksmith who can offer competitive prices with the same level of professionalism. They’ve got the magic touch for key programming, saving you from the heartache of overpaying. Remember, choosing the right service can be the difference between feeling like you’ve hit the jackpot or just got jacked.

GMC Sierra Generations:

evolution of the sierra

The GMC Sierra has evolved through multiple generations, each bringing enhancements in vehicle security and key technology. Here’s a brief overview of the GMC Sierra generations focusing on their security features and key upgrades:

  1. First Generation (1999-2007): This generation introduced the GMC Sierra with standard key entry. Some models were equipped with remote keyless entry systems.
  2. Second Generation (2007-2013): Security features were enhanced with the introduction of more advanced remote keyless entry systems. This generation also saw the implementation of the OnStar system in many models, which added additional security features like vehicle tracking and remote door unlock.
  3. Third Generation (2014-2018): This generation featured more sophisticated security systems, including standard remote keyless entry and the available option for remote start systems. The keys themselves often included integrated transponder chips for added security against theft.
  4. Fourth Generation (2019-present): The latest generation of the GMC Sierra includes state-of-the-art security features. Key upgrades include keyless open and start, which allows owners to unlock and start their vehicle while keeping the key fob in their pocket. Advanced security features such as theft-deterrent systems, vehicle immobilizers, and OnStar-connected services are also standard.

GMC Sierra with Valet Key Option:

valet feature for gmc

The valet key option for the GMC Sierra provides a simplified, secure way to allow parking attendants to access your vehicle without giving them full access to all its features. This feature is available in the GMC Sierra models equipped with the valet key option, such as the GMC Sierra Denali and GMC Sierra AT4. The valet key ensures that the glove compartment and trunk remain off-limits, keeping your personal items safe and secure. However, it can lead to awkward moments when the valet is unable to access certain features of your GMC Sierra, like the trunk for storing items.

Step-by-step GMC Sierra Key Replacement Process With Low Rate Locksmith

gmc sierra key replacement

When it comes to replacing keys for your specific GMC Sierra vehicle, there are a few key points to keep in mind. First and foremost, you’ll need to gather essential information such as the VIN, model, and make of your vehicle. This information is crucial for ensuring that the replacement key matches your vehicle perfectly.

Once you have all the necessary details, the next step is to contact Low Rate Locksmith for their key replacement service. They specialize in providing efficient and cost-effective key replacement solutions, so you can rest assured that you’re in good hands.

When reaching out to Low Rate Locksmith, be prepared to provide proof of ownership and your identification. This step is important to ensure that the replacement key is being issued to the rightful owner of the vehicle.

After the necessary paperwork is taken care of, Low Rate Locksmith will proceed with key programming and synchronization procedures. This ensures that the new key is properly synced with your vehicle’s security system, allowing it to start your GMC Sierra without any issues.

Once the key programming is complete, the locksmith will test the new key to ensure that it functions correctly. This final step ensures that you can confidently get back on the road with your GMC Sierra, knowing that your replacement key is working perfectly.

Tips To Lower The Cost Of GMC Sierra Car Key Replacement

cost saving tips for gmc sierra car key replacement
  • When comparing prices for key replacement for your GMC Sierra, be sure to get quotes from multiple locksmiths or dealerships to ensure you are getting the best deal.
  • Look out for discounts and promotions on Low Rate Locksmith services specifically tailored for your GMC Sierra key replacement. These offers can help you save money on the overall cost.
  • Consider investing in a key replacement insurance policy for your GMC Sierra. This can provide coverage for key replacement costs in case your key is lost or damaged, saving you from unexpected expenses.
  • Opt for a basic key replacement for your GMC Sierra instead of one with advanced features. Basic keys are usually more affordable and can serve the primary function of unlocking and starting your vehicle without the extra cost.

Tips for maintaining your GMC Sierra keys to avoid replacement

prevent gmc sierra key loss

Maintaining your GMC Sierra keys in top-notch condition can significantly decrease the chances of needing replacements, saving you time and money. Here are some key maintenance tips that’ll help you avoid the need for new keys, especially when you least expect it.

Do Don’t Why?
Keep keys dry Spill drinks on keys Moisture can harm the chip
Use a key cover Attach heavy keychains Excessive weight can lead to ignition issues
Regularly check battery Ignore battery warnings A dead battery equals no vroom-vroom

To begin, let’s discuss moisture. Your GMC Sierra keys aren’t fans of the pool party in your pocket. Keeping them dry prevents the electronic components from short-circuiting, which is crucial in evading replacements. Additionally, handle your keys with care, similar to how you would handle a newborn baby. Heavy keychains can strain the ignition system over time, resulting in expensive repairs. Lastly, don’t wait for your key to fail you when you need it the most. Regular battery inspections can prevent you from being stranded. By following these straightforward yet effective tips, you can ensure that your keys remain in excellent condition, avoiding replacements like a pro.

Warranty and Insurance Considerations for Cost Savings on GMC Sierra key Replacement

cost saving key replacement options

Low Rate Locksmith partners with all warranty, insurance, and roadside assistance companies to provide discounted prices for GMC Sierra key replacement. By exploring these avenues, you can maximize cost savings and convenience when dealing with key replacements for your GMC Sierra.

  • Warranty Coverage for GMC Sierra Key Replacement:

If you own a GMC Sierra vehicle, it’s essential to check if your limited warranty includes key replacement services. Some warranties may cover the cost of replacing your GMC Sierra keys if you meet the specific timeframe and conditions outlined in the warranty agreement. This can be a valuable benefit that helps you save money on key replacement expenses.

  • Comprehensive Insurance Possibilities:

When it comes to insurance, it’s like having a cheat code for unexpected expenses related to your GMC Sierra keys. Certain auto insurance policies may offer coverage for lost or stolen keys, but it’s important to review your policy details to see if this feature is included. Contact your insurance provider to inquire about coverage for replacing your GMC Sierra keys and determine if it can help you avoid significant out-of-pocket expenses.

  • Roadside Assistance and GMC Sierra Key Services:

In addition to warranty and insurance options, roadside assistance programs may also offer GMC Sierra key services as part of their benefits. Whether you accidentally lock your keys in your GMC Sierra vehicle or lose them while out and about, roadside assistance can provide quick and convenient solutions to help you access your vehicle and obtain replacement keys. This added service can give you peace of mind knowing that help is just a phone call away in case of key-related emergencies.

Other Low Rate Locksmiths Comprehensive GMC Sierra Locksmith Services

professional locksmith for gmc

Besides key replacement, Low Rate Locksmiths offer a range of thorough services for your GMC Sierra to guarantee your vehicle remains secure and functional. These services cater to various needs, from emergency lockouts to detailed key programming. Let’s explore three crucial services they provide:

  1. GMC Sierra Specialist Lockout Service
  2. GMC Sierra Additional Key Creation Service for Enhanced Security
  3. GMC Sierra Transponder and Push-To-Start Key Programming Specialized Service

GMC Sierra Expert Lockout Service

Low Rate Locksmith offers expert GMC Sierra lockout services nationwide 24/7. Whether you have a traditional key, key fob, or smart key for your GMC Sierra, we have the tools and expertise to get you back on the road in no time. Trust us for quick and reliable GMC Sierra lockout assistance whenever you need it.

GMC Sierra Spare Key Creation Service for Added Security

Low Rate Locksmith offers nationwide 24-hour Spare Key Creation Service for added security, specializing in various car makes and models like the GMC Sierra. With advanced key security features, including anti-theft programming and precision cutting, ensure peace of mind with a spare key in hand at all times.

GMC Sierra Transponder and Push-To-Start Key Programming Expertise Service

Low Rate Locksmith offers nationwide 24-hour Transponder and Push-To-Start Key Programming Expertise for various car makes and models. Whether you need key reprogramming or keyless entry installation, trust us to enhance your vehicle’s security with convenience and peace of mind.

GMC Sierra Professional Key Extraction Service

Low Rate Locksmith offers nationwide 24/7 professional key extraction services for all car makes and models, including the GMC Sierra. Our expert team uses precision tools to swiftly remove broken keys from the ignition or door locks, ensuring a hassle-free experience anytime, anywhere.

GMC Sierra Ignition Repair Service

Low Rate Locksmith offers nationwide 24-hour GMC Sierra ignition repair services, catering to a variety of key types for your specific vehicle. With our expertise, you can count on swift solutions to keep your GMC Sierra running smoothly at any time, anywhere.

Why Low Rate Locksmith is the Preferred Choice for GMC Sierra Key Services Nationwide

low rate locksmith preferred

Among the myriad options for GMC Sierra key replacement services nationwide, Low Rate Locksmith stands out for its unparalleled expertise in handling all types of keys specific to the GMC Sierra model. You’re not just getting a key replacement service; you’re accessing a team with in-depth knowledge and specialization in GMC Sierra keys, ensuring a seamless and precise solution tailored to your vehicle.

When it comes to cost-effective solutions, Low Rate Locksmith leads the pack. With a range of keyless entry options and cost-saving tips specific to the GMC Sierra, they ensure that you get the most value for your money without compromising on quality or security. Say goodbye to exorbitant prices and hello to affordable solutions that fit your budget.

In terms of service, Low Rate Locksmith prides itself on providing quick and efficient assistance for GMC Sierra key replacement needs. Their team of professional and experienced technicians works swiftly to ensure minimal disruption to your day, getting you back on the road with a new key in hand in no time.

With a customer satisfaction guarantee, Low Rate Locksmith goes above and beyond to ensure that every client is happy with the service they receive. From the initial consultation to the final key handover, they prioritize customer needs and preferences, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience from start to finish.

Furthermore, Low Rate Locksmith is fully licensed and insured, giving you peace of mind knowing that your GMC Sierra key replacement service is being handled by qualified and reliable professionals. Trust in their expertise, rely on their efficiency, and experience top-notch service for all your GMC Sierra key needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Program a New GMC Sierra Key Fob Myself, or Do I Need to Use Low Rate Locksmith’s Services for Programming?

Solving the maze of DIY challenges to program a new GMC Sierra key fob isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. You’ll need the appropriate programming tools, which aren’t just lying around in a typical toolbox. While it’s technically possible to DIY, enlisting Low Rate Locksmith‘s services could save you a headache. They’ve got the expertise and the gadgets to make sure your key fob’s up and running in no time, minus the technical jargon and frustration.

If I Lose My GMC Sierra Key in a Remote Location, How Quickly Can Low Rate Locksmith Reach Me for Emergency Services?

If you’ve lost your GMC Sierra key in the wilderness, don’t panic! Low Rate Locksmith’s got your back with lightning-fast remote assistance. They’ll zoom to your rescue no matter where you’re stranded. They’re not just quick; they’re Flash-worthy speedy, ensuring you’re not left lurking in the middle of nowhere for long. So, keep calm, they’re on their way to save the day with exceptional service and a dash of humor.

Are There Any Specific Maintenance Tips for Preserving the Battery Life of My GMC Sierra Key Fob to Prevent Early Replacement?

To maintain your GMC Sierra key fob from giving up prematurely, delve into regular key cleaning to fend off grime and moisture, adversaries of battery life. Consider equipping it with a waterproof case, the knight in shining armor against unforeseen spills and downpours. This not only keeps the battery in top shape but also guarantees you’re not left fumbling for a replacement or, worse, stranded in an unfamiliar territory.

In the Event of a Malfunctioning Key Fob Not Related to the Battery, Does Low Rate Locksmith Offer Diagnostic Services to Identify the Issue?

If your key fob’s acting up and it’s not the battery’s fault, you’re likely dealing with key durability issues or pesky wireless interference. Low Rate Locksmith’s got you covered with diagnostic services to pinpoint the problem. They’re all about finding a fix without breaking the bank or your spirit. So, don’t let a glitchy fob ruin your day; these pros know their stuff and will have you back to wireless convenience in no time.

How Does Low Rate Locksmith Ensure the Security of the Replacement Keys to Prevent Unauthorized Access to My GMC Sierra?

You might worry about security when getting a new key, but here’s how Low Rate Locksmith puts those fears to bed. They use state-of-the-art key cutting techniques, ensuring each replacement key is a perfect match for your GMC Sierra. Plus, their strict security protocols mean only you can access your vehicle. It’s a blend of tech wizardry and tight security measures, all to keep your ride safe and sound.

GMC Sierra Key Replacement Cost

How much does it cost to replace Lost GMC Sierra car key ?

The prices vary according to a few factors.

  • Type of key
  • The time of day & your location
  • Availability of the code to cut your new key
  • Original ignition or not
  • Where you get a replacement key

Cost of non-transponder GMC Sierra key replacement:

  • ONLINE: Key only $7
  • DEALER: About $50
  • LOCKSMITH: On-site service $140

Cost of transponder GMC Sierra key replacement:

  • ONLINE: Key only $20
  • DEALER: About $150 (not including towing)
  • LOCKSMITH: On-site service $220

Cost Of Push-To-Start GMC Sierra key replacement:

ONLINE: Key only $30-$150

DEALER: About $250-$400 (not including towing)

LOCKSMITH: $300-$450 On-site service

How much does a locksmith charge for a new GMC Sierra key replacement?

  • Non-transponder Key $125-$150
  • Transponder Key $200-$250
  • Remote key fob $300-$450


GMC Sierra Years We Service
1999 GMC Sierra Key Replacement 2007 GMC Sierra Key Replacement 2015 GMC Sierra Key Replacement
2000 GMC Sierra Key Replacement 2008 GMC Sierra Key Replacement 2016 GMC Sierra Key Replacement
2001 GMC Sierra Key Replacement 2009 GMC Sierra Key Replacement 2017 GMC Sierra Key Replacement
2002 GMC Sierra Key Replacement 2010 GMC Sierra Key Replacement 2018 GMC Sierra Key Replacement
2003 GMC Sierra Key Replacement 2011 GMC Sierra Key Replacement 2019 GMC Sierra Key Replacement
2004 GMC Sierra Key Replacement 2012 GMC Sierra Key Replacement 2020 GMC Sierra Key Replacement
2005 GMC Sierra Key Replacement 2013 GMC Sierra Key Replacement 2021 GMC Sierra Key Replacement
2006 GMC Sierra Key Replacement 2014 GMC Sierra Key Replacement 2022 GMC Sierra Key Replacement

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