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Digital Keyless Locks

Family and property security is of the utmost importance, especially today. By installing keyless door locks in your home or office it will go a long way in protecting all that is important to you from harm. You’ll feel so much better knowing that your family and possessions are safe and secure.

So there is no doubt you’ll find the right one for you and your family. Many companies offer keyless door locks for homes, businesses, schools, apartments, and for gates for example. Why? Because security and safety are so important.

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Benefits Of switching to Digital Locks

Let’s explore how having keyless locks will benefit you and your family.

1. You don’t have to worry about misplacing your keys, so they’ll never be lost.

2. No more having to make duplicate keys

3. You now will have better control as to who comes into your home.

4. You don’t have to rekey your locks any more

Most of the keyless door locks use batteries so installation is easy. You don’t have to call in the electrician to add more wiring and no extra drilling needs to be done.

Just about all of them will fit easily into the old key lock that you want to replace.

You certainly have a lot of choice as to the type of keyless door locks you want. There are deadbolt and handle styles and also state of the art fingerprint authorization types.

Now, unlocking a door will be easy for you. All you need to do is enter your secret code on the keypad and the lock will open, just like magic.

You’ll be able to change the combination whenever you want. A tip here is that you may want to change you code once in awhile, just in case the numbers on the pad indicate which numbers are used most as the wear on them might show.

Remember that the new technology of keyless door locks is said to be tamper proof, requiring special codes to disarm it.

If it is a new door make sure you fit the lock-set at a practical and comfortable height from the floor and at a height that keeps the door secure.

How To Install Digital Locks and tools needed

You will need a drill with a hole saw bit of the right size for the lock cylinder. You’ll also need drill bits of the right size to drill pilot screw holes. You may also need a router to help cut the mortise area into door to allow the faceplate of the bolt or latch part of the lockset to fit flush against the edge of the door. A good, sharp chisel will be needed to help cut the mortise area tidily. You will also need a pencil for marking out, and a square and ruler.

The Backset Size

This is a vitally important thing to know to buy and fit the right lockset. Essentially the backset is the distance from the door edge to the center of the lock cylinder where a handle spindle passes through a door.

Fitting the Lockset

Mark out the back set distance for the door edge with the pencil and ruler or square. Draw a line round the door edge and check that it is square too so that the bolt or latch will line up in the right spot.

You will also need to mark out the proposed mortise areas and a template may be provided with the lockset for this. Mark out the position on the door frame too for the strike plate.

Use the appropriate size saw hole bit to drill out the hole for the cylinder in the door. You may want to clamp a piece of ply to the other side of the door while you’re drilling in order to stop the edge splintering. Drilling from both rather than just one side can also protect from splintering.

Put tape around the drill bit to the required depth for the bolt and drill straight into the edge of the door up to the tape line.

Use a router and chisel to cut out the mortise area and drill pilot screw holes.

Fit the barrel and bolt into the holes as per the lock instructions and screw into the door.

On the door frame use the appropriate sized hole saw but for the jamb in the strike plate and use a router, chisel and drill bits to cut out the mortise area for the strike plate and for the pilot screw holes.

Screw everything in and test the lockset.

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