The 2018-2021 Toyota Camry 4-Button Smart Key FOB, model HYQ14FBC-4B-FOB, is an intricately designed remote entry device. It features a durable casing and an integrated circuit for reliable signal transmission. The smart key is engineered for Toyota Camry models with Push Button Start, enhancing security with rolling code technology. Compatible functions include securing, opening, trunk release, and panic alert. This device operates on a CR2032 battery and requires Low Rate Locksmith Toyota Key Programmer Model TSL-2 for programming. Additional benefits include customization options and compatibility enhancements. Learn further on how this technology seamlessly integrates with your vehicle’s systems.

Key Takeaways

  • Designed specifically for 2018-2021 Toyota Camry models with Push Button Start.
  • Features 4-button functions: Lock, Open, Trunk release, and Panic alert.
  • Includes rolling code technology for enhanced vehicle security.
  • Requires a CR2032 battery to operate efficiently.
  • Compatible with Low Rate Locksmith Toyota Key Programmer Model TSL-2 for easy programming.

Product Specifications

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The Toyota Camry Smart Proximity Key features a 4-button remote with functions including Lock, Open, Trunk release, and Panic alert, and comes equipped with an emergency key blade that requires cutting. Ensuring high standards of durability, the casing of the remote is constructed to withstand physical impacts and long-term wear. The integrated circuit within is designed for reliability in signal transmission, vital for user safety and vehicle security.

Regular maintenance includes timely battery replacement to guarantee peak functionality. The key operates on a standard CR2032 battery, easily replaceable by following precise steps to ensure secure handling and installation. Proper care and adherence to these guidelines will sustain the key’s longevity and performance, reinforcing both convenience and safety.

Vehicle Compatibility

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Smart Proximity Keys are specifically designed for compatibility with Toyota Camry 2018-2022 models equipped with Push Button Start technology, guaranteeing a seamless integration. These keys are engineered to meet the specific requirements of advanced vehicle systems, enhancing both functionality and security. Here are essential aspects of their compatibility:

  1. Exclusive Design Match: Tailored to integrate flawlessly with the Toyota Camry’s electrical and security systems.
  2. Enhanced Security Features: Incorporates rolling code technology to guarantee that each key is uniquely secure, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access.
  3. Comprehensive Functionality: Supports all necessary functions including lock, open, trunk release, and panic alarm, providing a full spectrum of smart key features.

This compatibility reinforces the commitment to safety and convenience for Toyota Camry owners.

Programming Instructions

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For successful Programming of your Toyota Camry Smart Proximity Key, start by making sure that your Low Rate Locksmith Toyota Key Programmer Model TSL-2 is powered on and functioning correctly. Insert the Smart Key into the programming slot and follow the on-screen prompts. If issues arise, troubleshooting tips include verifying battery health and ensuring the key fob is correctly positioned within the device. Battery replacement may be necessary if the key fails to respond after multiple attempts.

Furthermore, explore key customization options through the programmer interface to integrate features such as remote start, enhancing vehicle accessibility and convenience. Adherence to these precise instructions guarantees the safety and reliability of your smart key’s functionality, essential for secure vehicle operation.

Price and Discounts

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Offering a sale price of $127.95, discounted from the original $249.99, this Toyota Camry Smart Proximity Key represents significant Cost savings. Here are several key points for potential buyers:

  1. Customer Reviews and Warranty Coverage: Buyers can feel secure with positive customer feedback and extensive warranty coverage, guaranteeing reliability and satisfaction.
  2. Key Customization Options: Provides an option for key customization, including pre-cutting services through the Key By Photo feature, tailored to your vehicle’s specific requirements.
  3. Bulk Orders: Special pricing is available for bulk orders, making it a cost-effective choice for automotive businesses or families with multiple compatible vehicles.

Each aspect is designed to enhance user convenience and ensure security, adhering to the highest industry standards.

About Low Rate Locksmith Key

Low Rate Locksmith Key specializes in providing high-quality replacement keys and programming services for a variety of vehicle makes and models. Their approach is grounded in technical excellence, ensuring each smart key is precisely programmed to meet stringent security standards. They offer tailored key customization options, which cater to the specific needs of individual vehicle systems, enhancing both the functionality and the security of the keys they provide. This focus on technical detail supports maximum customer satisfaction by promoting reliability and peace of mind. Each service is executed with a commitment to safety, ensuring that all keys function seamlessly with the respective vehicle’s system, thereby safeguarding against potential security vulnerabilities. Trust in Low Rate Locksmith Key for proficient and secure vehicle key solutions.

When you’re considering replacing or servicing the smart key FOB for your 2018-2021 Toyota Camry, it’s important to choose professional locksmith services. Experts guarantee that your new key is programmed accurately and functions seamlessly with your vehicle’s system. Opting for professionals like Low Rate Locksmith can also prevent potential damages to your car’s electronic components, saving you time and additional costs in the future.

Why Go with Professional?

Selecting a professional locksmith, like Low Rate Locksmith, guarantees you receive expert car key replacement and all-encompassing locksmith services for your 2018-2021 Toyota Camry’s 4-Button Smart Key FOB (HYQ14FBC-4B-FOB). Opting for professional services ensures that you’re getting precision, efficiency, and reliability. Here’s a clear breakdown of what you can expect:

Aspect Professional Service DIY Risk
Accuracy High precision tools used Potential for errors
Time Efficiency Quick resolution Time-consuming mistakes
Cost Effectiveness Avoidance of future issues Possible repeat expenses
Reliability Experienced technicians Lack of expertise

Choosing a professional means you’re not just fixing a problem temporarily; you’re investing in a solution that lasts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can This Key Be Programmed Remotely by a Local Locksmith?

When it comes to programming a smart key, it’s important to note that while some keys can indeed be programmed remotely, the availability and cost depend greatly on local locksmiths’ capabilities and the specific programming technology required. Confirming the locksmith’s ability to handle precise programming tasks is vital for ensuring the safety and functionality of the key. Always inquire about the programming cost and locksmith availability before proceeding.

Is the Emergency Key Blade Made of Stainless Steel?

The emergency key blade included with the smart proximity key is not specified as being made of stainless steel. Focusing on material durability, it’s important to recognize that the blade’s compatibility with the vehicle guarantees secure access in emergencies. Users should confirm the metal composition to evaluate its resistance to corrosion and wear. This information is vital for maintaining the blade’s integrity and ensuring long-term safety and reliability.

Will the Key Withstand Extreme Temperatures or Conditions?

The key in question has undergone rigorous weatherproof testing to guarantee robust temperature resilience. It is designed to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring reliability and functionality in diverse environments. Users can confidently rely on the key’s performance, as it meets stringent industry standards for exposure to both high and low temperatures. This makes it a dependable choice for safety-conscious individuals requiring a durable solution in fluctuating climatic conditions.

How Long Does the Battery Typically Last in This Key?

The battery life in these smart keys typically extends up to three to four years, depending on usage impact. Frequent interactions, such as multiple daily lock/unlock commands, can accelerate battery depletion. To guarantee safety and reliability, it is advisable to preemptively consider battery replacement around the three-year mark, or upon signs of weakening performance. Always use recommended battery types to maintain functionality and avoid damage to the key’s electronic components.

Are There Any Color Options Available for the Key Casing?

The smart proximity key in question offers limited customization potential regarding color options for the casing. Currently, the standard black is the primary color available. For those seeking aesthetic enhancements, aftermarket services may provide alternative colors or cases, enhancing both personalization and visibility. It is crucial to verify that any modifications do not interfere with the key’s functionality or compromise the vehicle’s security features.