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It’s known as Toyota, one of the best, and it works like one. In the event that you need a new key for your Toyota, the question is how to go about doing so. Consequently, a standard Nissan ignition key may not be as effective at starting your car as your key is. Soon, it will be increasingly challenging to maintain programming standards and data security measures. In every imaginable sense, this is ridiculous. Do you know anybody who is involved in this kind of situation? Please be truthful. Feel free to contact us at any time of the day or night for help.

Our locksmith service will happily supply you with a replacement key for your Toyota at no additional charge. How much would you be prepared to pay for this level of care if you were to buy a premium car? The cost of replacing Toyota car keys won’t skyrocket in the foreseeable future, thanks to local locksmiths’ efforts. Our locksmiths are the best of any in the area

 in terms of pricing and expertise.

For the first time, we can provide you Toyota locksmith services at a lower cost!

Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you need our help in any manner.

Whenever your Toyota vehicle keys stop functioning, you may rely on our locksmith service for the finest Toyota Key Prius Replacement service. It’s because of our commitment to getting you back on the road as fast as possible, our 24-hour availability and courteous personnel, and the highly skilled mechanics that work with us. If your Toyota vehicle keys break, know that our locksmith service will deliver the finest Toyota Key Prius Replacement service. 

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Small computer chips that can communicate digitally with a vehicle’s ignition key are common in current ignition keys. This helps prevent automobiles from being stolen. To get the job done quickly and effectively, we have a team of highly trained vehicle key professionals and locksmiths. Every day, our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations by delivering outstanding outcomes. Our Toyota chip key duplicates are the most dependable ones on the market right now.


At the storage facility where your Toyota car is housed, you may need to have a spare key replacement done. A car will not start if you don’t have the ignition key. Alternatively, your Toyota may not react to your orders. Consequently, our locksmith firm has developed mobile services to meet the needs of our customers. While on the road providing Toyota Key Prius Replacement services, our professionals’ vans are well stocked with all of the necessary tools and equipment to handle any problems that may come up.

You may get a response from us within thirty minutes to any inquiries you may have concerning Toyota Key Prius Replacement services. For Toyota keys, we have a team of experts that know how to operate and repair them if they are broken in any manner. This knowledge will come in handy should you ever need the services of an emergency auto locksmith or the replacement of the keys to your vehicle. Precisely what are you hoping for?

Lost Toyota Prius Car Keys

Losing your car keys is certainly a painful experience especially if you’re in dire need of its usage. Good news, you don’t have to let despair get the better part of you, thanks to the Toyota Prius Locksmith Services. They’re well equipped with the necessary workforce that works round the clock to help you out if need be. In fact, the good news is that their fast turnaround time is impressive as it will take about 30 minutes once you reach out to them for the services you need. Thereafter, you’ll agree on the pricing quotes before the Locksmith gets down to work.

Toyota Prius Lock Picking

Buying a Toyota Prius vehicle is always a good thing for everyone. However, in situations where one loses the keys, it puts the car owner in an awkward position. Having Toyota lock picking services nearby is therefore important when one loses his or her car keys.

Broken Toyota Prius Key

If you have a damaged Toyota Prius key, the Toyota Prius locksmiths will quickly swing into action to help you out. The Locksmiths are able to repair keys for different types of vehicles including vans, trucks, cars ,motorcycles and caravans. Some of the common key related problems that warrant reaching out for Locksmith Services include snapped car keys, worn out car keys, damaged transponder in-car keys and damaged key fobs.

For a snapped car key, the locksmith will remove and re-insert the chip afterward into a new key to function effectively. If the key fails to turn on the ignition, the Locksmith assesses it to figure the problem and if its key related, will cut and reprogram new key for it to turn on the ignition. When it comes to damaged key fobs, the Locksmiths will have to reprogram it so it gets back to its initial state of good performance. To wrap up ,once you need key repair services ,make a hasty point of contacting the Toyota Prius Locksmiths and you won’t regret a single bit.

Toyota Prius Lockout Service

Did you lose your Toyota Prius car keys or forget them on the ignition and closed the doors? Well don’t worry so much or break your door because there are several locksmiths out there who are readily available and at a cheap price get your Toyota opened. Research well so that when choosing a locksmith ensure you go to a reputable locksmith who has been in the industry for a long time and has handle many clients who were satisfied.

Toyota Prius Duplicate Chip Keys

Toyota Prius Locksmith services provides a solution to the duplication of Toyota Prius chip keys. Toyota Prius chip key cut is a service that is offered to reduce the cost of replacing the key from the dealership which is expensive as it is almost thrice the cost of duplication of the key. For duplication, one is required to buy a blank transponder chip key from a Toyota Prius Locksmith. The locksmith will then use your master transponder key to duplicate on the black transponder key. After the blank transponder key has been cut to duplicate the master transponder key, it will have to be programmed to work on your car. The Toyota Prius locksmith provides the service of programming the key to work on your vehicle. Visit your nearest Toyota Prius Locksmith to get the best Toyota Prius Chip Key Cut services.

Toyota Prius Transponder Keys

Blank car keys copies won’t work no matter how well they are cut. A transponder chip key is a viable alternative that is guaranteed to work. There is much relief after going over the replacement process and actually getting the car engine to start without a hassle. Visit Low Rate Toyota Locksmith and get started today.

Toyota Prius Chip Keys Cut

It is vital and advisable to have Toyota duplicate chip keys such that in case you lost one of them or one of them gets broken you will not be forced to stall your car and go yo a locksmith for z replacement. More often some of us forget our car keys on the ignition and the doors automatically lock ,in such scenarios duplicate Toyota chip keys will save you. Car thefts are also very rampant these days and should you be a victim of car they and you recover it ,your car csm be re keyed so that the lost one can no longer function.

When looking for where to duplicate your Toyota car keys go to a licensed experienced and qualified reputable locksmith who is known to deliver high quality locksmith services. Avoid being duped by the locksmiths who uses enticing language to lure into accepting their lower sub standard services because their goal is to only get profits.
Toyota Prius 2004-2008 2 TOY44D-PT NO NO 00(D922876ZR) 00(D922876ZR) Cannot program SmartKey vehicles
Toyota Prius w/ Prox 2004-2009 Prox Dealer Prox NO NO 00(D922876ZR) 00(D922876ZR) Must program RKE portion separately
Toyota Prius w/ Prox 2010-2016 Prox Dealer Prox NO NO 00(D922876ZR) 00(D922876ZR)

With the worldwide economy crashing and burning and the fuel costs taking off high, half-breed autos are ending up increasingly mainstream with individuals crosswise over various countries. As these ‘green autos’ utilization both the electric power and petroleum, they enable us to spare a large amount on fuel. The crossover autos are worthwhile for the proprietor and his family, as well as for the general public and the earth as their commitment to an Earth-wide temperature boost is practically irrelevant.

There are a few cross breed autos accessible in the market. However, the most well-known is the Toyota Prius. Toyota Prius was the first to make cross breed motoring a real choice for fuel cognizant drivers.

Following are sure characteristics of a Toyota Prius that will enable you to choose whether or not Prius is the correct decision for you:

1) Similar to other mixture autos, Prius likewise utilizes a little petroleum engine and a little electrical engine that work in accord to push the auto along. Every one of the activities of the auto motor and the electric engine is performed naturally, and are controlled by an on-board PC under the cap of the auto. You ought to never consider purchasing a Toyota Prius if you appreciate next to zero power under the cap. The quickening of the auto can’t be depicted as empowering.

2) The Toyota Prius additionally includes a CD player, control mirror and windows, remote focal locking framework, double front air packs, and non-freezing stopping devices.

3) With Prius, you can hope to experience no less than 5-6 l for each 100 km you drive. In any case, Prius is not a decent alternative for you on the off chance that you will drive essentially on the expressway or in the hedge as you would need to spend a considerable measure on fuel.

4) However, if you are searching for efficiency and the greater part of your driving is about town, Toyota Prius is certainly a decent decision. In any case, remember that as Prius is somewhat costly, it might take you longer before you begin sparing any cash.

In the present monetary situation, it is fitting to go for an utilized Toyota Prius rather than another one. Be that as it may, before acquiring the utilized Prius ensure you check its log books for standard adjusting. It is insightful to purchase a Toyota Prius that was adjusted just by Toyota merchants before. Likewise, as the batteries of this auto are exorbitant, ensure the batteries of the utilized auto you are focusing on are working legitimately.

Presently, remembering the above rules, if you want to bear the cost of a Prius and keep up it well, and that it is a suitable choice for you, connect with neighborhood Toyota utilized auto merchants in your general vicinity and search for the best arrangement.

Toyota Prius

Did you lose all the keys to 2004-2009 Toyota Prius and looking for Replacement?

2004-2009 Toyota Prius all share the same key. The same key can be programmed to any of the following the years.

  • 2004 Toyota Prius

  • 2005 Toyota Prius

  • 2006 Toyota Prius

  • 2007 Toyota Prius

  • 2008 Toyota Prius

  • 2009 Toyota Prius

Here is how the 2004-2009 Key looks like:

2004-2009 Toyota Prius Car key

its Mike from Low Rate Locksmith  today we’re going to be 2004 Toyota Prius it does have the smart entry on it and this is the fob that it takes normally this would have a chrome logo

on the back silver car logo but it doesn’t have it this is a replacement key so that’s why it doesn’t have your immobilizer light is right up here in

the center of the dash up here you can see it flashing so we’re going to go ahead and program the transponder part first to get the car running using the

Kiko pro and the smart dongle we’re going to select North America we’re going to go to Chris it’s an O for 209 this does have smart access proximity

press the required dongle it’s going to be the EM dongle for this car leaving nishan off press Enter key please wait trying to communicate as

keys our program in two separate procedures one step one is registered registered transponder step two is register smart / remote transponder

registration needs to be completed before smart remote registration okay so it’s the transponder then it’s the remote press Enter key going to go to

special functions we’re going to reset transponder ECU is what we want because we don’t have it we don’t have a procs right now or a key that starts this

thing so we’re going to reset it okay it says reset transponder ECU quick reset allows you to program up to two keys normal reset allows you to program five

keys use quick reset yes or no obviously that’s we’ll be a yes insert key one into slop okay your slot is right down here on the

dash and we’re going to insert it into the slot okay like so now go back to code you can enter please wait trying to communicate look for solid theft light

if light is solid and reset was  successful okay right up here in the net oh that’s like okay that means the reset was successful

okay so right now there’s no transponder proxies or fobs whatever you want to call registered to this car okay so let’s lift Kieffer slot hit X remove it

now it says insert key 1 into slot okay let’s do that okay our our set flight came back on solid again as you can see right there let’s identity and see what

it tells us next cycle power button on and off quickly till thought till theft light goes off okay so here’s the button I’m just going to start cycling it to

light goes out and then the stronger the door shut anyway our light is out so let’s go back here to the t code it says press Enter

key reset transponder ECU procedure complete okay this is done we can start the car right now in fact I’m going to stop this

video and I’m going to do a second video on the remote part of this procs key so thanks for watching and stay tuned for episode 2

alright guys this is Robert with advanced diagnostics we’re back with the 2000 fortunate a Prius we programmed this to start the vehicle

this procs fob so right now it’ll start if you put it in the slot okay we’re going to go ahead and program the smart ECU next which is the buttons

on it and all that stuff so let’s go ahead and do that we’re going to go to we’re using the beta software with a smart dog all the key code Pro we’re

going to go to reset smart ECU the last option here okay ensure the driver’s door is open during the procedure yeah we got it open

please wait okay 16 minutes here to wait so I’m going to pause the video and then we’ll come back and we’ll continue on with this so take 16 minutes thank you

okay guys this is the 2004 Toyota Prius that we’re working on here we program the transponder part in the first video and we’re into the second part of the

programming procedure and that is the first step is to reset the smart ECU which is what we just did after the 16 minute wait this is the Automotive Locksmith service

screen that you’ll see and this is the procs that we’re going to be programming in here in just a minute so let’s go ahead go to register smart is what we’re

going to do do you have registered smart keys yes we have one that’s registered to the vehicle to start the vehicle so we do insert key with registered

transponder into slot open driver’s door switch ignition on okay I’m gonna close my drivers chatter insert the key into the registered

transponder with the registered transponder into the slot open the driver’s door and switch the ignition on okay we did that we hit enter follow

next screens quickly and carefully complete operation within 30 seconds after pressing enter switch ignition off  your movie from slot press lock and then

press and release lock and unlock buttons for 2 seconds release both press and hold lock timed out waiting for lock unlock on

unregistered smart key to be pressed press Enter key so let’s try it again maybe work fast enough

do you have registered smart keys yes and serve it slot token driver’s door switch ignition on all next things

carefully switch ignition off away from slot dressing release lock and unlock buttons for 2 seconds release button

press and hold lock button on unregistered till it beep ok there it went it took us 2 tries to get it ok you heard it beep when it beeped ok so that

means that everything’s a go when you hear it beep if you don’t get a success the first time like it happened to us it just happened go back and do it again

the register smart key and that will get you going that’s right here register smart ok so that concludes this video guys thanks for watching and I hope this

helps out somebody trying to do this procedure like I say if it fails once just go back through it again after you do your reset of your smarter you see

you when you go to registers of smart keys it might take you once or twice to get it but don’t give up and like I say it’s not that hard to do

thanks a lot for watching and have a good day bye bye.

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