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Honda Accord Key Replacement

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Honda Accord Replacement car keys – Basics:

Low Rate Honda Locksmith Automotive Service is a local locksmith service provider nationwide. We have been making Honda keys and fixing it’s ignitions for over 8 years. If you lost Honda Accord keys, or the key does not turn in the ignition, or looking to make a spare key or nay other issue you might face with your Honda Accord Keys you can depend on Low Rate Locksmith to come to the rescue.

Here you find answered to all of your Honda Accord key replacement questions. Did you lose your Honda accord key? Did you your Hand key broke in half and you don’t know what to do? How to call? or you don’t know who can make a Honda Accord replacement key?

Well… rest assure, here we will answer all of you questions.  Let’s start.

s a series of automobiles manufactured by Honda since 1976, best known for its four-door sedan variant, which has been one of the best-selling cars in the United States since 1989. The Accord nameplate has been applied to a variety of vehicles worldwide, including coupes, wagons, hatchbacks and a crossover.

I Lost my Honda Accord car keys, And I have no spare key and need a key replacement. How and where can I get a replacement key?

Here is how you can get a replacement to your Honda Accord Key

1. First, The simpler way is to locate a automobile locksmith in your area and give them  call. Make sure they offer mobile service.
2. Second, get in touch with the dealer see how it is first then you will need to tow the car to them. More expensive and time consuming option.
3. Third, you always can buy a key online and ask a locksmith to cut and program it.
4. Call Low Rate Locksmith
5. Before calling a locksmith or the dealer, make sure you have this info

For more info On Honda Accord key replacement

What information should I have when calling an auto Honda Accord locksmith or the dealer?

  1. Make, Year and Model of your car for example 2001 Honda Accord.
  2. Make Sure you have the Vin number handy. Locksmiths use the Vin to extract the key code for the cuts for your key
  3. Ask the Locksmith if the car has to be present in order for the key to be made.
  4. You have to have proof of ownership. You can use your car registration and your ID as no one is allowed to make a key for anyone but the owner of the car.

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How much does it cost for Honda Accord key replacement?

A: In Short, That depends on the year of your car. To replace a Honda Accord key usually, ranges between $90-$400.

However, that price may vary depends on the availability of code, type of key (chip, intelligent fob, “push to start”, remote), your location, time of day and also it depends if they can
more. To see this model type of key you had for a more accurate information on the cost of replacing Honda Accord Key

When calling a locksmith for Honda Accord Key Replacement ask for info Needed.

Can you get a key made for a Honda Accord with the VIN number?

Yes. Low Rate Locksmith Auto Honda Accord Key Locksmith can.

The VIN number can be found either on driver’s side doorpost or stamped on a metal plate on the driver’s side dashboard. Your key identification number is also an important item to have, and this can usually be found in your car manual; however is not always required information. Let your locksmith know if you believe that your keys have been stolen. If this is the case, he or she will need to reprogram your car in such a way that the old keys will no longer work.

Always better to ask for the cost of Honda Accord Key Replacement before requesting the service.

Lost My Honda Accord Key and I don’t have a Spare, What Should I do?

A: An automotive Honda Accord locksmith can provide you with a replacement and reprogram number to the new key to match your Honda Accord Vin Number. The old key programming will be erased which make your lost key useless, in case it has been stolen, it won’t work on your car. Rest assure low Rate Locksmith can make Honda Accord Key with out the Original.

Make sure you ask for the cost of key replacement of Honda Accord.

Can a locksmith make a car key without the original? And how much does it cost?

A: In Short, Yes a Locksmith can make a key without the original.

An experienced Honda Accord locksmith will be able to make a replacement key for you even if you do not have the original. When you contact a locksmith, you will need to supply some information to the company before your key can be replaced.

If you lose the key and fob and you don’t have a spare  you can expect a dealer replacement and programming to cost $200 or more, depending on the vehicle and the key’s design. A Honda Accord dealer quoted $374 for a new key, fob, and programming.

Who can program transponder keys for my Honda Accord?

A: Only a automotive locksmith and the dealer can program it.

A transponder key is essentially a key with a code transmitter embedded that sends a unique alpha-numeric code to your ignition. When received, the transponder in the ignition tells the car that it is okay to start. Programming or reprogramming a transponder key depends on the make and model of your vehicle. For more info on Honda Accord transponder programming.

Honda Accord Keys:

There are 4 types of key blanks that work on the Honda Accord. Non-transponder, Transponder, Laser Higher Security Transponder and Proximity Keys.

Honda Accord non-transponder keys:

There are 3 different non-transponder keys that fit The Honda Accord. Depending on the year and model of your car. Below you will find the kind of keys Honda Accord takes.

models made from 1976 to 1997. Those are metal keys and they just need to be cut. no programming is needed.

X181/HD90 Honda Accord Non-Transponder Key Blank

The X181/HD90 Key blank fits The following Years Of Honda Accord:

1982 – 1989 Honda Accord.

X195/HD98 Honda Accord Non-Transponder Key Blank

The X195/HD98 Key blank fits The following Years Of Honda Accord:

1990 – 1992 Honda Accord.

(X214/HD103) Honda Accord Non-Transponder Key Blank

The X181/HD103 Key blank fits The following Years Of Honda Accord:

1992 – 1997 Honda Accord.

There is 1 transponder keys that fit The Honda Accord. Depending on the year and model of your car. Below you will find the kind of keys Honda Accord takes.

Models made from 1998 to 2002. The keys to these models have a chip in them and after the key is cut, the chip needs to be programmed to the computer of the car.

HD106-PT Honda Accord Transponder Key

The HD106 Key blank fits The following Years Of Honda Accord:

1998 Honda Accord Key Replacement and Program
1999 Honda Accord Key Replacement and Program
2000 Honda Accord Key Replacement and Program
2001 Honda Accord Key Replacement and Program
2002 Honda Accord Key Replacement and Program

Honda Accord Laser Higher Security Transponder keys:

Models from 2003-2013 comes with laser higher security transponder keys. Still use a chip and it needs to be programmed. However, the key blades on these called laser blade which means it only can be cut with a laser key cutting machine.

There are 2 laser higher security transponder keys that fit The Honda Accord. Depending on the year and model of your car. Below you will find the kind of keys Honda Accord takes.

HO03-PT Honda Accord laser higher security transponder

The HO03 Key blank fits The following Years Of Honda Accord:

2003 Honda Accord Key Replacement
2004 Honda Accord Key Replacement
2005 Honda Accord Key Replacement
2006 Honda Accord Key Replacement
2007 Honda Accord Key Replacement
2008 Honda Accord Key Replacement
2009 Honda Accord Key Replacement
2010 Honda Accord Key Replacement
2011 Honda Accord Key Replacement
2012 Honda Accord Key Replacement

HO05-PT Honda Accord laser higher security transponder

The HO05 Ky blank fits The following Years Of Honda Accord:

2013 Honda Accord Key Replacement
2014 Honda Accord Key Replacement
2015 Honda Accord Key Replacement
2016 Honda Accord Key Replacement

2013-2018 Honda Accord Smart Key Info

Honda Accord Key replacement

Honda Accord key replacement is a service Low Rate Locksmith can provide 24 hour om a mobile service. The cost of the key replacement is$250. Call us today

Here are some Q&A about Honda Accord Key replacement:

Q. Can Low Rate Locksmith make Key replacement for my Honda Accord?

A. Yes we can make a key replacement for your Honda Accord. Just give us a call we are 24/13

Q. Is the key for my Honda Accord a transponder key or not?

A. Yes , the key to Honda Accord is a Transponder Key. Which means there is a chip in it and we need to program it the computer of the car

Q. Do you have the Key for my Honda Accord in stock?

A. Yes we do have the key to your Honda Accord in stock.

Q. How does it cost to make a replacement key for my Honda Accord?

A. Every car is different depending on the programming method and software version on you car, usually the price to generate a key from scratch cost $120 plus the programming fee

Q. Can Low Rate Locksmith make Fob’s replacement for my Honda Accord?

A. Yes We provide Honda Accord Fob programming instructions and fob replacement.

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