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Low Rate Locksmith Offer Remotes Key mobile key replacement for all Mercedes Years and Models Up To 2014

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Low Rate Locksmith is a locally owned family-operated locksmith service. Since 2011, we have been providing trusted locksmith services.

We specialize in German automotive locksmith services, including expert Mercedes key services. We have a team of experts committed to leaving you 100% satisfied with all our services. From 24/7 emergency lockout assistance to managing all your Mercedes automotive locksmith needs and everything in between, Low Rate Locksmith is your affordable and trusted locksmith.

Our Mercedes Auto Locksmith Services

Low Rate Mercedes-Benz Locksmith is your full-service locksmith for all your Mercedes locksmith needs. 24 Hour a day 7 days a week all year long, we are there to answer your questions and respond to emergencies. We replace and repair any type of Mercedes-Benz keys.

Do you need key replacement for your Mercedes at a good price? Call Low Rate Locksmith! We offer fast and professional Mercedes Smart Key and Key Fob replacement service at best prices!

All of our technicians have experience working with all Mercedes models and can make a new key faster than anyone else. You don’t have to shop around because we offer the best rates in the industry for Mercedes keys including key fobs. Most of the time when you are looking for car key replacement service it is because you have lost or broke your smart key fob, in these cases you need fast service so you are able to get back on the road as quickly as possible to get back on your planning schedule.

Mercedes-Benz Key Replacement

Losing the key fob to your Mercedes can cause a lot of stress, especially if you are stranded somewhere. You can have your car towed to the Mercedes dealership, which can be expensive. You can order a new replacement fob online and wait for it to arrive and take it to the dealership for programming. Or, you can go with the easier, less expensive option, contacting Low Rate Locksmiths!

Low Rate Locksmiths is the cheapest route to find replacement for your Mercedes-Benz key fob. We can save time and money with us. Let us offer you a Mercedes new replacement fob key at real savings without the hassle of towing your vehicle or waiting on a new key from the dealer.

At Low Rate Locksmiths, we have a team of Mercedes-Benz specialists that can quickly replace your Mercedes key fob in no time and same day. No need to wait until the dealership opens and pay exorbitant fees. You do not have to have your vehicle towed; we will come to you at your location. At Low Rate Locksmith, we can manage all your Mercedes-Benz smart replacement key needs.

Mercedes Key Repair

Are you having trouble with your Mercedes smart key fob? If your key does not turn in the ignition, the key may be damaged. Dirt, debris, rust, or even a slight bend in the key can render the key useless. We can evaluate the problem and determine the best cost-effective solution.

Many things can go wrong with your Mercedes key that will prevent it from working. We have specialized equipment and experts who can repair your key to like-new condition. The Mercedes-Benz automotive lock experts at Low Rate Locksmith can fix your Mercedes smart key in no time.

Many Mercedes owners, when they take their Mercedes to an automotive shop due to key and ignition problems, do not realize that the automotive shop will call in a locksmith to handle the situation. Why not go directly to the source and cut out the middleman by calling Low Rate Locksmith for your Mercedes key repairs?

Mercedes Car Key Programming

Unfortunately, getting a new key for a Mercedes is not as simple as “cutting a key.” If your Mercedes keyless entry has a transponder chip or a push start, you will need to have your Mercedes car key programmed to use a new key or fob. You can get this service through a Mercedes-Benz dealership or you can let Low Rate Locksmith handle your Mercedes-Benz car key programming at a cheaper price.

As your complete Mercedes automotive lock specialists, we have the expertise to manage Mercedes car key programming efficiently. We make it convenient to get the car key programming that you need for your replacement key.

Mercedes Keyless fob Duplication

Do you need an “extra set of keys” for your Mercedes-Benz? You should. Keeping a spare set of keys to your Mercedes can save you a lot of stress and aggravation. Low Rate Locksmith can provide Mercedes car key duplication at affordable prices. You will never need to worry about getting locked out of your Mercedes-Benz again if you have an extra set of keys stashed somewhere.

Our Mercedes automotive locksmith experts can quickly duplicate your Mercedes fob to create that vital spare set.

Mercedes Smart Key Fob Battery Replacement

Getting the battery out of your Mercedes keyless fob and replacing it can be tricky. Low Rate Locksmith can handle the change for you. We have the experience for easy, efficient and safe Mercedes key fob battery replacement.

You do not want to risk damaging your Mercedes key fob. Let the experts handle the battery replacement for you.


Most Mercedes-Benz models made after 1998 are equipped with high-security keyless system, which only a few locksmiths can cut. In addition, models made after 2005 are equipped with a push to start a high-security system, which most likely means an automotive locksmith doesn’t carry the necessary equipment to make replacement keys. Therefore, your local dealer would be the best option.

Most Mercedes models manufactured after 1998 come with industry-finest, high-security keys. Getting a new set of keys used to be pretty easy since a number of locksmiths had the tools and resources to the remote key, while you waited. But modern Mercedes smart keyless have more sophisticated security features to keep your car safe, and that makes it easy to access your car and hit the road.

While Benz key features such the push to start, Comfort Access feature and computer chip technology greatly increase the security for your vehicle, they require more advanced techniques and technologies to replace, which most locksmiths don’t have. What happens then when you’ve lost your Mercedes key? Can you find a reliable Mercedes keyless fob replacement service?

Well, don’t fret! We have a team of highly-qualified technicians that work around the clock to ensure that you get back the access to your vehicle in the shortest time possible. We provide you with a new Mercedes-Benz key in well under an hour. We have some of the most advanced equipment that makes the key replacement such bliss to both the technicians and the customer. Often, we have had clients who have reached out to their dealers for Mercedes-Benz key replacement services only for them to get disappointed and frustrated. Why? Because the process is sluggish, long-winded and often overly expensive. We provide our services at the spot while you wait and at a fraction of the cost of your dealer.

24/7 Mercedes Locksmith Services

Not every locksmith offers Mercedes-Benz locksmith services. Among those, even fewer provide 24/7 Mercedes-Benz locksmith services, but we do. Low Rate Locksmith offers around-the-clock Mercedes-Benz locksmith services. Day or night, we are available to help you with all your Mercedes-Benz locksmith service needs.

Call today for all your locksmith service needs, including locksmith services for your Mercedes-Benz .

Fast and Reliable Mercedes-Benz Lock and Key Services

Low Rate Locksmith offers fast and reliable Mercedes-Benz lock and key services. We are the Mercedes-Benz locksmith experts and the surrounding areas. You do not want to trust your Mercedes-Benz locksmith services to just anyone. Let the Mercedes-Benz lock and key experts at Low Rate Locksmith handle all of your Mercedes-Benz auto locksmith needs.

What You Need To Know About Mercedes-Benz Keys

• As earlier mentioned, all Mercedes-Benz vehicles made after 1995 comes with an immobilizer unit that ensures that the car cannot start unless the key with the correctly programmed transponder chip is used.

• The transponder chip offers more enhanced security that prevents pesky car break-ins or car theft using copies of your key.

• Often, Mercedes-Benz keys have known manufacturer nuances since the transponder chip is programmed in the key fob. Only highly experienced Mercedes-Benz key specialists can get them fixed.

• Requesting a Mercedes-Benz car key from your dealer is not only expensive but also ends up eating up so much of your time as you arrange to avail the car documents and often require you to tow your car to the dealership. When you call us or visit our workshop for Mercedes-Benz key replacement service, we ensure that you get your new key in the most hassle-free way. No need for towing or waiting for days to have your keys.

• We usually urge Mercedes-Benz car owners to get a second spare key cut and programmed to save on time and money in the event they lose their existing key.

Our Mercedes-Benz key replacement services

We understand the need to keep up with the evolving Mercedes-Benz technologies. We have, therefore, invested massively in expertise, machinery, and technology to produce any Mercedes-Benz key. We are here to assist you with:

• Lost or Broken Mercedes-Benz Key Replacement

If your vehicle’s key is broken or lost, we can cut and program a brand new set in minutes, while you wait. With our mobile services, we ensure that you get the Mercedes-Benz key replacement services wherever and whenever you need them, allowing you to get back on the road in no time

• Mercedes-Benz Key Duplication

Have you lost one of your Mercedes-Benz car keys and are looking for a spare? Or perhaps you’ve bought a second hand Mercedes-Benz which came with a single key? If so, we can duplicate your key quickly for the utmost peace of mind. Give us a call today to have your car key duplicated.

• Mercedes-Benz Car Key Programming

For Mercedes-Benz made after 1995, their keys are equipped with transponder chips that can often get de-synchronized. To get them working again, you’ll need a reliable locksmith with expert, diagnostic equipment. We have a workshop and a highly-equipped mobile unit that can reprogram your car keys, right where you are.

• Mercedes-Benz Car Lock Repair/Ignition Barrel Repair

Are you having challenges looking at your door or you’re having ignition barrel problems which need fixing? Well, don’t fret because our technicians have the expertise and tools to repair your car locks and ignition barrel effectively at half the cost of most garages.


How Much Is a Mercedes-Benz Key Replacement?

$449-$899 Depending on the year and model and type of key.

There are a few things that will affect the cost of Mercedes-Benz key replacement, including the model of your Mercedes-Benz and the type of key. Transponder chip keys are costlier than simple metal keys (used on older models). At Low Rate Locksmith, we can provide you with any Mercedes-Benz model year key replacement.

On average, it may cost anywhere between $450-$899 to get a replacement key for your Mercedes-Benz. Call us today to learn more about the accurate cost for your Mercedes-Benz key replacement.

We can offer replacement key for the following Mercedes-Benz models and more:

  • C class
  • E Class
  • S Class
  • ML
  • GL
  • Sprinter

I lost the keys to my Mercedes-Benz. What should I do next?

Losing your car keys can be really frustrating especially if it’s a Mercedes-Benz. here is a list of things to do:

  1. Make sure the car is in a safe place. If the car is not in a secure place, tow it somewhere safe.
  2. Make sure you take all the valuable items from the car.
  3. If you have a spare, ask someone to bring it to you or go get it.
  4. Once that is secured, start looking for a way to replace it.

24/7 Mercedes-Benz Locksmith Services

Not every locksmith offers Mercedes-Benz locksmith services. Among those, even fewer provide 24/7 Mercedes-Benz locksmith services, but we do. Low Rate Locksmith offers around-the-clock Mercedes-Benz locksmith services. Day or night, we are available to help you with all your Mercedes-Benz locksmith service needs.

Call today for all your locksmith service needs, including locksmith services for your Mercedes-Benz.


What are my options to replace your lost or broken Mercedes-Benz keys?

When it comes to replacing your Mercedes-Benz keys, the issues rises because in general German car keys are harder to replicate and replace due the security features that Mercedes-Benz put into it. Here are your options:

  1. Get a replacement through local Mercedes-Benz dealer
  2. Call a Mercedes-Benz Locksmith to make your replacement.

How easy is it to get a replacement through a Mercedes-Benz dealer?

Getting a replacement key for a Mercedes-Benz through the dealer is not easy at all. You have to tow the car to the dealership. Then the dealership will order the key and it takes 3-5 days for them to get it. So really ordering the key through them is not a feasible option if you can’t or do not want to wait.

How easy is it to get a replacement through a Mercedes-Benz Locksmith?

Get a key replacement through an automotive locksmith is really easy and smooth if, and this is a big if, the locksmith has the knowledge with Mercedes-Benz keys. Not all locksmiths can work and provide key replacement for Mercedes-Benz key replacement due to the fact that Mercedes-Benz has way more security layers around it’s keys. However, it’s not impossible to make. Low Rate Locksmith can make all Mercedes-Benz years and models keys.

How do I order a spare or replacement key for Mercedes-Benz?

To get a spare key for Mercedes-Benz you only have 2 options.

  • Contact your local Mercedes-Benz dealer
  • Contact Local Mercedes-Benz locksmith

Of course each option has it’s Pro’s and Con’s. However, Getting a key through a local locksmith is the best option to get a spare key to your Mercedes-Benz.

To order a spare or replacement key, you must visit your local authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership in person. The key must be pre-paid and the following documentation must be provided: original copy of vehicle registration and vehicle owner driver’s license, passport or identity card.

I ordered a spare Mercedes-Benz key online and I was wondering if you guys are able to program it to my car?

Yes we can. However, it has to be a matching key for your car. We do offer Mercedes-Benz key programming service to all year and models. Something worth mentioning is that we do not offer any type of warranty on the keys that were not provided by us

People also ask

How much does it cost to replace Mercedes-Benz key?

On average, a Mercedes-Benz key replacement would cost between $225 and $999 depending on the model and year your Mercedes was manufactured.

How much does it cost to replace Mercedes-Benz key?

It really depends on the Year and models of your Mercedes-Benz. The cost on average is $225-999.

How do I get a new key for my Mercedes-Benz?

You can get a new key in 2 different ways. You can get a new MB key through the dealer, which is more expensive and time consuming. Or, you can go with a better option which is going through a local automotive locksmith that works on Mercedes-Benz. Call Low Rate Locksmith.

Do Mercedes keys need to be programmed?

Mercedes-Benz keys are among the most secure keys in the automotive industry. They need to be programmed to the car and actually have special programming than any other car. Not all locksmiths work on MB, but Low Rate Locksmith does!

How much is a Mercedes key worth?

$25-$70. You can buy it online or through Us. Call for more information.

Can a locksmith program a Mercedes key?

Not all locksmiths work on MB, but Low Rate Locksmith does! Call us today

Why are Mercedes keys so expensive?

In cases of vehicles like Mercedes , special machinery is required that is exclusive to these brands. So, the cost to cut those keys will be even higher, as only owners of these cars will be charged for the special equipment required to cut those keys

How can I get a duplicate key for my car?

Can I get a key made from the VIN number for Mercedes-Benz?

With Mercedes-Benz, you can use the VIN to get the right key for your Mercedes, however, key would be useless to you and to the car as it needs to be programmed to the car in order to use it.

Why won’t my Mercedes key start my car?

Why is my Mercedes key not working?